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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
took TT's advice and went ALL IN on MNGO    09/20/21  (13)
Big Rock Candy Mountain    09/20/21  (2)
Top film of 1998: 'Sack Lunch', 'Checkmate', or 'Rochelle, Rochelle' (Poll)    09/20/21  (6)
lol hfs Evergrande tied to Tether lol, big dump coming    09/20/21  (1)
exeunt (or any market master man) how bad is this evergrande thing    09/20/21  (1)
lol @ nocoiners    09/20/21  (38)
beating women until they're aroused, then beating them for being aroused    09/20/21  (3)
"When I was just a little golden retriever, I asked my mother: 'What will I be?'    09/20/21  (3)
Can't believe no poaster correctly deduced Emilio's former poasting identity    09/20/21  (42)
Hoppe has the answer: Physical Removal.    09/20/21  (3)
"You notice race a lot"    09/20/21  (1)
three golden retrievers in a trench coat trying to buy a movie ticket    09/20/21  (7)
missing battle, taliban fighters just going thru motions hacking off girls clits    09/20/21  (1)
A romantic candlelit dinner with Mousemo tp, Perry Como & Doris Day on the radio    09/20/21  (1)
rate the aesthetic of Paul Schrader's 1980 neo-noir classic American Gigolo    09/20/21  (1)
Women should be beaten on the heels with vaccine needles    09/20/21  (7)
Slapping "Mr. Yuk" stickers on every item at lingerie store    09/20/21  (5)
Sharing an icecream sundae w cuttingtable tp as we thank God for cosmic bootcamp    09/20/21  (9)
FLW and me sitting around hookah pipe & watching "Are You Being Served?" reruns    09/20/21  (1)
Portland has had 889 shootings in 2021 (link)    09/20/21  (30)
Chinks gonna fuck world again w/ Evergrande just as they did w/ COVID    09/20/21  (1)
I sure hope there are no aroused women in Aslan's Country    09/20/21  (2)
Daily forum search: Disney, Mouse, Redwall, Aslan, Gondor, golden retriever (tp)    09/20/21  (3)
BUY MNGO ASAP    09/20/21  (2)
BUY MUNGOJERRIE ASAP    09/20/21  (1)
Twitter has No Games    09/20/21  (2)
Few things on this earth more vile than an aroused woman    09/20/21  (16)
Aslan bust slowly replacing George Floyd in Mt. Rushmore photo from the future    09/20/21  (21)
haitian refugees just flew too close to the sun. shoulda stayed in chile.    09/20/21  (1)
Golden Retriever Mindset    09/20/21  (1)
they hate Trump, but they fear Tom Cotton    09/20/21  (1)
Aslan's Country was created for Noble Hearts    09/20/21  (21)
loking forward to DYING very much    09/20/21  (3)
What ethnicity is this Portland City Commissioner? Missing link hominid?    09/20/21  (11)
Can Freddie tp come back now please?    09/20/21  (9)
This YouTuber always reminded me of OYT    09/20/21  (9)
David Hogg is off the dating market, sorry!    09/20/21  (12)
The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion    09/20/21  (6)
You'd be a fool to not load up on $MNGO after the dYdX news today    09/20/21  (127)
Other than SOL, that and where should i be farming/staking rn?    09/20/21  (14)
millennials and zoomers tearfully coming out as nonbinary🙄    09/20/21  (1)
Just got a 12 hour timeout from twitter for telling a guy to "KYS"    09/20/21  (2)
Guy writing a novel but hasn't really started on it or made progress in 8 years    09/20/21  (2)
The American religious adoration of black people seems a little weird    09/20/21  (17)
Istanbul Street Cat movie now begins with Netflix warning of "Feline Supremacy"    09/20/21  (10)
Is it bad that I have no empathy? (avg woman) (link)    09/20/21  (1)
freddie is my friend    09/20/21  (3)
Evergrande Gave Workers a Choice: Loan Us Cash or Lose Your Bonus    09/20/21  (4)
