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xo NYPD Targeted Blacks and Hispanics in the Subways, Officers Say (NYT)    12/06/19  (4)
America's national pasttime -- avoiding ghetto blacks    12/06/19  (16)
Blacks r so smart, so successful, they create fantasies via movies to prove it    12/06/19  (2)
Blacks see right through Little Petey Bootygig    12/05/19  (16)
The idea that blacks will vote for Sanders or Warren is hilarious    12/05/19  (8)
180 article on blacks vs. classical music    12/05/19  (8)
'The Blacks in My Butt' by Katherine Fugate    12/04/19  (2)
'progress' now defined as white women 'taking blacks in the butt'    12/04/19  (2)
need to see a panel of marble-mouthed blacks in fake glasses yell about russia    12/03/19  (2)
What is “ashin” and why do blacks tease each other about it?    12/03/19  (6)
if we just helped blacks a little more, they wouldnt be living in poverty    12/03/19  (12)
Google unable to get AI not to see blacks as gorillas (real)    12/02/19  (23)
blacks love not stopping at crosswalks & turning left while youre crossing green    12/02/19  (1)
Rank danger to American society: China, libs, blacks, women, illegal immig, GC    12/01/19  (32)
what is libs endgame with trying to forcememe women, gays, blacks into everythin    12/01/19  (6)
Is there a reason blacks give their kids stupid names and repeatedly use N-word?    12/01/19  (10)
Blacks are 180 violence is wholesome and character building gives purpose    11/30/19  (1)
Why do blacks hate Buttigieg so much? Can't just be the homosexuality.    11/28/19  (43)
Why are blacks afraid to have their butts judged?    11/28/19  (5)
Pilgrims would be proud of ghetto blacks    11/27/19  (2)
Libs photoshop blacks and LGBT couples into Norman Rockwell scenes    11/27/19  (7)
How cum blacks weren't worthless niggers in the 50s?    11/27/19  (7)
Surely blacks would never politicize something as monumental as the moon landi--    11/27/19  (6)
white mom whose son murdered by Soros-freed blacks on Tucker right now    11/26/19  (2)
Psychic brain melting squids and blacks are still obsessed with race?    11/26/19  (1)
Reminder: the contempt for blacks Trumpmos have is what norms have for Trumpmos    11/25/19  (7)
So Kanye supports Trump and blacks call him a "coon"?    11/25/19  (1)
Methodist billionaire spending $$ to flood Israel w/ murderous blacks    11/25/19  (3)
blacks refer to chads as *jawline niggas*    11/25/19  (42)
Bigger negative for Bloomberg with blacks: Stop&Frisk or $oda Tax?    11/25/19  (1)
IFNBlackstreet: I like the way ya jerk it *FULL NUDITY* not like a fag in trunks    11/25/19  (61)
So the movie Queen and Slim is agitprop to support blacks shooting cops    11/25/19  (1)
Gingrich 'Contract With America' was literally 'put blacks back on chain gangs'    11/24/19  (2)
2nd Cousin: Why did we set blacks free? / Shrew GF: blacked.com empowers me!    11/23/19  (3)
Angry blacks interrupt ELIZABETH WARREN campaign rally:    11/22/19  (3)
New Pacino Amazon show is about team of Jews and blacks killing evil whitey?    11/22/19  (1)
Why do blacks talk like that    11/22/19  (3)
*blacks, dykes fading from movies* *xo furious at Chinese movie impact*    11/22/19  (2)
“Spread dem loans out”: when you make payments you subsidize blacks    11/22/19  (1)
Case western student shot by violent blacks    11/21/19  (38)
when hillary is elected will she appoint a bunch of blacks like obama    11/21/19  (2)
Funny how blacks are acting on social media regarding the Kaepernick fiasco    11/21/19  (3)
AIDs pretty much exposed blacks as being massive homosexuals    11/21/19  (23)
Why blacks, like Kamala, try to use a southern accent when speaking?    11/21/19  (2)
Buttigieg <1% among blacks in South Carolina poll - link    11/21/19  (4)
blacks refer to centaurii as 'hairline niggas'    11/19/19  (27)
Pete Buttplug puts out FAKE ENDORSEMENT LIST of SC Blacks    11/19/19  (7)
NBC: blacks are homophobic (link)    11/18/19  (4)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    11/18/19  (163)
