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Remember when working for FBI was prestigious and agents were smart?    05/16/21  (21)
Maybe Associated Press shouldn't put its offices inside Hamas HQ?    05/16/21  (15)
I tried making convo with a hot chick in Singapore, she completely iced me out    05/16/21  (8)
Tracking Claire's prediction of a mass redneck uprising    05/16/21  (15)
Israel bombs the fuck out of the Associated Press building    05/16/21  (96)
Mideastern 7/11 cashier with nose sticking out of mask raged impotently    05/16/21  (2)
What are CIA/FBI doing with all the Arabs they recruited post 9/11?    05/16/21  (1)
didn't they used to have tobasco cheez its or did i imagine it    05/16/21  (7)
"Why does no one love me" sobbed benzo in an Indiana halfway house    05/16/21  (39)
rate this quote by Dostoevsky on the progressive movement (180)    05/16/21  (50)
Tracking obeezy’s GF killing herself after she wouldn’t fuck him for years    05/16/21  (16)
If Jewish intelligence agencies say Hamas was in a bldg, you have to believe it    05/16/21  (1)
🌞🌞 Morning’ libs! Good news: Wisconsin votes to conduct an audit too!    05/16/21  (18)
Just realized that laws requiring wearing of pants are a form of social control    05/16/21  (5)
How would DeSantis presidency look like?    05/16/21  (13)
Cope, Trumptards, we gonna have 200% inflation this year    05/16/21  (9)
XO Poll: was the lab leak intentional, and not incidental? Y/N    05/16/21  (52)
This Luis Nery-Brandon Figueroa scrap will be 180    05/16/21  (7)
sounds like Nery v Figueroa was dope    05/16/21  (3)
Is mr. jinx the Charlie Zelenoff of xoxoers, or is Zelenoff the jinx of boxers?    05/16/21  (2)
☉..☉    05/16/21  (18)
≋M≋y≋s≋t≋e≋r≋y≋ ≋G≋e≋n≋e≋t≋i≋c≋ ≋C≋o≋d≋e    05/16/21  (6)
US Marines on a march: "PARENT ONE AND PARENT TWO... ARE TRANSGENDER AND METWO!"    05/16/21  (14)
I’m missing you like candy!    05/16/21  (1)
FBI: we dedicate this zhe/zher recruiting video to the memory of J. Edgar Hoover    05/16/21  (4)
My uncle claimed to have been abducted by aliens - not flame. I'll take Q's    05/16/21  (7)
A lot of mid-00's pop hits have been completely forgotten    05/16/21  (29)
More prestigious: YLS, HBS, med school, Harvard PhD?    05/16/21  (20)
🇮🇱 XO STANDS WITH ISRAEL 🇮🇱    05/16/21  (22)
I'm so fucking sick of black people    05/16/21  (29)
How many dates before you’re in a relationship?    05/16/21  (33)
What has to happen in someone's life for them to be a (modern day) liberal?    05/16/21  (57)
California is losing a House seat.    05/16/21  (6)
Anyone else unreasonably excited for the 60 Minutes story on UAPs?    05/16/21  (3)
faggot dad is making a big fuss because he caught me and brother 69ing wtf    05/16/21  (3)
ITT think hard and list your top 3 films.    05/16/21  (192)
you thought jamiroquai was just singing a song... but it was a warning    05/16/21  (2)
Is it weird to squeeze your cock between your bro's fat ass cheeks until u cum?    05/16/21  (5)
family up in arms because grandfather and I did cock training in the shed    05/16/21  (1)
males of the Maori tribe ejaculate into the mouths of the youth to give them pow    05/16/21  (1)
Jfc what's up with the sun firing off at 7am now    05/16/21  (3)
lol Sunday morning u & ur best bro-in-law jerking each other off outside church    05/16/21  (1)
1 million net worth, chill 225k wfh job, paid off house, bored as fuck    05/16/21  (34)
How do I obtain WFH sinecures? Learning to code? Burned out    05/16/21  (6)
A fat orange cat who just loves lasagna    05/16/21  (5)
Why are you not an Anabaptist?    05/16/21  (5)
