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NBC won't air 2022 Golden Globe Award show due to lack of diversity in committee    05/11/21  (38)
Chinese internet thinks Patient Zero was a grad student at the Wuhan Lab    05/11/21  (93)
Ancient Romans had NO fresh juice devastating for boart Roman Negroes    05/11/21  (1)
Need some BIGLAW ADVICE    05/11/21  (2)
ITT link to Tucker show calling Fauci criminal, enabled virus lab creation    05/11/21  (21)
Majority of intelligence agencies believe coronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab    05/11/21  (8)
Facebook CENSORS Wuhan Lab documentary by Epoch Times    05/11/21  (26)
Female fighter pilot bombs runway instead of lowering landing gear (video)    05/11/21  (39)
Anyone else thinks PhDs demanding to be called Doctor are ridiculous?    05/11/21  (28)
Makes no sense that Alex Jones' audience is mostly proles    05/11/21  (6)
Imagine the narcissism to be responsible for viral pandemic and have daily brief    05/11/21  (4)
Gas stations run out in VA, Atlanta after Russian cyberattack; Biden: napping    05/11/21  (13)
I am right. I swear I'm right, swear I knew it all along.    05/11/21  (2)
This is real. It's happening    05/11/21  (2)
People with master's degrees should be called "Master"    05/11/21  (4)
normal person: "i'm innocent", sp: "i will never be convicted or serve time"    05/11/21  (6)
Marshmello anonymously ruining music in every genre    05/11/21  (2)
Would like to vote Republican in 2022 but sadly there are none left    05/11/21  (6)
Do you think it's creepy when dudes go to Thailand?    05/11/21  (106)
TSINAH reading Industrial Society and Its Future on the House floor (link)    05/11/21  (9)
School shooting in Russia — students jump from window    05/11/21  (2)
truth is that the game was squanched from the beginning    05/11/21  (1)
Giant glowing CGI deer telling u to inject yourself with prion “vaccine”    05/11/21  (7)
Boss fight: Masked Biden    05/11/21  (1)
IRON DOME activated AGAIN in JERUSALEM    05/11/21  (2)
Roosh: proof fraudvirus vaccine is a sterilization agent    05/11/21  (58)
SAD, you around?    05/11/21  (1)
Fellow Libs, can we admit that this #MeToo is starting to get outta control?    05/11/21  (50)
dirte would you cop this unit (condo)?    05/11/21  (9)
Three captive raccoons trained to drive new Honda Civic on highway (must watch)    05/11/21  (5)
Explain this video of jews dancing    05/11/21  (1)
New memecoin $SHIBA INU is worth more than SOL lol    05/11/21  (2)
tether curve racing M1 money supply curve to reach 90 degree angle first    05/11/21  (2)
i start laughing whenever i hear the word "science" irl now    05/11/21  (6)
simulation creator: "ok now make them worship the guy who created the virus lmao    05/11/21  (4)
crazy how Fauci and Epstein were bros and nobody talks about it    05/11/21  (5)
Should I sell all 3 of my Fleer Jordan rookies and buy crypto?    05/11/21  (3)
XO brehs light flag of Israel on fire    05/11/21  (1)
Lazy Sims, Sterilizing vaccine Pfizer teams with "Gilead"    05/11/21  (1)
Black people are getting big into wine lol    05/11/21  (9)
Nikola Tesla was a legit dumbass. Why is there a car company named after him?    05/11/21  (9)
reminder that fauci moved illegal gain of function research to China    05/11/21  (8)
Science has always been about emotional escapism    05/11/21  (1)
Garbage judges and garbage prosecutors garbage case against my GF falling apart    05/11/21  (18)
Just bought 15 more SOL at 40, curry ur anus    05/11/21  (8)
Sat on cash for years out of risk aversion. In 2020 said fuck it&put it stocks    05/11/21  (4)
this fauci fuck literally funded covid-19's creation and libs worship him?    05/11/21  (14)
