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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
🚨Las Vegas Shooter's motive has been REVEALED by FBI🚨    03/31/23  (80)
Chat gpt is such a fucking lib faggot    03/31/23  (6)
I'm scared about the future (TSINAH)    03/31/23  (1)
But the whole crowd shouted, ‘Away with this man! Release Hunter to us!    03/31/23  (2)
Obama after office: gay Netflix show. Trump: nonstop headlines (who cares why)    03/31/23  (3)
What can you do if your VOICE is WEAK?!    03/31/23  (33)
David Attenborough on Clique Theory    03/31/23  (3)
Spent my SECOND night on XO Sailboat    03/31/23  (111)
lmao, XO sucks so much now. it's now just a dollar store /b/ circa 2009    03/31/23  (6)
Elon says Twitter algorithm going Open Source tomorrow    03/31/23  (2)
Now for CNN’s Jake Tapper to ask Andrew McCabe if the indictment is justified    03/31/23  (11)
Still don't understand to this day how/why # of followers can be monetized    03/31/23  (1)
Hormone replacement therapy changes gene expression in adults    03/31/23  (2)
Chinese man and Ethiopian woman get married thanks to Djibouti railway:    03/31/23  (22)
Try Hard, with Independence (coming Fall 2023)    03/31/23  (1)
Hotter: Lyla or Tyra in Friday Night Lights?    03/31/23  (11)
"Trans people stick together better than fucking Jews."    03/31/23  (7)
Gunner, et al, if lex doesn't make (and I hope he does) can we contact you    03/31/23  (7)
Gibberish they’ve actually cleaned up this city somewhat    03/31/23  (3)
The most trans person I know had the parents that tried the hardest to stop her    03/31/23  (14)
any Amazing Jonathan fans here?    03/31/23  (2)
wtf there is an African country called “Benin”?    03/31/23  (26)
First XO Thread Poasted from BENIN in WEST NIGISTAN    03/31/23  (83)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    03/31/23  (86)
im indicted btw    03/31/23  (9)
what is the biglaw model going to look like in 15 years?    03/31/23  (82)
DeSantis announces that Florida will refuse to extradite Trump    03/31/23  (49)
Pelosi issues statement: TRUMP IS GUILTY AND MUST PROVE INNOCENCE    03/31/23  (12)
Life is so gay    03/31/23  (1)
Kyle did the right thing. He didn't get crucified for it bc he's Ashkenazi.    03/31/23  (1)
Disco Fries enters Outback Steakhouse; Head of the Table theme starts playing    03/31/23  (2)
"cats are magical" (dennis's wife/ALL celebs justifying their botched plastic su    03/31/23  (1)
Did not realize how utterly based the Bible is on the JQ    03/31/23  (5)
🌞🌞 Morning’ libs! Good news: Wisconsin votes to conduct an audit too!    03/31/23  (43)
BROTHERS, It appears there is a MINKA KELLY sex tape    03/31/23  (27)
Bam Margera started law school at Cornell a few weeks ago (180 pics)    03/31/23  (29)
🚨oh btw trumps still getting indicted🚨    03/31/23  (18)
Minka Kelly thong bikini pics from set of new film (pics)    03/31/23  (42)
Who was the most honest poaster in XO history?    03/31/23  (1)
Influencers dont have to pay for things in cash    03/31/23  (7)
Ask GPT-4 anything    03/31/23  (69)
David Attenborough on modern industry    03/31/23  (2)
Interesting black community moment    03/31/23  (3)
🚨 Indictment 34 counts of saying "pussy"    03/31/23  (3)
Rmember when media forcememed Michelle Wolf as BEAUTIFUL and HILARIOUS    03/31/23  (10)
Tucker saying Trump will be indicted sent Henry Aaron into a psychotic rage    03/31/23  (19)
Bought crotchless panties on Amazon. Will ask my wife to call me gibberish tp.    03/31/23  (5)
