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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Prole 60 year olds are Ruined and Brad Pitt just pretends it’s 1999    12/07/22  (1)
should i watch the movie elysium?    12/07/22  (3)
Rating Posters as types of bitch bois    12/07/22  (30)
Retiring guys    12/07/22  (21)
ITT: RATE is absolutely PERFECT TIKTOK 10    12/07/22  (36)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >100% (benzo    12/07/22  (134)
Just met lil baby in Atlanta not flame    12/07/22  (4)
Just spent ~$600 on Christmas decorations, taking q's (TSINAH)    12/07/22  (23)
what happened to soulja boy's console    12/07/22  (1)
Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?    12/07/22  (35)
Is Obeezy transitioning? Sounds like Psychotic Karen lately.    12/07/22  (8)
The third installment of Top Gun is going to be INSANE (link)    12/07/22  (5)
How to improve know what key to play when jamming on Bass Guitar    12/07/22  (16)
Zelenskyy to make cameo in the next Marvel movie. Not flame    12/07/22  (1)
Sim glitch: Chippendales founded by an Indian immigrant    12/07/22  (5)
Is obeezy the most famous poster who never made a single funny thread?    12/07/22  (6)
Obeezy alts talking to each other, agreeing on issues.    12/07/22  (10)
Zelenasky bans the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine    12/07/22  (76)
🚨🚨🚨 REMINDER: your gay 🚨🚨🚨    12/07/22  (6)
Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about passing out dildos, buttplugs    12/07/22  (8)
taking qs from some shithole called Macon GA    12/07/22  (3)
I picture ARE Reptile looking like Wormtongue from LOTR    12/07/22  (1)
Rate this cute All American girl next door    12/07/22  (13)
Luka and Jokic putting on clinics rn    12/07/22  (17)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/07/22  (8)
why not just invent a robot that can make a sandwich?    12/07/22  (10)
Baltimore: Uber drivers carjacked, robbers then pick up riders and rob them too    12/07/22  (47)
How to link Ralph’s Rewards Card to your facial ID scan    12/07/22  (10)
just lmao @ how these "conservative" politicians have sold us out    12/07/22  (13)
everyone not following Ye/Fuentes' example and going BALLS OUT is dead to me    12/07/22  (14)
i'm a bitch    12/07/22  (1)
Buy equity index (VTI) now or Hold Cash?    12/07/22  (70)
So Benzo not only “psychotic Karen” but also “Obeezy”?    12/07/22  (10)
Chris Pratt is 43 with a 32 year old wife    12/07/22  (7)
Shelf collector wishes for retro gaming crash so he can shelf collect more games    12/07/22  (1)
future for 'kinless' whites: state mandated euthanasia, escheat to Israel    12/07/22  (1)
If OSU backs into the playoff after that home blowout I’m done with CFB    12/07/22  (166)
Axios: Democrat dark money simply paying libs to convince people to vote D    12/07/22  (9)
Rate this pic of TMFs hot tub setup (pic)    12/07/22  (16)
32X memories emerge after a lifetime of regret    12/07/22  (5)
There's probably still decent money in speciality plants/gardening elements    12/07/22  (2)
rate JG Ballard's teeth    12/07/22  (1)
Shocking photograph of top Democrat revealed:    12/07/22  (2)
Rate this cartoon about boom    12/07/22  (2)
Saturn liberal arts drinking game from back in college    12/07/22  (1)
American Girl Doll: hey girls get puberty blockers but don't tell mom or dad    12/07/22  (113)
How can people care so much about politics?    12/07/22  (16)
Redditor steals zeke morris/toronto unit/biglaw lives matter post    12/07/22  (7)
guess the insane $$$ estimate dentist quoted me    12/07/22  (38)
Rubio’s ButtBoi Arrested for being a Venezuelan Communist Agent (Politico)    12/07/22  (2)