Lol at libs eliminating gifted classes because blacks aren't as smart    11/18/19  (1)
Why did Stop and Frisk result in lots of blacks and browns being arrested?    11/18/19  (2)
Libs: blacks are just as smart as you    11/17/19  (1)
So do blacks actually commit more crime or is that due to bias we can't control    11/17/19  (2)
Libs crucified Bill Cosby for showing blacks the way out    11/16/19  (7)
Gay 37yo who ran 301st-largest city in America & hated by blacks lapping in Iowa    11/16/19  (13)
nfl blacks are hyphenating their last names to pretend like they knew their dad    11/16/19  (2)
"Sooo, ur profile said red pill. Like Advil?" Lawman: "Blacks are low IQ, and th    11/15/19  (4)
"ugh, so sick of blacks and their bullshit!" *watches all BBC porn*    11/15/19  (1)
Mason Rudolph at presser: Around blacks never relax    11/15/19  (1)
Blacks are so evil, they support reparations but oppose Freedom Dividend    11/14/19  (1)
Our ancestors were so dumb for being wary of blacks and Jews.    11/13/19  (3)
Is using blackstrap mollasses prole?    11/13/19  (8)
Blacks invented a dance off the "Weekend at Bernies" movie    11/12/19  (7)
Blacks have ~20 yrs left till Hispanic majority shitcans them    11/11/19  (4)
Trump supporters are Chad and cuck fetishists mad at blacks (link)    11/11/19  (1)
Reminder: blacks subconsciously associate gorillas with their parents    11/11/19  (16)
Blacks literally murdering each other over a chicken sandwich. sheeeittt    11/11/19  (7)
When will MFH cops start arresting blacks playing music on the subway?    11/11/19  (4)
All libs and blacks should be shipped into California.    11/10/19  (3)
White students from 25k a year families beat blacks from 100k+ on the SAT Math    11/10/19  (6)
Best way to screen for blacks during the interview process?    11/10/19  (5)
Why do people blame blacks for anything if they're too stupid for white society?    11/10/19  (1)
We should let blacks run everything for a few months so libs will stfu    11/10/19  (13)
i hate blacks    11/10/19  (2)
"Relax around blacks," said the (((Sachs))) to the ranks    11/10/19  (1)
NYTimes: Blacks LOVE Popeyes Chicken - uh, okay ?    11/10/19  (12)
White man fires off a "nigger" at gaggle of blacks in Popeye's - fun ensues!    11/10/19  (29)
Xo: blacks dumb; also xo: debates black pumos like they will learn    11/09/19  (2)
Indians combine the worst features of blacks and Jews    11/09/19  (2)
are they going to arrest blacks for saying nigger on the street corner?    11/09/19  (1)
Blackstone acquires controlling stake in Bumble, valuing company at $3 billion    11/08/19  (35)
TRUMP: economy best ever for Blacks; CUMMINGS: reps Baltimore for decades and    11/08/19  (4)
Blacks, I love you. But you need to stop being victims.    11/07/19  (1)
I would rather live around any other group, including blacks, before Russians    11/07/19  (1)
Kobe Bryant is "joining Blackstone as Private Equity associate"    11/06/19  (7)
Kentucky voted Dems but isn't it filled with meth heads and blacks?    11/06/19  (1)
blacks are sure to rally around this old shrill whole foods shrew (DNC)    11/05/19  (2)
blacks make up less than 15% of the pop.; DEMAND to be elected to 100% of posts    11/05/19  (7)
What are easy legal ways to keep blacks from living near whites, ruining hoods?    11/05/19  (9)
Blacks make up 90% of America based on commercials i was watching last night    11/04/19  (5)
Paris is literally filled with blacks now. It fills like Lagos.    11/04/19  (12)
CIA plant Richard Spencer goes on narcissistic rant about Jews, blacks    11/04/19  (8)
Give it up for DJ Blacks Can't Be Racist people    11/04/19  (2)
XO, I hate blacks!    11/02/19  (1)
Blacks who move to Asia    11/01/19  (1)
Hypo train is going to kill 5 blacks. Do you divert it to an empty track?    11/01/19  (2)
Socially awkward Blacks who eat Japanese-styled fruit bowls -- 180 or 120?    10/31/19  (4)
do blacks prefer humidity?    10/31/19  (5)
Nigerian nairaland forum bashes American blacks for being TTT    10/31/19  (1)
Kanye: Democrats brainwashed blacks to abort children (link)    10/30/19  (2)
