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Cosby would have more support if he towed the line on blacks    06/17/17  (2)
To give non blacks a chance, Tokyo 2020 track will be painted like a crosswalk    06/16/17  (32)
EVERYTHING blacks do is self centered    06/09/17  (49)
Blacks who study physics are culturally appropriating from Jews    06/08/17  (1)
Jewish IQ > Blacks = Jordan > Woody Allen in basketball    05/31/17  (4)
Do libs believe in ancestor memories? Why do they teach blacks to be offended by    05/29/17  (1)
White suckers work 80 hours with stress, blacks make $ in underground economy    05/15/17  (4)
99 percent of blacks can't understand "per capita"    05/14/17  (25)
Blacks found one guy who is somewhat smart - Neil deGrasse Tyson    05/14/17  (12)
Blacks are overrepresented on TV    05/03/17  (41)
Do white people use facetime? Blacks are on it 24/7    04/25/17  (4)
Clemson diversity training on tolerating blacks being late    04/14/17  (9)
Blacks think they are being kidnapped so whites can steal their melanin (link)    03/31/17  (5)
London and Paris are full of Muslims and Blacks... yet ppl want to visit???    03/19/17  (2)
A big part of our lives is babysitting blacks    03/18/17  (12)
Blacks would probably be a lot better off if we didn't import millions of Latino    03/06/17  (12)
Why are lightskin blacks such effeminate queers?    03/06/17  (3)
Why do blacks love twitter so much? It must be like 60% black    02/27/17  (5)
So basically all blacks and muslims should be killed.....    02/26/17  (1)
Do any of these unhinged dumb blacks on CNN even know where Russia is    02/19/17  (5)
Asians > Whites > Hispanics > Blacks when it comes to money sense    02/16/17  (9)
1 Mexican fights 30 blacks in Chicago jail    02/11/17  (3)
I think many blacks dont realize how a % of the population they are and they    02/11/17  (10)
Libs: Call country ban "Muslim ban", but don't call aff action "helping blacks"    01/29/17  (3)
"And now both sides will trot out their blacks to testify about Sessions"    01/11/17  (8)
*sits down in patent class* *it's half asian and no blacks* *gets up and leaves*    01/10/17  (3)
is it racist to enroll in all the classes with the most blacks    01/10/17  (16)
Why do wealthy blacks & Latinos rarely invest in stock market/bonds/Roth IRA    01/09/17  (6)
Internet rates the top 100 hottest women in the world. No blacks.    01/07/17  (39)
Reminder: Blacks are descended from apes too dumb to wander out of Africa.    01/05/17  (11)
Hypo: No more blacks.    01/05/17  (4)
When blacks get power/money they become cruel/ruthless    01/01/17  (4)
XO shitcon racists please debunk this study: blacks more likely to be ticketed    12/15/16  (4)
Elie Mystttal literally advocates blacks jurors should use jury nullofication    12/09/16  (45)
EVERYONE who makes under 50k will be voting Trump. Besides dumb blacks    11/30/16  (18)
Ghetto Blacks are a huge threat right now; Trying to stay indoors    11/16/16  (8)
Newsflash - Philly blacks robbing, raping, looting,assaulting whites wily nily    10/30/16  (1)
Blacks howling, cackling in truck stop. Not one intelligible word in 30 minutes    10/23/16  (1)
Why do BLACKS not care about their own neighborhood?    10/12/16  (6)
fag: 5 times fags: 1 time nigger: 14 times blacks: 2 times jews: 14 times jew: 9    10/06/16  (1)
Why does Hillary attract rich whites & poor blacks?    10/04/16  (2)
Hillary's pandering to blacks summed up in 1 pic    10/03/16  (9)
Educated Asian friend vs charlotte blacks    09/28/16  (11)
Trump hit list: Mexican, Muslims, the blacks, fat people. That's amazing Jewry    09/27/16  (2)
Are libs secretly scared of blacks when they see rioting like this?    09/22/16  (27)
Buckwild 85 IQ millionaire blacks kneeling for anthem of a Ponzi scheme "country    09/18/16  (2)
David Brooks of NYT literally lecturing blacks in his new column (link)    09/17/16  (86)