The only poaster whose poasts I mostly skip are those made by TBF    12/07/22  (8)
Cum Economy: Semen As A Medium Of Exchange; Theory And Practise    12/07/22  (1)
The Gamecube Community is astonishing    12/07/22  (3)
Russian disinformation is everywhere as far back as 2004 (link)    12/07/22  (2)
I shall glorify you, Lord, for you have rescued me.    12/07/22  (6)
On hour four of text debate with GF re: she feels bad I didn't like a restaurant    12/07/22  (321)
I'm not like all those other proles. Houses, jewelry? No way. Options. (Benzo)    12/07/22  (1)
US Army chose a mini Osprey to replace the Blackhawk (link)    12/07/22  (61)
disco fries, have you considered a gofundme you could send to friends/coworkers?    12/07/22  (4)
buttplugs are a really cool part of my job tp    12/07/22  (1)
Most dominant system during its heyday    12/07/22  (10)
TSINAH - is this you and the HOG?    12/07/22  (3)
anyone else get sleep paralysis?    12/07/22  (10)
Will Deion Sanders succeed at Colorado?    12/07/22  (14)
Zoomers are so stupid they talk in emojis like toddlers with press to play books    12/07/22  (2)
WITHOUT GOOGLING: can u name 5 states with senators of different parties?    12/07/22  (30)
Do you guys "wash" your rice?    12/07/22  (65)
Yuji Naka Arrested Again for Alleged Final Fantasy Insider Trading    12/07/22  (1)
Ted Cruz's daughter has his bizarre face, lmao    12/07/22  (2)
LOL the President of PANAMA is JEWISH:    12/07/22  (4)
My wife thinks other women are constantly talking shit about her    12/07/22  (19)
do any of you guys play Dwarf Fortress?    12/07/22  (28)
David Copperfield has nothing on these orcs (vid)    12/07/22  (2)
Why do libs let nazi costume wearer prince Harry get off unscathed?    12/07/22  (3)
it's 180 seeing old bumped threads that make you think "lmao" then u open them    12/07/22  (9)
If you can just make $3k/day you can retire in 10 years    12/07/22  (4)
/* /* NEWSWEEK: RUSSIA IS ALMOST OUT OF AMMO /* /*    12/07/22  (45)
just fill your school system w miserable Asians bro    12/07/22  (2)
Rating Poasters as (mostly horror) stories but one world is replaced with Luis    12/07/22  (42)
*robot voice* your internet friend (pause, deeper voice) luis (pause) has posted    12/07/22  (4)
Luis will still be sexy in 30 years; your wife’s ovaries will be full of dust    12/07/22  (2)
The Pigman by (((Paul Zindel)))    12/07/22  (2)
"how can i worsen the humiliation?" *uploads accidental chode pic* (tsinah)    12/07/22  (4)
70's 'Young Adult' novels written by radical Jewish lesbian LSD casualties    12/07/22  (5)
ai chatbot wrote an inspiring short story about tsinah (benzo)    12/07/22  (8)
wife sent me this image, thoughts?    12/07/22  (2)
They should have banned (((Judy Blume))) back in the day    12/07/22  (2)
There is no good reason to have a money economy anymore    12/07/22  (2)
EPAHs dick is barely even hangin in the pic he posted    12/07/22  (3)
proof dwarf fortress is being artificially reviewed by trannies    12/07/22  (1)
AP: U.S. Senate confirms Chauvin prosecutor, three others to federal bench    12/07/22  (15)
100 In-House Job Apps; <><><>NO OFFERS<><><>    12/07/22  (97)
The Jews who own the judgment against Alex Jones are controlling him.    12/07/22  (3)
Epah sure is good at not responding once he gets pwned    12/07/22  (25)
*** 12/5: BENZO IS NO LONGER ON PROBATION ***    12/07/22  (33)
you basically just have to do an e-visit with a dr ur willing to lie to for dope    12/07/22  (1)
I've had my IQ tested btw    12/07/22  (1)
Is nyuug dead?    12/07/22  (12)
all mainstream analysis says conservatives need to be more lib and vote by mail    12/07/22  (3)