ITT: I post old posters that I bet no one else can correctly identify    09/20/21  (745)
How irate are you reading the lib responses to this Ann Coulter tweet    09/20/21  (2)
Here's why you should get the vaccine while pregnant    09/20/21  (1)
Extremely 1990s things that don’t exist    09/20/21  (156)
Women trying to be "sexy" make me want to vomit    09/20/21  (2)
emilio tp: you're a escrivamo, yes?    09/20/21  (3)
Life flashing before your eyes as you die but it’s all your most-bumped poasts    09/20/21  (3)
Are these weird murders disproportionately in the Western states    09/20/21  (3)
The Haitians are the border are mad they aren't getting better free food    09/20/21  (5)
i love when coastal reptiles call people out for being coastal libs    09/20/21  (1)
What is the POTUS of Fighting Games?    09/20/21  (30)
I just want to live long enough to kill libs during next civil war    09/20/21  (2)
this is the dumbest looking apartment ive seen in my entire life    09/20/21  (21)
Name early internet "memes" that aged extremely poorly ITT    09/20/21  (16)
Blackrock CEO is named "Larry D. Fink"    09/20/21  (8)
Kimberly-Clark CEO is named "Malek K. Rhool"    09/20/21  (1)
rach please sticky a bowl of milk until istanbul street cat cums back    09/20/21  (88)
not one of those sluts is right with jesus imo    09/20/21  (17)
istanbul street cat tp caught on cctv    09/20/21  (2)
felix the cat and istanbul street cat sharing a bowl of milk in Heaven    09/20/21  (26)
SOL holding the $150 support line marvelously, cuttingtable tp MAF    09/20/21  (3)
mindblowing picture of border patrol guy on horseback whipping a Haitian    09/20/21  (1)
Has Tom Cotton ever been alone with a woman?    09/20/21  (4)
I wish I was Gen-X and 22 years old in 1994.    09/20/21  (44)
if youre not buying SOL punks rn youre retarded    09/20/21  (1)
who sleeps with more hs students: male teachers or female teachers?    09/20/21  (9)
Libs, you have until November to get right with Jesus and Donald Trump.    09/20/21  (4)
sometimes i see a rach randomized moniker i wish i could crystalize in amber    09/20/21  (4)
real talk. gabby petito deserved to die    09/20/21  (5)
im buying cheap SOL animals, making them "fuck", and selling for tens of thousan    09/20/21  (1)
Stock food and ammo, protect your family, get right with the lord    09/20/21  (9)
On benzo, vaccines, gay psychology    09/20/21  (9)
This may actually end the "pandemic" (link)    09/20/21  (25)
How are millions of federal employees keeping quiet about so many conspiracies?    09/20/21  (83)
Really Interesting Cool Kooky Youngin (R.I.C.K.Y.)    09/20/21  (6)
Who here has REAL glass windows with non-ornamental muntins?    09/20/21  (2)
So many 100x opportunities in crypto -- SOL, MATIC, FTM, LINK, AAVE, SNX, etc    09/20/21  (9)
Why are Libs trying to fight nature and natural selection in beauty standards?    09/20/21  (3)
Haitians are an absolute menace on the road    09/20/21  (4)
anyone remember this game that came out 20 years ago? haha    09/20/21  (2)
Are there no blank bumps for the poor widow's son    09/20/21  (1)
KoRn exclusive character set for Juggalo World Wrestling (Sony PSP)    09/20/21  (5)
Emilio-Luis “Diesel” Jafar    09/20/21  (5)
Bill Gates is staying at my house, my house    09/20/21  (3)
Just bought a ton of cheap as fuck SOL NFTs in this crash, gonna be rich af    09/20/21  (2)
Stephen Paddock: The Las Vegas Massacre - Lights Out Podcast #43    09/20/21  (2)
My kids are 13 and 16, should I get them vaccinated?    09/20/21  (17)
why are there niggers in places like Portland? how did they get there    09/20/21  (4)
Farm, flee and fuck    09/20/21  (2)
Ok let's get down to brass nails    09/20/21  (5)