NYT: young Blacks voice skepticism on Hillary Clinton, worrying Democrats    09/05/16  (2)
retarded SJW blacks being coddled by the Jew media    08/29/16  (1)
Board blacks: how many times per day do you have impromptu dance-offs or rap bat    08/24/16  (1)
Hmm the white lady on Last Chance U is kinda sexy. Does she fuck the blacks    08/19/16  (1)
Blacks call each other niggers because they are niggers.    08/16/16  (4)
So a black cop shot a black criminal and blacks respond by destroying black neig    08/15/16  (2)
Lol at people who think Jews are using blacks/muslims to hurt white non-jews    08/15/16  (5)
Jewish intellectuals manipulating low-IQ blacks to blame whitey    08/15/16  (18)
So all the DOJ does is stop police from doing anything to blacks at all?    08/12/16  (14)
If gays&blacks want equal treatment why intentionally SPEAK differently and obv    08/04/16  (2)
Any angry hyperpolitical unemployed blacks on here right now?    07/30/16  (3)
Libs are spinning too many plates at once. Trying to coddle blacks, feminists,    07/26/16  (1)
Funny how they settle African refugees far from any American blacks    07/26/16  (6)
There is an alternate timeline where blacks are intelligent and peaceful    07/26/16  (8)
Mexicans are dumb but mostly chill. Blacks even dumber & violent. Sad    07/22/16  (1)
jewish harvard power couple with an IQ 70 points above average blacks    07/18/16  (11)
JEWS outnumber BLACKS in Brooklyn housing projects.    07/17/16  (5)
So blacks are streaming their primitive lives 24/7 to Facebook now?    07/17/16  (1)
Why do blacks protest for justice & peace but rarely get it?    07/12/16  (6)
Pokemon Go was released to pacify all these violent blacks    07/09/16  (1)
Blacks are now applying the old Jewish law: An Eye for An Eye    07/08/16  (4)
Blacks are finally seeing how Jews trigger them via the media to kill    07/08/16  (2)
So "walkable neighborhood" = no blacks?    07/01/16  (2)
Why does the media call blacks "teens"?    06/30/16  (11)
Are all the cushy low stress/responsibility gov/HR/marketing jobs for blacks?    06/22/16  (4)
I finally get why blacks like fried chicken so much. Had some recently    06/19/16  (2)
Why do Blacks add professional titles to end of names on Social Media?    06/13/16  (5)
Mass extermination of blacks and Muslims desperately needed    06/12/16  (1)
How do blacks explain extremely high rape rates?    06/12/16  (2)
evan39 "police" won't even arrest blacks now    06/11/16  (2)
Why do blacks shave their hairline into a straight line? Looks fucking stupid    06/10/16  (3)
what does autoadmit think about Bruce Lahn saying blacks have smaller brains    06/05/16  (2)
If the tv show COPS wasnt edited it'd be 95% blacks    06/05/16  (3)
Blacks are being "gentrified" the fuck out of Seattle    06/05/16  (45)
ESPNs NBA coverage is so bad and geared toward blacks    06/03/16  (3)
Why blacks are not feeling the sports metrics movement    05/24/16  (2)
Hey blacks why can't you just chill out and stop doing crimes?    05/23/16  (1)
blacks have more assets than you think, mainly from shoplifting    05/21/16  (3)
I'm gonna atart beating trannies and gays IRL and blacks too just do hate crimes    05/15/16  (1)
Why would anyone live around blacks?    05/08/16  (51)
We should "crowdfund" Coachella tickets for Buckwild blacks and end this flame    04/17/16  (2)
Halford have you noticed Spokane is filling up with blacks now    04/13/16  (26)
Bill O'Reilly: Many Blacks are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads    04/13/16  (7)
Blacks Kill Hot Girl @ UT Austin    04/08/16  (14)
They should start making movies about blacks moving to Africa and making it    04/06/16  (1)
Tiny number of blacks in STEM = definitive proof of low IQ    04/04/16  (1)
Weil Restructuting/Bankruptcy -> restructuring advisory at greenhill/blackstone?    03/22/16  (7)
Google created thousands of no show jobs for blacks to fudge their diversity #s    03/21/16  (5)