libs want to return to some 1900s Curley votes for rot gut corrupt horseshit    12/07/22  (1)
my friend's game got its first review on steam    12/07/22  (1)
American Girl rolls out limited edition holiday special "Mexican Gurl" doll    12/07/22  (1)
Atlanta is done here    12/07/22  (53)
think I ruptured my Achilles    12/07/22  (1)
ganguro girl dating sim music plays as MPA dons aviators, trench coat    12/07/22  (17)
Judge gets DRAGGED out of courtroom after being sentenced to 6 months jail    12/07/22  (1)
Ben Collins (oneunderscore_) does not get enough hate on here    12/07/22  (16)
I want a man to look at me the way nyuug looks at Paris Hilton    12/07/22  (3)
Discuss Jeep grand Cherokee vs Porsche    12/07/22  (53)
Simply IMPOSSIBLE ppl weren't "happier" hundreds of years ago    12/07/22  (58)
livid libs tp    12/07/22  (1)
GF LIVID at my JOKE    12/07/22  (65)
Lost $1750 on bovada sports betting in one day    12/07/22  (3)
libs just buying votes is nbd maybe it is time to retire    12/07/22  (1)
Trump better get on his fucking horse if he thinks he has a shot    12/07/22  (1)
Hey ngrs why not get dentures?    12/07/22  (1)
There's no point in arguing about politics anymore because libs have won    12/07/22  (4)
Got 88% on a state map quiz. Is this good, bad or average?    12/07/22  (4)
Felíz día de las velitas!    12/07/22  (1)
Do any of you guys use Temple OS? What about an OS programmed in Malbolge?    12/07/22  (1)
I wondered how they'd steal your 401(k). Well now we know    12/07/22  (23)
Libs: how are you going to do now that you're firmly in charge of the USA?    12/07/22  (1)
Goddamn GOP is so fucking retarded    12/07/22  (83)
🚨 AutoAdmit Christmas Revival Thread 🚨    12/07/22  (3)
no bro they can still do good stuff for business and judges and stuff    12/07/22  (1)
Rite Lite Judah Maccabot 2.0    12/07/22  (1)
have not heard a SINGLE THING about PEARL HARBOR today    12/07/22  (3)
Am I insane, or has traffic on xoxo been down significantly recently?    12/07/22  (14)
"don't bet it all on trade. buy low sell high, that's what i always say." (xo p    12/07/22  (3)
Trumpmos - u have any other mentally ill washed up athletes for senate in 2024?    12/07/22  (16)
World capitals quiz - how many can u get?    12/07/22  (15)
While Kardashians throw Ye under the bus, Caitlyn Jenner steps out in Yeezys    12/07/22  (6)
I punch people who end a sentence with a preposition    12/07/22  (1)
jump on a screen    12/07/22  (1)
Obeezy, who's your side piece these days?    12/07/22  (4)
US Senate passes res honoring victims of 90s Argentina terrorist attacks on Jews    12/07/22  (4)
Every Other Sunday starring Tom Brady and his kids    12/07/22  (3)
They still haven't solved that Idaho Mass killing? Trumpmos explain?    12/07/22  (2)
RATE boywife's Thanksgiving dinner outfit    12/07/22  (6)
"jump on a call"    12/07/22  (6)
Why does Atlanta always take so long to report?    12/07/22  (15)
diagnosed schizophrenic pumo taking questions    12/07/22  (22)
I have a shitload of actual Nazi regalia taken off dead Nazis by my grandpa    12/07/22  (41)
XO really comes to life on the Oculus    12/07/22  (3)
Weird shit happened at work today regarding XOXOHTH    12/07/22  (7)
new Project Veritas just dropped.. HS dean passing out butt plugs    12/07/22  (6)
Crying while listening to Aphex twin- #3 on repeat tp    12/07/22  (6)
Have laptop AC adapters in every room I use laptop (3). Neurotic/weird or CR?    12/07/22  (28)
🚨 🚨 🚨 AZ AUDIT RESULTS GOING PUBLIC 9/24/21 1 PM 🚨 🚨 🚨    12/07/22  (140)
You just got an amazing warm No LAYYYYYYY    12/07/22  (1)

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