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What percentage of blacks are hard working, honest, non-threatening?    10/18/17  (7)
Whites are inept, blacks are peaceful - (((DirecTV)))    10/17/17  (20)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    10/17/17  (124)
"No MOM not white people. REVERSE-NIGGERS! Blacks with organs on the outside!"    10/17/17  (7)
So let's clear the air: Italians are just reeeeally light skinned Blacks    10/17/17  (3)
Sick of seeing so many blacks on commercials    10/17/17  (37)
The only people I see with iPad Pros are blacks on the subway    10/16/17  (1)
Why do blacks have funerals?    10/16/17  (28)
Can't wait for the first anti-Trump protest that ends with blacks looting a CVS    10/16/17  (3)
Not racist but blacks shouldn't be allowed to use the drive thru    10/16/17  (5)
BLACKS too dumb to realize that WHITES are only thing protecting them from    10/15/17  (14)
New lib virtue signal: invite street blacks to live in your home with you    10/15/17  (17)
Where did Utah find all these blacks to be on their football team?    10/15/17  (1)
Asking blacks to work hard os problematic    10/14/17  (3)
i just watched that yale video about the email with the blacks.. JESUS!!!!    10/14/17  (21)
Listen guys there are blacks and niggas. Similarly, millenials and shitllenials    10/14/17  (1)
blacks marching up to rach's house demanding the IP address of ur moniker    10/14/17  (1)
Guy who has spent YEARS coaching blacks for depositions here--    10/14/17  (28)
NYT: Western European nations will be accepting American blacks as refugees    10/13/17  (3)
Imagine how boring life would be without the blacks    10/13/17  (1)
Asians: newest immigrants but kicking ass, Blacks: still bitching    10/13/17  (2)
percent of ghetto blacks that know what a jpg is?    10/13/17  (8)
why don't blacks follow the jew model and open their own firms?    10/12/17  (42)
A whole museum comparing blacks to animals in China.    10/12/17  (40)
Blacks more expressive, less repressed, handle their women right    10/12/17  (2)
whites=elves; blacks=orcs; marathis=dwarves; AZNs=slimes    10/12/17  (4)
Whenever I ask why blacks are mostly poor, libtards hoot "Redlining, man!"    10/12/17  (3)
Blacks should pay reparations to Whites for the way they've behaved the past 150    10/12/17  (16)
so, if i understand this correctly, gorillas evolved *from* blacks? correct?    10/12/17  (3)
In car with lib friend, he goes to park, group of blacks there, "NOPE!" SWERVES    10/11/17  (2)
If blacks are equally capable, why were they enslaved in the first place?    10/11/17  (5)
Is it racist to call blacks... ?    10/11/17  (2)
I've changed my mind about blacks (tsinah's gf)    10/11/17  (3)
What do blacks get out of watching movies like The Godfather?    10/11/17  (16)
Have libs ever complained about prostitutes refusing to service blacks    10/10/17  (6)
PSA to libs: Just like your cats, blacks will NEVER love you    10/10/17  (112)
Autistic snowniggers on this have a crazy preoccupation with blacks and yet    10/10/17  (4)
Sad how even "smart" blacks are functionally illiterate (evan39)    10/10/17  (40)
oh god screening med mal "cases" from blacks    10/10/17  (7)
"Lol blacks are still hunting, gathering," he said in his cubicle under the fluo    10/10/17  (10)
Realtalk: Blacks need 2 b reminded everyday that they are 14% of the population    10/10/17  (30)
Blacks at state schools have to have a minus 1000 SAT score. Jfc    10/10/17  (1)
I love the blacks really I do    10/10/17  (5)
Do libs acknowledge blacks in US are better off than blacks in Africa?    10/09/17  (1)
Reminder: The blacks STOLE Columbus day from us.    10/09/17  (50)
Reminder: The blacks STOLE Columbus day from us.    10/09/17  (22)
judging from my pandora ads, blacks must really like febreze!    10/08/17  (7)
hispanics are the 2nd largest racial group in USA. imagine if it were blacks?    10/08/17  (2)
The Cat in the Hat Hates Blacks by Dr Suess    10/08/17  (2)