120: new device lets blacks remote unlock any car or garage    10/30/19  (2)
Blacks: why is all your art this mindless bullshit?    10/30/19  (1)
“Blacks lack future time orientation,” the Biglaw litigator poasted    10/30/19  (6)
Blacksburg, VA man finds Civil War era jeweled buttplug with metal detector    10/29/19  (6)
White democrats must have effective IQs lower than sub Saharan blacks    10/29/19  (8)
NYT: Whiteness to blame for Indian students making fun of Blacks at high school    10/28/19  (7)
Bernie to blacks: respect cops so you don't get shot in the back of the head (li    10/28/19  (1)
FYI There are many blacks that turn down HYS for HBCUs    10/28/19  (3)
When turdskins assault blacks, it's White Supremacy at work (NYT)    10/26/19  (18)
Blacks ruin every society they are part of, it's brutal    10/26/19  (1)
Libs think blacks are magical creatures or sth    10/26/19  (2)
Most lib policies fail to help blacks, including affirmative action.    10/26/19  (3)
Blacks just jump before going from father to dad. White men cant jump.    10/25/19  (1)
Jeff Bezos visits ghetto school and blacks are like "who dat"    10/25/19  (16)
Blacks get Africa, muslims Middle East, Jews israel, Asians Asia, whites...?    10/24/19  (4)
Why are blacks so violent?    10/23/19  (40)
Real talk: why are blacks so violent?    10/23/19  (96)
why are blacks so violent?    10/23/19  (2)
47% of blacks, mixeds voted for Bolsonaro in Brazil    10/23/19  (1)
Focus groups on Pete Buttigieg found his being gay 'a barrier' for blacks    10/22/19  (32)
Chill, fratty, rich 115 IQ Igbo bros mocking African American Blacks.    10/21/19  (2)
a Jew adapted Watchmen into a woke blacks kill white racists fantasy    10/21/19  (1)
"Hey man! Wanna watch some muscular blacks run fast and play fetch later?"    10/20/19  (3)
Damn the All Blacks looked SHARP today    10/19/19  (20)
Happy Thursday to all, even the blacks!    10/17/19  (1)
How smart are American college-educated blacks compared to other races?    10/16/19  (15)
Some people apparently think that blacks are people and deserve rights.    10/16/19  (1)
Only 2.25% of Blacks are a smart as the average Ashkenazi Jew.    10/16/19  (63)
Poll shows blacks, Hispanics surging to Warren (link)    10/16/19  (6)
Blacks running out of Foot Locker with armfuls of CPAP machines during hurricane    10/16/19  (6)
most common negative interaction between blacks and whites    10/15/19  (9)
Polling suggests blacks are against 1k a year but FOR reparations    10/15/19  (1)
blacks on blondes in Nebraska cornfield    10/14/19  (1)
Reminder: The blacks STOLE Columbus day from us.    10/14/19  (25)
love the worst attributes of jews and blacks? Sick. Hop on this flight to India    10/14/19  (7)
Reminder: The blacks STOLE Columbus day from us.    10/14/19  (55)
You can't understand how dumb African blacks are without going there    10/13/19  (77)
Rate this vid of blacks complaining their armed robber brother got got    10/13/19  (5)
Grimes pancaked as an artist when she got mixed up with blacks    10/13/19  (1)
Disabled woman falls to ground, dog starts humping her, blacks cheer (vid)    10/11/19  (23)
lol at NBA blacks bowing down and sucking Chinese cock    10/10/19  (4)
*peterman flapping autistically as blacks slap, yell at, jizz on his face*    10/10/19  (1)
In Caymans. Blacks everywhere, but very safe. Weird experience.    10/10/19  (34)
Do blacks get all these food allergies?    10/09/19  (1)
Hypo: blacks can receive reparations if they leave America and never return    10/09/19  (8)
despite being only thirteen percent of the population blacks commit over fifty p    10/07/19  (2)
Jesus: don’t kill fellow Jews, dummy; Christians: aborting blacks is wrong    10/06/19  (1)
Libs baffled why blacks "disproportionately" cited on mass transit    10/05/19  (32)
2012 Dems: Romney is a RACIST who'll put blacks in chains; 2019 Dems: we 💘 Mi    10/04/19  (3)
Rate vid of Rashida Tlaibs bumbling explanation that all blacks look the same    10/03/19  (4)

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