libs r very sick ppl    09/20/21  (1)
Redpill me on the garlicpill    09/20/21  (9)
Whoa the obsession with blacks is really getting insane    09/20/21  (26)
100,000,000$ to make nation's borders bat-proof    09/20/21  (2)
A thousand water-piks of cleansing light    09/20/21  (2)
Compare jump in video games 1980 to 2000, versus 2000 to 2020    09/20/21  (2)
BJ and the Bear discussion thread    09/20/21  (5)
The Golden Age of Dentistry    09/20/21  (3)
Co-ed Fever Discussion thread    09/20/21  (6)
Alpha dentist practitioners prescribing Ivermectin 4 gum parasite-Lawyers: Nada    09/20/21  (3)
While you manned the battleships, we manned the drills and water piks    09/20/21  (2)
Many of my clients are requesting crypto wallet molar implants these days    09/20/21  (3)
New game: Third party playstation controller or German bidet? (imgur    09/20/21  (3)
Lib spiking cowgrd's huge skull into basketball hoop: "The Playstation 5 is a mu    09/20/21  (4)
Sister Sledge (feat cowgod tp)---He's The Greatest Gamer.mp3    09/20/21  (6)
libs consistent. you aren't an american citizen until you breathe american air    09/20/21  (3)
libs have shit for brains    09/20/21  (64)
I am shocked that organizations that have discussed depopulation for decades are    09/20/21  (2)
Xo is hilarious I'm just playing devils advocate (Boom)    09/20/21  (7)
Loudly let the trumpet bray    09/20/21  (3)
Life resembling Rider-Waite "The Devil" tarot card    09/20/21  (4)
...huge dog...    09/20/21  (4)
Hypo: 500k to replace tongue with prehensile monkey tail    09/20/21  (4)
Sound of Copper / Makes me feel like the Big Bopper    09/20/21  (3)
Which version of "The Rum Tum Tugger" do you prefer? (Poll)    09/20/21  (3)
Bluesy negro folk spiritual about eating store brand oats in times of hardship    09/20/21  (3)
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko is immensely scummy    09/20/21  (1)
Cerwgod are you jamming out to this banger in 2021    09/20/21  (2)
Anyone remember the 2005 reality tv series The Law Firm?    09/20/21  (1)
cwgoed how does it feel to be the most ignored person on the bort    09/20/21  (2)
Just traded 2 SOL for a once fucked chicken    09/20/21  (2)
SPY futures down .9%    09/20/21  (12)
Cowgod, how does it feel to be the most ignored person on the bort???    09/20/21  (2)
Black Monday (2021)    09/20/21  (2)
The Marathi Mel Gibson tp    09/20/21  (3)
therapist after benzo describes life: "no you're 100% right to be depressed    09/20/21  (1)
Rate this gamer moment (heroic video)    09/20/21  (3)
Watch this body cam from a faggy cop who just shot a nigger    09/20/21  (1)
And then the Lord said "the no coiners shall receive one more chance"    09/20/21  (3)
Pepito / Pedude 2024    09/20/21  (10)
“Using the alias ‘To be fair,’ Nicki Minaj spent years on an obscure messa    09/20/21  (38)
watching 'Zeitgeist' with your roommates and stoner college gf on a tuesday nigh    09/20/21  (1)
Heard “Land Down Under” on 80s radio earlier and burst out laughing in the c    09/20/21  (23)
Paying royalties to ralph cifaretto for use of "Wow," evan39 for use of "Ljl" tp    09/20/21  (5)
what is the best documentary of all time?    09/20/21  (38)
Lib Virtue Signalling is as cringey as saying "Cringey"    09/20/21  (1)
What % of your time do you spend thinking about black people?    09/20/21  (1)
picture of nyuug in dictionary next to Dunning-Kruger effect    09/20/21  (1)
why exactly does meditation cause mental disorders and shit?    09/20/21  (9)
So ljl= let's just laugh (newb guide to xo lingo)    09/20/21  (72)
just 2 more weeks notice    09/20/21  (1)

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