More blacks died choking on sushi than were killed by police officers. [Vox]    10/07/17  (4)
Violence among poor urban blacks (51.3 per 1,000) poor urban whites (56.4 per 1    10/07/17  (13)
where does this moment in history rank in terms of blacks preying on whites?    10/07/17  (3)
blacks who murder whites are hailed as heroes in prison    10/05/17  (6)
Blacks are dangerous and should be avoided (evan39)    10/05/17  (71)
reminder: blacks and even crazier people exist    10/05/17  (1)
libs literally believe a country made up only of blacks, Jews, Muslims is better    10/04/17  (9)
hundreds of american blacks mourning the death of tom petty    10/04/17  (1)
Were any blacks killed in Vegas?    10/02/17  (6)
Lots of blacks stay at Circus Circus. Lots of whites at Luxor.    10/02/17  (3)
lol libs. mexicans blacks gays dr pr muzzies all IRL beef what is this madness    10/01/17  (1)
Trumpmos: "bwa ha ha, now God Emperor will make blacks bend the knee"    10/01/17  (4)
Music video : pharcyde-runnin plays to montage of colt running from blacks    10/01/17  (4)
Farting so loud blacks resist arrest    09/30/17  (4)
Blacks, Latinx relaxed/friendly can't deal with natural disasters, epidemics    09/30/17  (1)
@realdonaldtrump: 'Superpredator' blacks making many US cities unlivable. Sad!    09/30/17  (3)
Why do blacks support shitlibs on the stupid Muslim shit?    09/30/17  (24) claims blacks are closer to bonobos than whites    09/29/17  (60)
Blacks: 13% of population. Commit 50% of murders. Why?    09/29/17  (18)
new movie about blacks who made Normandy Invasion a success    09/29/17  (1)
NFL and CFB seasons are going to be absolute shit shows with blacks protesting    09/28/17  (63)
UR OLD: Brady is now a Managing Director at Blackstone    09/28/17  (3)
Why do blacks hate Asians so much?    09/28/17  (20)
Racism is a low IQ thing, hence blacks are the most racist race    09/28/17  (3)
aisans more feminine, blacks more compensate for lack of beauty    09/28/17  (2)
should probably think about genocide for blacks and browns pretty soon    09/27/17  (1)
aliens: "ok we'll spare earth- 1 last Q tho for spaceporn are blacks good people    09/27/17  (12)
Blacks would crush XO at game of dominoes    09/27/17  (1)
How do blacks explain Asian success in the U.S.?    09/27/17  (2)
Are blacks unable to see that millionaires lecturing working class poor fans is    09/27/17  (31)
Reminder: blacks are incapable of conjugating verbs    09/26/17  (13)
Trump: Only Rosie; French: *lengthy screeds about kneeling directed at blacks?*    09/26/17  (1)
lol at whites HAVING historical obligations to blacks    09/26/17  (4)
*Sportsnut blowing wageload on {{{NFL}}} stars* *They: move away from blacks    09/26/17  (2)
Didn't we just have a black president for 8 years? Why are blacks so angry?    09/26/17  (53)
Chill fratty thread about how STD-ridden Blacks are...    09/25/17  (2)
Ghetto blacks love facetiming conversations in public places; fast food, grocery    09/25/17  (36)
*redlining forcing blacks to live in williamsburg brooklyn*    09/25/17  (3)
lol blacks are going to fuck up the fragile latino-black coalition even more    09/25/17  (3)
Real Talk on Kaepernick: Soon Blacks will stop being "Americans"    09/25/17  (60)
If only blacks would adopt the silent kneel down in movie theaters    09/25/17  (4)
"[Shitlibs / Blacks / Racists / Rednecks] RUINING USA!" "Secede." *blank stare*    09/25/17  (1)
gf admitted to mmmmmmmmmmmf threesome with blacks.    09/25/17  (3)
the Holocaust, but killing blacks, spics, and the homeless too    09/25/17  (2)
These protests are all backwards. Blacks are killing each other in record number    09/25/17  (5)
Does warm weather really "energize" blacks and cause them start murdering?    09/25/17  (1)
why can't blacks just smoke their weed @ home    09/25/17  (39)
so many blacks on TV    09/25/17  (33)
why are there so many blacks on TV    09/25/17  (4)
so many blacks on TV    09/25/17  (1)