Trumpmo mockingly: "Guess you got Trump this time!" *as Trump indicted*    03/31/23  (12)
Trump Indicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   03/31/23  (2)
Spam is really out of control. Hard to scroll thru threads due to wall of text    03/31/23  (7)
Biden classified docs fucked up trump indictment, right?    03/31/23  (21)
Is Peru a shit country?    03/31/23  (37)
Why didn’t ears evolve to be self shutting? Like mouth, eyes, butthole    03/31/23  (1)
RATE this Wisconsin teacher, 27, charged with RAPING boy, 13    03/31/23  (28)
101 year old WWII vet killed by diversity    03/31/23  (6)
So the Manhattan DA fucked up and an indictment isn’t happening? Lmao    03/31/23  (11)
Libs now arguing that it's antisemitic even to INVOKE George Soros' name    03/31/23  (9)
voice chat POPPING in the tranny discord (link)    03/31/23  (25)
Farting so loud that DA Alvin Bragg indicts you in NYC    03/31/23  (2)
YinYangTwins "Whisper" is astonishingly good (TSINAH)    03/31/23  (1)
Trump Manhattan Grand Jury to go on one month hiatus    03/31/23  (31)
What’s a tcr new tv show    03/31/23  (3)
Gov. Ronit "Ron" Desantianooprajivkrishnanmenonpa
   03/31/23  (2)
Libs, don't forget to turn on to FoxNews tonite for the beautiful mental illness    03/31/23  (22)
OpenAI's "Whisper" is astonishingly good (TSINAH)    03/31/23  (23)
nullo spammer, I can confirm you will be the defendant of a lawsuit soon    03/31/23  (2)
Coffee, Conversation, and Classic JRPGs    03/31/23  (3)
Rockies pitcher goes on IR for “Anxiety”    03/31/23  (3)
This girl is a subjective perfect 10    03/31/23  (16)
People look forward to seeing you. Your presence increases their happiness.    03/31/23  (3)
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Madison Cawthorn stopped punching trees, weighed in (link)    03/31/23  (2)
Meet Bill McHenry: 26-year-old white male with a stocky build    03/31/23  (22)
Nick Cage reading Doodikoff's diary, "Date night fizzled again. Haven't made lov    03/31/23  (1)
Descended Losers    03/31/23  (6)
Massive nationwide protests in response to trump indictment    03/31/23  (1)
So George Soros didn't even donate to Alvin Bragg's campaign, LJL Trumpmos    03/31/23  (3)
have you ever been "Dutch Oven'd" by a GF/wife?    03/31/23  (1)
Trump's getting another mexican judge🤣    03/31/23  (2)
your kids are going to be taught some insane bull shit in school    03/31/23  (2)
I have no idea how to use "begs the question" properly    03/31/23  (8)
Anyone else feel like our government has completely lost its mind?    03/31/23  (2)
Trump RESPONDS to charges on Truth Social    03/31/23  (1)
DrakeMallard to go on one month hiatus from xo.    03/31/23  (1)
Feels like I'm on the verge of a real breakthrough.    03/31/23  (3)
i bet tbf's getting a thorazine shot in his ass right now rofl    03/31/23  (1)
🚨 🚨 🚨 OFFICIAL Trump Felony Indictment Thread (link)    03/31/23  (107)
No longer unprecedented: DOJ and GA have extra ammo to justify charging Trump    03/31/23  (1)
are austrians just little germans?    03/31/23  (3)
Mods keep shitmodding posts mocking their loser god    03/31/23  (1)
So black people eat corn starch now? Libs?    03/31/23  (46)
Like Africa, I am only black from the waist down    03/31/23  (1)
Black women literally eat dirt (NYT, 1984)    03/31/23  (3)
ITT: Karens letter to the judge    03/31/23  (22)
Black woman discovers the bay leaf    03/31/23  (3)
Pastor to kids: Jews are better than us. You need to accept that.    03/31/23  (12)
