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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
are blacks the the chosen race? dominant in sports, entertainment, academics,    07/21/19  (7)
Disabled woman falls to ground, dog starts humping her, blacks cheer (vid)    07/21/19  (5)
Trump pitched a "whites v. blacks" season of Apprentice to NBC executives    07/21/19  (11)
Joe Biden's lead among Democrats comes primarily from blacks:    07/21/19  (30)
Ever notice how like 80% of psycho homeless are blacks?    07/20/19  (3)
I dont like blacks BUT we did create this situation where they're 2nd class    07/20/19  (17)
women & blacks becoming Trumpmos en masse. blue smoke still pissed tho    07/20/19  (5)
Worst part of the South: they brought all the blacks    07/20/19  (11)
Why can't whites and blacks build 180 cities such as HK, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul    07/19/19  (5)
Why are blacks so earnest and defensive about their “mommas”    07/19/19  (12)
Every African black I've ever met loves white people and hates other blacks    07/18/19  (4)
I feel bad for the few smart blacks I've met but most blacks are just so awful    07/18/19  (23)
Why are blacks unable to succeed without government help?    07/17/19  (1)
Dominicans look much more ape like than blacks. Why    07/16/19  (2)
Don't have kids! Never call cops on blacks! Import migrants! Holocaust education    07/15/19  (23)
blacks aren't people    07/15/19  (1)
Blacks essentially have their memory wiped every time they sleep. Each day is    07/15/19  (5)
"So sick of these blacks," huffed lawyer picking at psoriasis    07/15/19  (1)
Would you rather work with ALL WOMEN it all BLACKS    07/14/19  (16)
blacks aren't even people. they're niggers.    07/13/19  (6)
UMC white birdbrain in pussyhat explaining her own 'oppression' to ghetto blacks    07/13/19  (2)
Blacks love working at carwashes    07/13/19  (3)
Why don’t blacks recognize they’ll get nothing from the Dems once full open    07/12/19  (5)
I'm really angry about blacks, Mexicans, asians, and Jews    07/12/19  (3)
Blacks cheer on twitter as 7yo white kid gets beaten up    07/12/19  (69)
Why do shitlib whites love blacks but hate Asians?    07/11/19  (3)
Blacks should be quarantined from the general population    07/11/19  (3)
blacks refer to chads as *jawline niggas*    07/11/19  (35)
Blacks cheer as 37 yo white lawyer is brutally beaten by little girl    07/11/19  (5)
Holy shit, Kevin Sorbo is a Reptile???? Calls blacks animals    07/11/19  (16)
Blacks have basically turned whites into their slaves    07/10/19  (2)
Could blacks design a test of intelligence where they'd outperform whites?    07/10/19  (20)
How aware are blacks that most people hate them?    07/10/19  (15)
possible racist attack against blacks in Minneapolis    07/10/19  (13)
So "redlining" was just banks realizing blacks were less likely 2 pay them back?    07/10/19  (8)
"What do you mean no blacks allowed...I'm the GROOM". Me: Get out of here NIGGER    07/10/19  (16)
PRO-TIP: Walk up to blacks and call them your neighbor    07/10/19  (8)
You have to pick: more blacks or more immigrants    07/09/19  (35)
Will Blacks pay back all the reparations already paid out?    07/09/19  (3)
on a long enough timeline, blacks have already killed all of us w/ machetes    07/09/19  (2)
Question for shitlibs: why do blacks need government help to move up?    07/08/19  (7)
If only there were a high pitch whine audible to only blacks    07/08/19  (3)
why are blacks?    07/07/19  (2)
USWMT is problematically WHITE, very few BLACKS    07/07/19  (8)
urban blacks really are something else    07/07/19  (2)
NIGGER BLACKS = scum    07/06/19  (2)
Trumpmos celebrate July 4th in Queens, get attacked by raging blacks (video)    07/06/19  (5)
rate this passage about blacks by John Updike    07/06/19  (6)
explain what's wrong with my math: 51% of homicides committed by blacks. blacks    07/06/19  (71)
How many blacks in America are really descendants of slaves    07/04/19  (7)