How do you know if blacks have CTE or are just buckwild niggers?    09/24/17  (2)
Do most blacks just go to school for free food and wifi?    09/24/17  (7)
More contributions to society: blacks or Jews?    09/24/17  (3)
blacks hurt quality of life in every major metro area BIGLY, still act aggrieved    09/24/17  (5)
Just think, if blacks would solve their massive black-on-black crime, there woul    09/24/17  (3)
Are police still murdering blacks?    09/24/17  (6)
blacks will destroy dem party. trump will pivot towards latinos.    09/24/17  (1)
Why are NFL fans so racist? Why do they accept millions of blacks dying evry day    09/24/17  (1)
Yes, thats right blacks. Kneel to your master    09/24/17  (3)
Could you throw some black song in the background of the anthem to make blacks    09/24/17  (1)
Blacks/asians > latins > whites in terms of aging    09/24/17  (8)
Let's be real, whites don't "love" the flag. They just hate blacks    09/24/17  (4)
Ray Lewis is taking a knee to protest blacks being killed    09/24/17  (11)
3/4s of rap music is about killing other blacks. Libs!?!    09/24/17  (1)
Ethiopians hate American blacks and consider them a different species    09/24/17  (50)
Blacks are dangerous and should be avoided (all non-whites)    09/24/17  (1)
Theory: blacks dominate RB position because skin is same color as the ball and    09/23/17  (2)
Trump is tricking blacks into openly showing their tribal nature and contempt    09/23/17  (16)
EVERYTHING blacks do is self centered    09/23/17  (53)
*George Zimmerman shoots 150 blacks on Mizzou campus*    09/23/17  (2)
whites have a number, do blacks have a number?    09/22/17  (10)
basically if whites become a plurality, blacks are totally fucked    09/21/17  (1)
Blacks should basically be pro white power ... to a point, to a point    09/21/17  (2)
Slate is just lulzy garbage that pushes more gimmies for blacks    09/20/17  (22)
So blacks are anxious because they know whites treat them best and whites are    09/20/17  (5)
AA as a self-inflicted wound for blacks    09/20/17  (27)
blacks blaming whites for every self-inflicted wound. fuck that.    09/20/17  (15)
Do Blacks Ever criticize Black culture?    09/19/17  (12)
just read stockley opinion: this is what blacks are rioting over?    09/19/17  (2)
blacks all over social media are hootin and hollering over this video    09/19/17  (19)
I interact with Blacks maybe once every 2-3 months    09/19/17  (1)
Blacks sure do love that "institutional racism" even though there's no fucking e    09/19/17  (1)
Blacks Headstomp More Than Other Races    09/19/17  (6)
When professional blacks seethe about "racism" why dont they understand that its    09/18/17  (1)
blacks are tribal as fuck: blacks on my fb feed sharing this jemele hill video    09/18/17  (23)
xoxo blacks out like a typical Friday night for Rowan    09/18/17  (6)
If you cross the street out of fear of blacks youre a fucking pussy disgrace    09/17/17  (1)
So TN Coates says that when blacks kill other blacks, it's because of white raci    09/15/17  (3)
Ehy does the (((media))) think whites want to be lectured by criminal blacks    09/15/17  (2)
There were 8 blacks on the Simpson jury    09/15/17  (18)
I've noticed how blacks mostly communicate on Twitter with memes and gifs    09/15/17  (7)
blacks and mexicans splitting their purchase among multiple cards    09/15/17  (1)
Yeah let's put up giant statues to remind blacks not to commit crime    09/14/17  (6)
LJL new BLM demand: they want a holiday only for blacks last Fri of every month    09/13/17  (2)
WaPo: Dreamers needed because blacks, latinos can't do the jobs (link)    09/13/17  (1)
so mortys are like the blacks    09/12/17  (2)
Blacks have more assets than you think    09/11/17  (5)
Obama, Will Smith, The Rock. A cabal of closeted blacks rules the country    09/11/17  (9)
Why dont blacks realize that at least 70% of what they experience as racism is    09/11/17  (2)

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