why is SAMO any better or differnet than $SAKITA?    05/16/21  (3)
RSF I’m hungover af    05/16/21  (4)
My body is so swollen you can't see my dick    05/16/21  (11)
Jan 6 = America’s Tiananmen Square massacre    05/16/21  (2)
Why does Israel seem to have less support for this conflict than past ones?    05/16/21  (20)
VA, MA, CA, NY abolishing merit as a principle of public education. Why?    05/16/21  (19)
😍😍😍XO Stands with Hamas! 😍😍😍    05/16/21  (2)
thispersondoesnotexist.com    05/16/21  (2)
Joseph R. Birdshit (D-Tel Aviv)    05/16/21  (1)
this azn guy suicided    05/16/21  (11)
Are AirPods tcr for working out?    05/16/21  (20)
Astronomer: US obesity levels now shifting Earth's orbit (link)    05/16/21  (7)
We should be encouraging suicidal people to killselves    05/16/21  (4)
Max IQ to actually like a Quentin Tarantino movie?    05/16/21  (25)
Is PSYCHOKINESIS real?    05/16/21  (1)
Watch dudes: Rate this watch    05/16/21  (25)
23 year old dies of natural causes. So much of this since Vax roll out    05/16/21  (4)
She hulk takes on entire auditorium of Black men    05/16/21  (1)
CT high school kid arrested for racist internet post    05/16/21  (13)
SOL is mooning 16% / SAMO doing nothing    05/16/21  (3)
NYT: Green Energy Thriving in Syrian Rebel Enclave    05/16/21  (4)
So tommy basically did FIRE on less than $1mil?    05/16/21  (117)
ETH is become a rancid TTT in decline    05/16/21  (2)
I should have CUM out of the CLOSET in 2008, now my life's RUINED    05/16/21  (4)
Rate this guy’s student loan debt situation    05/16/21  (10)
hideki matsuyama tp America’s biggest enemies are inside the wire    05/16/21  (1)
NYC Fags to Pig Police --->>> NOPrideParade    05/16/21  (1)
NYT story on blacks, genetics and police - not flame    05/16/21  (2)
Rate this chicago parking garage on a Saturday morning    05/16/21  (18)
MLB||BLM => Shiiiiieeeettt    05/16/21  (2)
Super tall but it’s not helping me in job interviews, advice?    05/16/21  (4)
this place fucking sucks    05/16/21  (1)
Is Fauci off the reservation? Says unvaccinated kids should wear masks in the fa    05/16/21  (13)
Ask Israelis Girls: Would you have sex with an uncircumcised guy? (video)    05/16/21  (1)
*sp pacing back & forth like he has diarrhea as cellmate looks for his papers*    05/16/21  (3)
I watched "The Dawn Wall" on Netflix. It changed my life.    05/16/21  (43)
Rappers in South Tel Aviv    05/16/21  (1)
God shows Jews life beyond scheming/virtue signaling, so they scheme to kill Him    05/16/21  (1)
Been watching Family Matters w my kids, surprising shows like this were made    05/16/21  (53)
The Economist Estimates Covid-19 Has Murdered 7.1m to 12.7 million    05/16/21  (6)
LOLZY hearing ppl debate how to increase women's birth rates    05/16/21  (3)
Is Bruce Willis the least physically imposing tough guy actor ever?    05/16/21  (55)
Drove 550 miles today. Feel like shit.    05/16/21  (17)
Dr. Robert Halford handing you lollipop and "Proudly Pozzed vaccinePiG" sticker    05/16/21  (1)
The Crisis of the 21st Century    05/16/21  (1)
Brian Stelter: it would be a crime NOT to blow up the AP building.    05/16/21  (5)
Cadwalader moving NYC office to Staten Island Kinkos to cut down costs    05/16/21  (5)
remember that video of the guy shooting his prole neighbors over snow shoveling?    05/16/21  (9)
Article on the IQ DECLINE in the modern west:    05/16/21  (50)
So j shad and jacoby shaddix are the same person? mind = blown    05/16/21  (4)
XO poaster gets COVID vaccine, transforms into Nordic Chad overnight (link)    05/16/21  (2)
tsinah do you have an actual office, or all virtual TT-style?    05/16/21  (1)