Rate this 1897 quote on American conservatism    03/31/23  (211)
If I proposed to you on an amazing beach, what would you say?    03/31/23  (1)
You want to get licked or what my dude    03/31/23  (3)
MAJORITY of senate GOP voted against ending Iraq War Resolution    03/31/23  (7)
Woman water polo player under Title IX investigation for allegedly grabbing gash    03/31/23  (10)
will greta thunberg do anal?    03/31/23  (59)
Todd Rundgren - I’m in The Clique (1970)    03/31/23  (1)
0:10 / 5:38 California Reparations hearing: Who Grandma is this?    03/31/23  (2)
btw why does hydrogen peroxide smell like semen    03/31/23  (1)
Trans freaks storm Kentucky Capitol building    03/31/23  (18)
i don't like trump but hope he wins gop nomination and wins 2024 because fuck li    03/31/23  (14)
LLLLLIIIIIIBBBBBSSSS! *birds fly away from house*    03/31/23  (198)
Young Pinochet starting to chuckle as hes told about Chile national divorce map    03/31/23  (4)
Karen is a board 💎    03/31/23  (5)
Explain to me who actually buys and eats cookies like these?    03/31/23  (23)
Trumpmos, just think, Biden chilling in White House now, Trump indicted    03/31/23  (1)
"We took shots that cause infertility. So what?" NYT    03/31/23  (1)
what happened to PN?    03/31/23  (13)
You can do anything with the power to rig elections    03/31/23  (1)
Trump seems to be the victim of a witch hunt. So what? (politico)    03/31/23  (1)
What is the endgame of making existence unaffordable for proles    03/31/23  (26)
You are someone's "favorite person"    03/31/23  (6)
Hey Benzo, how's your love life?    03/31/23  (7)
i would never fly a trash F-35 lightning. either F-22 Raptor or F-14 Tomcat    03/31/23  (28)
What song plays as Karen femdoms you?    03/31/23  (9)
Alvin Bragg is a nigger    03/30/23  (1)
Xo Meetup at Kobe crash site    03/30/23  (1)
What is the ideal sleeping position? Any autists done research on this?    03/30/23  (23)
Muslims take over Manchester Cathedral    03/30/23  (2)
this is a total joke    03/30/23  (3)
why is some lib quotemo going insane    03/30/23  (4)
u guys remember that MJ song “You Are Not Alone”?    03/30/23  (1)
PSA: Kyle Rittenhouse's feats were 100x more impressive than these guys tactical    03/30/23  (74)
Trump doesnt even live in NY anymore why does he have to turn himself in    03/30/23  (3)
People like and respect you IRL.    03/30/23  (5)
Jim Comey celebrating indictment of Trump    03/30/23  (8)
muslim teen beaten up by trannies in london:    03/30/23  (66)
I went to Yale undergrad    03/30/23  (10)
Asian Girl explains dating apps    03/30/23  (49)
Heroyam slava, motherfuckers.    03/30/23  (1)
Why are board libs angrier than board cons rn?    03/30/23  (6)
Ohtani w 8Ks in the 5th    03/30/23  (5)
I bought a $300 knife for $120 on eBay    03/30/23  (8)
can't believe Trump got arrested before Giuliani    03/30/23  (1)
A Multimodal MRI-based Predictor of Intelligence and Its Relation to Race/Ethnic    03/30/23  (34)
Meet Captain StarEagle: Space Force Swears In 1st Female Native American Intel O    03/30/23  (2)
Summon Disco: describe CSLG's personality    03/30/23  (10)
FizzKidd u want sum fuk bb    03/30/23  (1)
FizzKidd was one of the first women students at Deep Springs College    03/30/23  (3)
cumskins, do you surrender? will u formally cede control to asians?    03/30/23  (1)
Bought a quarter of a cow in a parking lot in the back of a honda crv today    03/30/23  (10)
I Admit Defeat    03/30/23  (1)

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