fauci funded taxpayer money to china to aid their bioweapon development    05/11/21  (2)
*neighbor saying "woah thats a hot take!" while u yell racisms & do sieg heils*    05/11/21  (119)
I know you've got baggage I'll be your baggage handler haha    05/11/21  (2)
a cabinet consisting entirely of far-right women and homosexuals    05/11/21  (3)
Love asking mothers of newborns, "You sure it's yours?"    05/11/21  (1)
If you've ever worn a "mask" outdoors, you're a deluded faggot    05/11/21  (12)
if you want a real blackpill look at youtube hompage in incognito mode    05/11/21  (6)
Yvonne Strahovski is an objective 10    05/11/21  (8)
Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster    05/11/21  (70)
The slaves sent by Africans to America were the shittiest Africans    05/11/21  (10)
Ur dad dies of “COVID” - Doc: “His last words were: “wear a mask, black    05/11/21  (17)
Sometimes I forget black people even exist    05/11/21  (7)
Seth Rogen says he will no longer work with James Franco    05/11/21  (58)
lmao @ this tether fraud    05/11/21  (1)
88-year-old former Pravda editor reading NYT: "Holy shit they're bold"    05/11/21  (1)
unnnghh i want to by a silver monsterbox (500 1oz coins)    05/11/21  (1)
Steve Harvey is a dumb black NIGGER. Only in the US could he become rich as fuck    05/11/21  (26)
Need Ricky and exeunt to rate this strategy for making big buck$ in bitcoin    05/11/21  (3)
Lots of girls just poast semi nudes on IG, live off ad revenue plus OnlyFans ljl    05/11/21  (5)
posters that are honiara are the worst    05/11/21  (1)
The walls are closing in on Fauci. I wonder how he sleeps at night.    05/11/21  (12)
at this point being a lib requires a complete & irreversible break from reality    05/11/21  (50)
Asia stocks tanking --- veddy veddy bad for ARKKshits    05/11/21  (3)
Cuttingtable    05/11/21  (4)
hypothetically in minecraft tp    05/11/21  (1)
12k SOL. Stake all via SolFlare or farm RAY-SOL?    05/11/21  (8)
far right gay nationalist    05/11/21  (6)
From ‘wonderful’ to ‘war zone’: Portland’s reputation transformation    05/11/21  (4)
ITT GUESS how many Americans under 50 have died of COVID    05/11/21  (38)
"Wow I used to be such a faggot." (Me every six months)    05/11/21  (90)
Hell is Other People    05/11/21  (6)
does anyone else feel like they are waiting around to die    05/11/21  (21)
Bennifer Back Together: Ben whisks JLo off to Montana after 17 years apart    05/11/21  (19)
You won't believe #27!    05/11/21  (1)
Thiel / Grennel 2024 - Make America Gay Again    05/11/21  (1)
israelis dance in streets, blast music as mosque burns(video)    05/11/21  (10)
welcome to DEFAMATION STATION    05/11/21  (1)
remember when Carlson interviewed that Chinese whistleblower virologist?    05/11/21  (5)
Tik Tok Teens Destroy the World    05/11/21  (1)
libs get very upset when you call it the “Fauci Virus”    05/11/21  (2)
Cowgod crying to therapist: "MY DISCIPLES NEED ME! I AM THEIR LIGHT!"    05/11/21  (4)
"Tiananmen square massacre 1989” okay that should keep pumos away tonight    05/11/21  (2)
Seigniorage! Seigniorage, Eli, you boy!    05/11/21  (1)
How to Parallel Park: Park somewhere else.    05/11/21  (2)
2015 patent application related to COVID-19    05/11/21  (2)
"Yeah, I'm totally running low on ink," lied your printer unconvincingly    05/11/21  (194)
Tucker drops bombshell: Fauci is responsible for COVID-19    05/11/21  (38)
first POTUS cycle where both parties run trannies? 2024?    05/11/21  (3)
85 school girls dead in bombing in Afghanistan    05/11/21  (61)
National Geographic "Afghan Girl" aged horribly    05/11/21  (1)
