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Remember that heifer UPENN sex blogger Jessica Gold Haralson?

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Impertinent Blood Rage

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Date: January 26th, 2011 1:33 PM
Author: Impertinent Blood Rage

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aka "Jessica Haralson"





lookie where that PORNblogger Jessica Haralson (aka Jessica Gold Haralson) is now!

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University of Pennsylvania

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Andrew Legendre (Andy Legendre)

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I got into one school that is a worldwide "name" (Harvard), and another school that is very well-ranked, but does not have as much worldwide name recognition. I'm excited about both! However, the second school is giving me a *lot of money*. (First school hasn't made an offer yet, so it's unclear if it would be anywhere near comparable to how much money I'd get at second school.) It's practically free to go to second school! Obviously, this is a very "first world" kind of position to be in and I feel very lucky and privileged.

While a Name Brand is great for international teaching (something I'm interested in) and is instant cache for future research projects, teaching isn't exactly investment banking, and student loan debt can be crushing for many in master's programs. Both schools would offer an excellent education, either way.

So my question, friends, is what would you do in my position? What offer would you choose?

Michael Simons If the name school doesn't offer you any money, go to the free school.. and see if you can defer admission to the other one.. and maybe go to IT later! :D

10 March at 02:09 · 1

Jessica Gold I think the name school will offer me some money - they have a reputation for doing so. It's just not the Deluge of Money this other school is throwing at me.

10 March at 02:09

Michael Simons Obviously you should wait till you have the full details before you can make a final decision...

10 March at 02:14

Jessica Gold True. I'm just wondering what people think is the sound professional thing to do.

10 March at 02:15

Luke Reynolds

Unless the money-throwing school has a fast-approaching deadline, wait and see what your position will be. If the money-throwing school does have a fast-approaching deadline, contact the name brand school to see about their timeline (this i...See more

10 March at 02:23 · 2

Jessica Gold Sound advice. I am going to do some more research about both school's track records with professional placement (since this is essentially a professional degree.)

10 March at 02:26 · 2

Luke Reynolds Good plan. Also consider location and culture/atmosphere. Considering your travels you should be good to go, but it will be harder to really nail that first-class degree you unquestionably are cabale of if you're in a place where you're miserable.

10 March at 02:29 · 1

Jessica Gold Both schools are in the same city! (Guess I should just message you, huh.)

10 March at 02:29 · 1

Michael Simons go to them both at the same time? :P

10 March at 02:30

Luke Reynolds It might be wise (also, it would be very nice to catch up).

10 March at 02:30

Mehdi El Hajoui Go to harvard -amazing how it can help in life at times...

10 March at 03:21

Jessica Gold yeah it's a tough one! i don't want to be in debt just because of ego though!

10 March at 03:37 · 1

Mehdi El Hajoui More than ego. Lots of school like telling rich or foreign parents they have

H staff

10 March at 03:56

Jessica Gold yeah, that's the other thing i'm thinking. it is gold in asia. lol

10 March at 03:57

Jessica Gold i will accept harvard if their offer of money comes within a spitting distance of the other offer. if not... i need to be smart about my dollaz.

10 March at 04:09 · 1

Brandon Helvie

Your field likely places a great deal of emphasis on recognition, titles, and diplomas. Mine doesn't, so normally I'd say go with the easier burden financially... but I don't think it will help you in the long run.

10 March at 04:21

Jamie York Free

10 March at 05:13

Dayna-Joi Mondelli Depends on how much savings you have.

10 March at 06:35

Jessica Gold Haha! Not enough to not take out a loan. I spent most of my Korea money on paying off personal debt and things like that. My savings is small, since I also traveled. Not inconsiderate, but definitely not a year of tuition.

10 March at 06:36

Jessica Gold ‎*Not an inconsiderable amount, I should say

10 March at 06:37

Arielle Kuperberg

Jessica, you know how much money teachers make on average (I hope!), if you go to name brand school without a free ride your life after graduation will be that much worse if you have to pay off loans- I assume profs start at a higher paying...

10 March at 06:53 · 2

Jessica Gold I know about those things, I would definitely tell name brand school about my other offer. And obviously, money is a huge issue here, since teachers don't make much.

10 March at 06:54

Jessica Gold Mostly I just want name brand school to send a package already! they send theirs weeks after the other schools do! So annoying.

10 March at 06:56

Arielle Kuperberg

I think I know what name brand school you are talking about (and i understand, I applied there too! Although I didn't get in, ha). My friend went to law school there- he had a starting salary of like 140k and is still living in a pretty sm...See more

10 March at 07:03 · 3

Jessica Gold Yeah, I'm about 80% sure I will go with the school that is still nice, but not as much of a name brand, because debt just isn't fun. It's the new indentured servitude! Guess I just have to wait and see what the deal is.

10 March at 07:04 · 1

Susan Jacobson You can use the offer that the second school gave you to entice the first school to be generous.

10 March at 08:17

Jessica Gold Yes, that's definitely what I'm planning on doing.

10 March at 08:26

Alice Hunt hey, some advice you didn't ask for. Try not to take on a lot of debt in grad school. i am swimming in mine and the dept of ed is being ruthless, they won't even let me set up voluntary payments bc they want 800 a month. So please, if someone offers you a free ride, take it. I wish I had been much smarter when I was taking about an extra 10 grand a year I DIDN'T NEED.

10 March at 10:03 · 1

Alice Hunt my salary barely covers my rent and monthly neccessities- hope this helps!

10 March at 10:03

Cameron Goodfellow

Go where the money is......Master's Programs statistically have a creep factor that take longer than originally anticipated. While many people finish on time and in a timely manner, many many more take longer. So go where the money is. As a...See more

10 March at 12:38 · 1

Molly E Neck I would go to the one that offers more money, as a person who has incredible student debt I would strongly recommend keeping it as little as possible.

10 March at 12:54 · 1

Jessica Gold ‎Alice Hunt Cameron Goodfellow Molly E Neck all solid advice! Thanks!

11 March at 05:32

Alice Hunt

Glad to help. I recommend- calculating what monthly payments would be and salary for career you want to go into. I am trying to get out of debt and everytime I call dept of ed- they call me irresponsible and a dead beat. Pretty sure that's illegal- but they have all the power. Now they are tapping into my irs refunds and other sources- including my bank. And I have been trying to make more money but its been hard getting a raise and looking for a new job. So please be smart, be very smart. The college name is not as big of a deal as you would think.

11 March at 13:13 · 1