Four years of the Trump movement condensed into 8 seconds    05/16/21  (2)
hey tsinah    05/16/21  (10)
LMAO at the UCs actually banning SATs and ACTs    05/16/21  (6)
if you were dumb enough to get vax'd hopefully you did it in super rich area    05/16/21  (12)
what if we just all started shoving libs into oncoming traffic    05/16/21  (2)
Samoyedcoin (SAMO)    05/16/21  (153)
if vaxx is so great, why do they have to bribe & force ppl to take it?    05/16/21  (5)
SUMMON: rsf & benzo. Can you guys make another truce please?    05/16/21  (1)
Current MLB batting average is .235, the lowest batting average of all time    05/16/21  (11)
DHS: White Nationalists will exploit lowered COVID restrictions for terror    05/16/21  (34)
SOLANA currently PWNING this SHIT out of other coins, mooning Taking Q    05/16/21  (44)
How are you all enjoying this dystopian future?    05/16/21  (10)
HOW DARE YOU NOT WEAR A MASK    05/16/21  (12)
If these vaccines are as safe and effective as they say they are    05/16/21  (43)
The era that found Kevin Smith funny is probably the dumbest in human history    05/16/21  (13)
Don’t get why people are rooting for lockdowns and disappointed in reopening    05/16/21  (1)
“Is that retarded black nigger from africa tp? Can we get retarded black nigge    05/16/21  (3)
Guy I know has severe anxiety and has more than 3000 unread emails    05/16/21  (11)
lotta rootless cosmopolitans causing mischief these days    05/16/21  (2)
odd case that rat-faced people don't want mask wearing to end    05/16/21  (4)
Is the Blue Light thing affecting sleep real or not?    05/16/21  (3)
late night roll call    05/16/21  (4)
Children of Men is started by covid vaccines right?    05/16/21  (2)
libs: "hold on, let's check what Science says" *dials out internationally to isr    05/16/21  (2)
Shabbat ends in just a few hours board will get really stupid soon    05/16/21  (8)
china ppp of $20,000 w gdp per capita of $10,000 means it can buy $20,000 worth    05/16/21  (3)
Rate this gentleman discussing his frustrations with his neighbors    05/16/21  (6)
rate the new fairy godmother in Cinderella    05/16/21  (4)
how is this not spam?    05/16/21  (6)
rate this gif    05/16/21  (3)
MASS-SHOOTING in De Blasio's NYC - libs, explain:    05/16/21  (8)
Poast some 180 movie clips. I don’t feel like sitting through a whole nigga fi    05/16/21  (2)
What's the final takeaway from No Country for Old Men?    05/16/21  (40)
Which political party is more pro-Israel at this point?    05/16/21  (7)
remember going to the movie theater and sometimes blacks would show up    05/16/21  (3)
Shake Shack’s rapid expansion across the United States is inexplicable    05/16/21  (34)
should i buy this apt building    05/16/21  (2)
LJL at Biden's America: $2.83 to fill up my tank today!    05/16/21  (7)
rank the comedies    05/16/21  (3)
*bin laden saving rsf's phone number as "crazy pussy"*    05/16/21  (6)
who was the last person to tell you I love you ?    05/16/21  (1)
Winklevoss twins: u mad?    05/16/21  (16)
Spaceporn is the least sympathetic person in xo history    05/16/21  (5)
24 hours of fauci-wuhan funding coverage = "haha okay covid's over everybody    05/16/21  (1)
Would you fuck this 32yo teacher?    05/16/21  (21)
jared baumeister seems way more evil than bin laden    05/16/21  (5)
reminder: upset jew tp is a government psyop    05/16/21  (2)
Full video of PA snow argument shooting is horrific    05/16/21  (528)
Burn after reading is a good movie    05/16/21  (33)
vaxx me daddy    05/16/21  (3)
i lol @ rsf's fat boy rage. oink oink!    05/16/21  (4)

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