blacks are actually killing cops left and right lately    03/19/16  (2)
Trump blackshirts will cleanse the street. Lib ape LGBTs will get destroyed    03/11/16  (4)
Somalian I know hates "Blacks" sees self as Arab    03/08/16  (3)
blacks killing each other over hair weaves    03/05/16  (3)
Definitive proof that blacks are inferior    03/04/16  (3)
what was the guy with the red maga hat screaming when they kicked the blacks out    02/29/16  (1)
Blacks actually overrepresented in Oscar awards, study finds    02/28/16  (1)
Lol at blacks on Facebook with names like Jamal Getdatmoney    02/27/16  (6)
social media has just made everyone realize how dumb blacks are    02/25/16  (5)
Blacks have one thing right: nothing more 180 than fucking a DRY pussy    02/20/16  (2)
Ljl at underachieving blacks    02/19/16  (29)
Blacks routinely beat up and rob the elderly    02/18/16  (6)
Without white medicine/assistance blacks would cease to exist    02/15/16  (1)
What percentage of our salaries go to fund "the blacks"?    02/11/16  (12)
Will blacks ever resent the infantilization they recieve from libs?    02/09/16  (2)
Student suspended 2 years for saying blacks aren't hot    01/19/16  (30)
There is no way blacks can fix Flint, Michigan    01/15/16  (1)
Vid of hordes of blacks robbing white tourists    01/13/16  (8)
U: frantically flipping thru thesaurus. Blacks: no verbs    01/12/16  (2)
*gets out of prison for saying blacks aren't that attractive on tinder*    12/19/15  (2)
Autocorrect was invented so blacks could blame their malapropisms on it    12/04/15  (1)
Educated blacks are the most anti-white    12/02/15  (1)
Do blacks protest when black criminals kill innocent black people?    11/29/15  (11)
Blacks are opportunistic    11/25/15  (2)
If blacks actually went to school and didn't shoot each other    11/25/15  (2)
Why do blacks protest???    11/25/15  (2)
White prole on XOXO worried about blacks at Princeton. Why?    11/24/15  (8)
PA school district sued 4 giving more suspensions and less AP courses 2 blacks    11/24/15  (16)
Blacks' voices and speech patterns    11/20/15  (1)
Women and Blacks Make Little Progress at Big Law Firms (nyt)    11/19/15  (1)
The difference between blacks and whites    11/17/15  (4)
any autoswipe app that swipes left for blacks?    11/15/15  (1)
tinder account suspended for twenty-four hours for swiping left too many blacks    11/12/15  (1)
XO = 70% liberal, but nobody here defends blacks. WHY?    11/12/15  (56)
Mizzou blacks 2 media:We calling the police because you arent respecting us    11/09/15  (1)
Why do blacks block subway doors?    10/29/15  (24)
10-15 blacks in library just fell out of chairs and flopped around like fish    10/27/15  (3)
Hypo: POTUS Hillary. Hispanics/blacks/Muslims in US unite for open war on Whitey    10/20/15  (1)
Ok, Libtards, so why DO blacks look so much like apes?    09/14/15  (8)
Blacks PWND white men in America    09/06/15  (4)
not trying to be racist but is there a way to keep blacks off my tinder    09/04/15  (2)
Blacks reverting back to true nature    08/26/15  (4)
Libs: EXPLAIN this proof that blacks have less empathy than whites    07/31/15  (4)
Blacks want to have the right to commit crime and flash mobs wily nily    07/23/15  (1)
I can't wait until the blacks try to riot in Texas over SANDRA BLAND    07/22/15  (1)
Does anyone not HONESTLY default to animal when seeing blacks?    07/07/15  (10)
Reminder: prole white kids have it easier than poor blacks    06/24/15  (31)
Just got back from Puerto Rican parade (blacks there too)    06/15/15  (3)
not flame i think it's 180 we have so many blacks on xo now    06/02/15  (30)
if everyone says we're so racist how come so many blacks really like it here    05/31/15  (2)
hey doobs, why did you call blacks "niggers" that one time?    05/22/15  (1)
Lib's Vision About to Climax. The Reckoning of Blacks in Power    05/01/15  (2)

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