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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
You all have it easy..you can simply say "I'm a lawyer"    01/26/21  (3)
Are any XO poasters in the Proud Boys?    01/26/21  (19)
who is the most famous person you have fucked?    01/26/21  (154)
murder rates way up across US cities past year    01/26/21  (4)
Xanax    01/26/21  (1)
The NFL sure planned this;) Brady Vs. MAHOMES    01/26/21  (30)
I will personally pay to save this site(Boom)    01/26/21  (17)
It's now been over 3 hours since I transferred $25k in SOL to HotBit    01/26/21  (10)
Coordinated pause across five states never explained    01/26/21  (95)
pope 2 cardinals: go home guys, looks like jack frost exposed us    01/26/21  (19)
man the future is bleak    01/26/21  (9)
Is it prole to vape DELTA-8-THC?    01/26/21  (1)
Look at this girl killed by her foster parents. The government wanted this.    01/26/21  (33)
Fun Fact: American chicken is allowed by FDA to contain as much as 18% plastic    01/26/21  (2)
Excellent article on UFO reality (and the government admitting the same)    01/26/21  (20)
Is Cate Blanchett considered hot by xo standards?    01/26/21  (5)
Kobe Bryant died exactly three years ago today    01/26/21  (8)
An EXTREMELY famous celebrity is a current poster. hth    01/26/21  (69)
my back    01/26/21  (2)
Preparing for doomsday and hyperinflation: what to invest in?    01/26/21  (65)
I loved that actor from Black Panther so much. Can't believe he's gone.    01/26/21  (25)
haha, your feeble mind can only perceive four out of 10 dimensions, haha    01/26/21  (1)
Prayer does nothing; consider the millions who prayed during the Holodomor    01/26/21  (37)
Reminder: Aliens and all sort of supernatural shit is 100% real    01/26/21  (22)
It’s happening soon: spaceporn’s “son” will be SNATCHED UP    01/26/21  (1)
Las Vegas vs Seattle vs Miami    01/26/21  (38)
MAGA terrorist to son who reported him to FBI: “Traitors get shot.”    01/26/21  (37)
Explain the GameStop thing to me quickly like I'm 5.    01/26/21  (48)
glad i got this moniker    01/26/21  (1)
Describe difference in QoL between 140K and 190K TC    01/26/21  (7)
Peterman and Exeunt sold? I'm out.    01/26/21  (32)
great now boner police can marry two potatoes    01/26/21  (2)
Best way to borrow ETH against BTC?    01/26/21  (6)
jfc obama has a third autobio coming out lmao    01/26/21  (1)
You can bend space in one direction by moving in a perpendicular direction    01/26/21  (1)
lol at Brady not retiring gracefully w/ Super Bowl LIII win after 19 fucking sea    01/26/21  (7)
I’d rather have Mark Sanchez than Pat ‘RG4’ Mahomes    01/26/21  (18)
How come prostitutes don’t get murdered anymore    01/26/21  (6)
Are you buying GameStop (NYSE:GME) at open tomorrow? I am.    01/26/21  (1)
Slender Man is telling you to do naughty things if you just open your mind and l    01/26/21  (1)
KC Chiefs done here. Mahomes confirmed fraud.    01/26/21  (31)
khan academy is overrated shit    01/26/21  (2)
Frauds lying horribly on me I don't even recognize(Boom)    01/26/21  (2)
How long until xo gets CANCELLED?    01/26/21  (26)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    01/26/21  (245)
   01/26/21  (1)
Nigger walks into hardware store, nails old lady's ear to the wall. Guess race.    01/26/21  (1)
I'm a gay poop baby fart fart fart poop poop lollipop tiger ear face    01/26/21  (1)
oh wow so it turns out erasing legacy of retard who did nothing is really easy    01/26/21  (12)
Used house key to cut open box. Knifemos devastated    01/26/21  (18)
Libs, do you think that the impeachment could be a trap? 🤔 (lsd)    01/26/21  (8)
Used chainsaw to open box. Knifemos devastated    01/26/21  (1)
"I'm gay" *train's full-stop braking immediately engages, starts squealing*    01/26/21  (1)
I'm getting addicted to Saoirse Ronan's acting and movies    01/26/21  (14)
Biden Surgeon General will be a nurse    01/26/21  (8)
What are the troops doing in DC until March?    01/26/21  (7)
Tedbeckersted, this is the First time libs have really shocked me on XO. PATRICI    01/26/21  (45)
Werner Herzog discovers John Waters is gay(video)    01/26/21  (4)
Should Biden speech transcripts include all his coughing?    01/26/21  (1)
Xiao Bideng's foreign policy    01/26/21  (1)
i think we'll just go to the texas cheesecake depository    01/26/21  (1)
what is the future of the white race in America?    01/26/21  (11)
Donald Trump has officially opened the "Office of the Former President"    01/26/21  (43)
Giuliani Trump legal saga: not paid, embarrassed, sued, probably disbarred    01/26/21  (2)
Refuse to wear a mask in my own house or outdoors    01/26/21  (3)
Brady literally has SUH on defense    01/26/21  (13)
Blackberry (BB) will be $20 by February    01/26/21  (26)
National Guard introduces "damp concrete" camouflage color pattern    01/26/21  (1)
New MacBook Pro M1 is the best computer I've ever used    01/26/21  (11)
This is the "night of the long knives" on Twitter. They're purging the alt-right    01/26/21  (28)
nyuug - thoughts about ur first world country (with 1,766 coronavirus cases)?    01/26/21  (138)
nyuug's poasts feel oily and greazy    01/26/21  (9)
Twitter censors tweets arguing that blacks commit murder    01/26/21  (5)