Jared Taylor talking to a room full of blacks and getting a standing ovation    07/04/19  (16)
How would America have been/be different if we didn't ship over blacks for slave    07/03/19  (16)
Jews yell “niggers will not replace us” as blacks riot in Tel Aviv    07/03/19  (5)
why do blacks pay $500 for shitty Nike shoes made by chinklets?    07/03/19  (5)
America's Funniest Home Videos but it's just blacks punching people in the head    07/03/19  (3)
Pete Buttigeig raises the most money of all Dems in Q2; polls at 0% among blacks    07/03/19  (52)
Do you think blacks have fond memories of talking to dad on a 2 way prison phone    07/03/19  (3)
Remember Obama's 2nd term when blacks were rioting & burning down cities weekly?    07/02/19  (1)
Speech codes. Gun bans. Tranny bathrooms. Buckwild blacks. Open borders. Vote D!    07/02/19  (32)
unfair that blacks get February and gays get June. Should be other way around    07/01/19  (3)
ITT we pledge to never hire BLACKS, SPICS, GAYS, or LIBS    06/29/19  (9)
Trannies are normal. Blacks are smart. Heliocentrism    06/29/19  (1)
Media. Blacks. Browns. Open Borders.    06/28/19  (1)
Blacks love Kamala, think she's the next Bill Clinton.    06/28/19  (1)
Trump won't say shit about blacks they'd loot and burn america to the ground    06/28/19  (3)
Remember when we thought giving blacks Obama would calm them down?    06/28/19  (13)
Does any non white liberals actually want desegregation? Never heard blacks dema    06/27/19  (7)
Blacks are aligning behind Cory Booker. Gee, I wonder why?    06/27/19  (1)
there seem to be a disproportionate number of blacks on tv commercials    06/26/19  (1)
If Blacks aren't just a complete SHIT why do they commit the most crime worldwid    06/26/19  (1)
Without the generosity of liberal whites, blacks would be a permanent underclass    06/25/19  (7)
Does any Dem have the BALLS to stand up to blacks?    06/25/19  (1)
Hilarious. Blacks are going to bring down Buttigieg campaign    06/25/19  (33)
hypo: no race ever existed in all of history except blacks    06/24/19  (18)
POLL: HISPANICS are most hopeful about the US; blacks the least:    06/24/19  (5)
Why are blacks so loud and obnoxious?    06/24/19  (1)
Will blacks ever be able to succeed on their own without government help?    06/24/19  (6)
Pete Buttigieg making strong inroads with blacks (pic)    06/24/19  (8)
blacks refer to centaurii as 'hairline niggas'    06/24/19  (25)
So Butt-gag tried to appease blacks in South Bend    06/24/19  (5)
Baltimore looks like it would be a cool city if not for Blacks    06/24/19  (1)
Sorry blacks, u want Hispanics & Azns to align w/ u - they want to align w/ whit    06/23/19  (1)
What do Inner City Blacks do now that normies buy drugs online?    06/23/19  (1)
Blacks should pay reparations for all the violent murders they commit    06/23/19  (11)
So blacks' argument is literally 'we can't stop murdering because.. slavery'    06/23/19  (2)
Blacks walk across the street whenever they want, you: wait like a beta    06/23/19  (2)
1979: blacks were 13% of Stuyvesant High    06/23/19  (8)
Why don't pro abortion folks just say it's to kill blacks to sway GOP voters    06/22/19  (3)
Blacks are fine. Chill out    06/22/19  (9)
Hispanics are so gross and servile. At least blacks have spirit.    06/22/19  (8)
deblasio bans arresting blacks/spins in NYC schools    06/21/19  (2)
Blacks are where the rubber meets the road. Their dysfunction is too obvious    06/20/19  (6)
LJL, blacks    06/20/19  (1)
My family all came to the US long after the civil war I don't owe blacks shit    06/20/19  (1)
Giving 'reparations' will finally unlock the full potential of 80 IQ blacks    06/20/19  (2)
So women would rather fuck 70 iq blacks than 130 IQ white Jews? LMFAO    06/19/19  (6)
Blacks raping your sister for 'reparation'; Trump legalizing sodomy in Botswana    06/19/19  (1)
Blacks now expect white women to be sex slaves as a form of reparations for slav    06/19/19  (7)
blacks refer to fulano and benzo as 'waistline niggas'    06/19/19  (7)