So...Epstein compromises Gates, then dies just before Gates releases major plan    05/11/21  (1)
listening to GNR estranged    05/11/21  (4)
Bill Gates is being "taken down" by some deep state actors now he served purpose    05/11/21  (21)
teen mom removed from six flags b/c shorts were too short(video)    05/11/21  (2)
vid of broker taken hostage by dude w/ wire attached between trigger and neck    05/11/21  (5)
Leaked Chinese document reveals a sinister plan to ‘unleash’ coronaviruses    05/11/21  (36)
I'm thinking of creating a podcast to compete with Joe Rogan's    05/11/21  (4)
Solana down 10% today. LOL at how much money im losing on this garbage.    05/11/21  (22)
RANK: Dutch's crew in Predator    05/11/21  (1)
reddit silvermos stacking    05/11/21  (2)
I Fucking LOVE Zients    05/11/21  (1)
An entire generation of men with infuriatingly gay voices.    05/11/21  (33)
starting a fucking business is a fucking pain in the fucking ass    05/11/21  (5)
No mom, she’s fat, has an arm sleeve of tattoos and purple hair, you’ll love    05/11/21  (2)
Korean Solana FOMO Updates Megathread    05/11/21  (232)
when people ask, do you include 401k in your "net worth"?    05/11/21  (50)
Gay Grandpa, Suicidal Grandpa    05/11/21  (3)
Anyone know when Club Mandingo is set to reopen?    05/11/21  (1)
physical silver    05/11/21  (14)
So "disorderly conduct" is the most bullshit charge?    05/11/21  (10)
Proud Redditor gets vaccinated (pic)    05/11/21  (32)
:(    05/11/21  (1)
you have made yourself miserable. and distant. and hard to love.    05/11/21  (36)
Doom Weather Cult requires erection of giant windmills to fend off Doom Weather    05/11/21  (1)
If you invested $1 in Monster Energy Drink (MNST) in '96 you'd have $450K now    05/11/21  (4)
Covid Update: Couldn't talk or breath sitting upright all day yesterday.    05/11/21  (280)
LJL if you own stocks listed on the NASDAQ right now    05/11/21  (1)
Indian doctors warn against cow dung as COVID cure    05/11/21  (3)
Stand up and be counted: do you believe in aliens?    05/11/21  (34)
lol at stockmos, how's JMIA?    05/11/21  (1)
Churches burn daily around France and this in Paris (pic)    05/11/21  (16)
Under water on SOL taking life advice    05/11/21  (132)
You know what Victoria's Secret was? (lsd)    05/11/21  (1)
LOL Dr Fauci: we'll be "close" to back to normal by next Mother's Day    05/11/21  (41)
U of S. Carolina president drunkenly gives plagiarized commencement speech    05/11/21  (5)
Someone has seen you as that "weird guy who doesn't talk"    05/11/21  (2)
LOL at anyone who tries to fight the COMMUNIST PARTY    05/11/21  (12)
xo pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested by Canadian gestapo (video)    05/11/21  (4)
dfinity    05/11/21  (27)
Biden gets elected and we have inflation, gas lines, and inner city riots?    05/11/21  (16)
I did the math and it was only 600K (GJR) (not a nazi)    05/11/21  (2)
Reminder: Autistic is the most "masculine" personality trait.    05/11/21  (5)
Interesting that there's not much panic poasting about the crypto crash    05/11/21  (5)
Samoyedcoin (SAMO)    05/11/21  (91)
anyone else hoping that these vaccines permanently sterilizing folks?    05/11/21  (5)
Fucking unforgivable what shitlibs did to the paradise that was California    05/11/21  (12)
anyone know where to get a good leather bag for cheap    05/11/21  (9)
fema pays big bucks to family members of covid deads    05/11/21  (6)
Biden Says Unemployment Benefits Aren't Hampering Economy    05/11/21  (1)
So is the J&J vaccine the best or the worst?    05/11/21  (17)
Starting to wonder if 6,000,000 Afghani school girls really died in a bombing    05/11/21  (3)

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