Guy living in a first world country here, su... *vomits blood*    01/26/21  (7)
Marco Rubio only senator not to vote on Yellen nomination    01/26/21  (1)
First World Country Bro Here, Can't Contain a Common Cold, Sup?    01/26/21  (41)
Would you describe POTROASTPONY as a “one-note druggie loser”?    01/26/21  (14)
What if a bunch of militia men really did arm up and storm washington?    01/26/21  (11)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    01/26/21  (36)
Reddit user accidentally invests $500k in GameSpot (link)    01/26/21  (2)
I want to leave America. I'm white. Where to go?    01/26/21  (57)
Are you interested in the truth?    01/26/21  (8)
"gotta have that due process" said retard who supported congress hostage    01/26/21  (2)
Nazi Twitter bans MyPillow guy    01/26/21  (2)
"uhm... guyss?? i mean... like i totally voted for trump twice and everything...    01/26/21  (4)
how can i be cool like the mypillow guy    01/26/21  (1)
"It was me, Marco. The author of all your pain."    01/26/21  (3)
Mon Oreiller par Michel Lindel    01/26/21  (1)
is NYUUG in hiding now that his president is impeached?    01/26/21  (55)
Trump no longer allowed to use any PGA rules or logos at his golf course    01/26/21  (2)
one of the worst aspects of the lockdowns is people KNOWING you have no plans    01/26/21  (36)
Some motherfucker with a great right hand is beating the shit out of elites    01/26/21  (16)
so no soros type funeral for Epstein?    01/26/21  (3)
Mein Pillow by Mike Lindell    01/26/21  (53)
Peterman, Exeunt, and Ricky Sellcucked Crypto    01/26/21  (21)
Lol so Trump got impeached with literally no due process?    01/26/21  (83)
They put Bernie in Skyrim!    01/26/21  (1)
Asian parents dont want kids to leave america to go to asia WHY?    01/26/21  (3)
explain these 47 videos of henry aaron twerking on tiktock if covid's so serious    01/25/21  (1)
I’m very sick of keto    01/25/21  (3)
BTC TANKING    01/25/21  (1)
Btc will likely test 26-28k and explode to 45-55k after    01/25/21  (7)
Best pillow and blanket?    01/25/21  (7)
MAYDAYMAYDAY    01/25/21  (1)
if u think xo posters are judgy, show a girl's pic to another girl    01/25/21  (4)
1980s when Martial Arts and Ninjas were introduced to America was a magical time    01/25/21  (28)
9/11 was inside job    01/25/21  (5)
BTC gettign pwnd at 32k fuck    01/25/21  (1)
The only blood I care about is Jewish blood    01/25/21  (1)
will poors eventually be chased out?    01/25/21  (13)
Crypto is crashing    01/25/21  (16)
Do you ever record phone conversations with opposing counsel?    01/25/21  (27)
Link to best pizza in America! What joint what city?    01/25/21  (122)
It Was CUM CUM CUM 'Til His Daddy Took The TGirl Away    01/25/21  (117)
I'm Liu Chang and I'm investing in Gamestop    01/25/21  (1)
Honestly, Spaceporn should not have fucked his own kid    01/25/21  (84)
My GF legit just came over to me and asked if I had ever heard of AutoAdmit.    01/25/21  (51)
BTC is one week away from a massive correction    01/25/21  (18)
My Pillow suspended from twitter    01/25/21  (1)
Seeking Alpha: Melvin Capital pursuing joint venture wth Republic of Chad on GFE    01/25/21  (1)
What can we do to show thanks to Our Donald?    01/25/21  (19)
Why are message boards dying    01/25/21  (6)
lol @ that Virginia school district trying to indoctrinate students w/ Islam    01/25/21  (19)
With buffets closed, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is bored and running for Governor!    01/25/21  (3)
*Sara Huckabee Sanders to be Next Governor of Arkansas*    01/25/21  (2)
STICKY: Henry Aaron's favorite texture    01/25/21  (1)
The GOD-EMPEROR tweets!    01/25/21  (11)
12% of the population of Alaska has been vaccinated for covid    01/25/21  (1)
Women in corps seem to get promoted ridiculously quickly    01/25/21  (2)
im starting to think that dentists are a scam    01/25/21  (11)
Turns out Melvin Capital is the brainchild of Jeb Bush (link)    01/25/21  (4)
go ahead and sodomize that like button    01/25/21  (8)
Trump agreements seek to tie Biden's hands on immigration    01/25/21  (3)
Bort Olds: were TNF Nuptse & Denali jackets all the rage when u were on campus?    01/25/21  (3)
queen's gambit, but it's just henry aaron sticking the black pieces up his ass    01/25/21  (36)
*Stranger Things, except it's Henry Aaron getting fucked by those creatures*    01/25/21  (1)
*Henry Aaron lubed up playing "barbie girl" song while inserting veggies in ass*    01/25/21  (10)
Can Arizona get a third senate seat so Martha McSally can run again and lose?    01/25/21  (1)
Is smoked turkey the shittiest cold cut on earth? It's never good.    01/25/21  (1)
what kind of crazy shit goes on in north korea    01/25/21  (16)
YOUR OLD: someone born in (Jan) 2000 can legally drink alcohol    01/25/21  (2)
PREDICT: will gamestop and blackberry keep going up? this can't go on forever    01/25/21  (3)
PROLE TELL: pronouncing "junta" as "jewnta" instead of "hoonta"    01/25/21  (4)
How long of a commute is too long?    01/25/21  (5)
Selling Tootsie Roll tomorrow for Rolls Royce. A Tootsie Rolls Royce if you will    01/25/21  (2)
selling 25% of my BTC, i think 26-28K is about to hit    01/25/21  (4)
Cat brothers are bros    01/25/21  (3)

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