More impressive: Caesar, Lincoln, or Caltech Summa/HBS Baker Scholar/Blackstone    06/18/19  (2)
Before colonialism almost no blacks had invented writing lol at this TTT    06/18/19  (4)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    06/18/19  (155)
Anyone know Blacksburg VA? Seems like a 180 place to live    06/17/19  (17)
Indians disgust me. they are barely better than blacks    06/17/19  (1)
It's crazy how quickly a neighborhood goes to shit once blacks move in.    06/17/19  (13)
XO 2012: Charleston, SC....XO 2019: Blacksburg, VA    06/16/19  (2)
Openly excludes blacks tp    06/16/19  (1)
Being able to openly exclude blacks would help end the housing crisis    06/16/19  (3)
Today Is The Most Confusing Day On The Calendar For Blacks    06/16/19  (3)
I know hating blacks is bad but I can't help it    06/15/19  (2)
blacks are just talking chimpanzees with less hair.    06/14/19  (1)
Abortion is 180: fewer future thug blacks and latinos    06/13/19  (1)
2020 Trump will get 12% of blacks and 35% of Latinos but    06/13/19  (8)
Must Love Blacks    06/13/19  (2)
Thinking about London and Paris being filled with blacks makes me feel ill    06/12/19  (8)
Blacks seem to be really popular as scapegoats for crimes committed by blacks    06/12/19  (1)
Dat feeling when you like somebody, but you're not sure if they like blacks.    06/11/19  (3)
Oregon makes it illegal for whites to call 911 on blacks (link)    06/11/19  (8)
NEVER let your guard down around BLACKS. NEVER turn your back to a BLACK.    06/11/19  (2)
Blacks are 13% of the U.S. population and gays are 3%    06/11/19  (37)
I find myself frequently getting in fights with blacks, anyone else?    06/10/19  (3)
Abortion is 180 because it disproportionately affects poor blacks and latinos    06/10/19  (1)
Real estate values and blacks    06/10/19  (1)
So blacks/browns commit murder, hate crime, rape-Jews *abstract* blame White men    06/10/19  (15)
I often see blacks try to negotiate their restaurant bills    06/09/19  (11)
not enough enthralling discussion on ZOZO about the cool blacks    06/09/19  (2)
PSA to libs: Just like your cats, blacks will NEVER love you    06/08/19  (119)
"We Thought They Were Human" 180 website about blacks    06/07/19  (3)
Used to be a time when blacks got outa hand You can take you whip and law down    06/07/19  (3)
just want to remind u guys that niggers = shit. FUCK BLACKS.    06/06/19  (2)
Seriously, where did blacks shop in the 40s and 50s to always have on suits and    06/05/19  (1)
Blacks: permanent underclass even with YUGE government help and media sympathy    06/05/19  (1)
If Blacks aren't SHIT and CRIMINALS why are the always highest % crime worldwide    06/05/19  (3)
Blacks get mad when you say "What was the kids name Travis Martin, or something"    06/05/19  (1)
Blacks get attention b/c they're the loudest. squeaky wheel gets    06/05/19  (22)
Things that have become better due to blacks    06/04/19  (25)
Blacks are niggers and niggers are black. Niggers are black. Niggers are black.    06/04/19  (2)
"I don't know," u respond to God re why u watched blacks fuck blondes nightly    06/04/19  (22)
Blacks literally murdering whites en masse in South Africa    06/04/19  (2)
Blacks: "It would be a perfect world with NO WHITES!" Me: *Looks at Africa*    06/03/19  (1)
Blacks call each other niggers because they are niggers.    06/03/19  (6)
Blacks probably are right to be mad about how 180 UMC white suburbs are    06/02/19  (2)
Ruiz Jr. shattered the psyche of millions of blacks in cities with Hispanic pop    06/02/19  (4)
A marauding gang of blacks said "it's deBlasio time" as they gangraped my wife    05/30/19  (3)
Would Northeners have freed the slaves knowing what we know about blacks today?    05/30/19  (23)
You wagecucks several weeks a year to buy shit for blacks    05/30/19  (1)
Why are Jews forcememing blacks on blondes porn?    05/30/19  (1)
Why do blacks hate Asians so much?    05/29/19  (10)
jcm dates super skinny blacks but wants rape by big buck niggers    05/29/19  (6)

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