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Rate this Instagram account for its artistic value.    10/24/20  (5)
Hunter Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer    10/24/20  (2)
ass lord    10/24/20  (2)
CSLG & chandler outted Ljl    10/24/20  (19)
True detective season 3 was immensely shit and forgettable    10/24/20  (12)
Mister Bobulinski, Mister Dob Bobulinski.    10/24/20  (5)
borders do you think VA could tighten?    10/24/20  (14)
China Trump has made > $5 million leasing Trump Tower to Chinese while in office    10/24/20  (2)
Rate these shrews' bodies    10/24/20  (7)
most depressing trend in the last 3 years or so - libs capturing STEM depts    10/24/20  (2)
Borders tp OFFICIAL treatise on polling industry    10/24/20  (88)
my wife needs to wash her hair more frequently    10/24/20  (13)
so what do u do 4 fun? 'I breed.' oh cool, like dogs? 'no.' cats? 'no'    10/24/20  (1)
borders is to polling what charles was to 18th century military history    10/24/20  (12)
Anxiety    10/24/20  (1)
Californians well on their way to destroying Idaho, Nevada, Utah, AZ,    10/24/20  (11)
I can’t understand any of what borders posts but I 100% believe and trust him    10/24/20  (23)
Rate this 30-year-old OnlyFans star making $80K a year    10/24/20  (1)
dont breath is a pretty good movie    10/24/20  (3)
when i close my eyes and imagine and "undecided voter" all i see is luis    10/24/20  (3)
Talk in half-assed accent. Repeat decades-old shtick. Make 8 figures.    10/24/20  (3)
piss tape nothingburger nigger tape nothingburger rape tape nothingburger    10/24/20  (1)
Women never psychologically recover from being told that their pussies smell bad    10/24/20  (3)
Trump: "How'd I do?" Eric: *sucks in air through teeth*    10/24/20  (6)
*trump riding in limo with family back to White House in silence*    10/24/20  (12)
NYT: How a Racist, Antiquated Message Board Made Millions on African E-commerce    10/24/20  (1)
If you post here and don't make at least 400k, you need to gtfo    10/24/20  (15)
πŸ‘… Vice: How to Eat Out a Non-Op Trans Woman πŸ‘…    10/24/20  (29)
Citron Research: JMIA is going to $100    10/24/20  (1)
Isn't it kind of weird that Amanda Syfried had the best career post Mean Girls?    10/24/20  (6)
Nebraska needs to paltry like it's the super bowl hit tOSU in mouth hard and oft    10/24/20  (3)
My name is whokebe. I'm 38, a virgin, and a loser.    10/24/20  (4)
borders tp convincing you that ur wife's hairy ass mole is better than a nubile    10/24/20  (1)
Poll: Selfish to not bring the bull an extra glass of OJ with wife's breakfast t    10/24/20  (1)
What Raising My Bull's Son Alongside My Wife Taught Me About My Privilege    10/24/20  (1)
WE DON'T STIM ANYMORE!    10/24/20  (24)
* WH phone rings at 4am* *Biden answers “Ni Hao”*    10/24/20  (50)
Pretty wild how women reach self actualization through being raped    10/24/20  (3)
Rudolph is the confirmed Charles outter    10/24/20  (96)
Folk singer Arlo Guthrie (1937 - 2020):    10/24/20  (2)
Brave, heroic teachers refusing to go back to work, might catch a cold    10/24/20  (1)
Luis come ITT    10/24/20  (2)
We Need You At Work. EMTS, cops, firefighters: "OK" | Teachers: "No way buster"    10/24/20  (1)
Are you awake? President Trump is.    10/24/20  (12)
The Warmest Seed (a poem)    10/24/20  (31)
how much $$ will i get if i bet $10k on Nebraska beating tOSU    10/24/20  (6)
Trump is immune to covid; Biden isn't immune. How is that not check & mate?    10/24/20  (3)
nigger    10/24/20  (2)
fuck this whole board is just borders arguing with and praising himself    10/24/20  (2)
At least Obama can still draw a big crowd in Pennsylvania (pic)    10/24/20  (4)
trump campaigning in New Hampshire, whats happening?    10/24/20  (18)
Wow, mr. jinx is suddently quiet after Lefraud's latest chokejob    10/24/20  (17)
What is the average Norwood score across all xo poas?    10/24/20  (5)
huskermos, let's talk nebraska 2020    10/24/20  (32)
Politifact fact-check's Trump for saying "India is filthy"    10/24/20  (5)
hilarious sam hyde video    10/24/20  (23)
Hey! I know, let’s take our sons to “infamous pizza place” linked w pedos.    10/24/20  (7)
Did China ever explain why its agents were rioting outside White House?    10/24/20  (2)
"we need contact tracing" *polite lib applause* "for HIV" *crowd gasps*    10/24/20  (4)
child dying of AIDS after blood transfusion: "I'm just thankful I got    10/24/20  (25)
what's about to happen to the white boy in this PIC?    10/24/20  (4)
Clique-based analysis of the 2020 Election    10/24/20  (32)
you can legally infect someone with hiv in CA, but not wearing a mask a crime    10/24/20  (3)
This is the most dire article for Trump's chances I've seen all election - link    10/24/20  (44)
The Clinton Biden Academy of Lying Without Blinking    10/24/20  (1)
lmao! dumbass spaceporn accidently linked his car's license plate in thread    10/24/20  (3)
McKayla Maroney breaks year-long silence, tweets pic of her ass (link)    10/24/20  (23)
πŸ‘ΆπŸ• How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! πŸ‘Ά    10/24/20  (37)
BYEDON up double digits in FL, NC, AZ (new polls)    10/24/20  (1)
Wow, Sun Kil Moon just released an EP of Pro Trump songs    10/24/20  (9)
Russian man breaks a squirrels brain    10/24/20  (3)
Is mark kozelek of sun kil moon a trumpmo?    10/24/20  (8)
Face masks are required to vote, but an ID isn’t. Crazy.    10/24/20  (11)
relaxing bedtime music suggestions u fags the pills are kickin gin    10/24/20  (2)
i would totally fuck and eat billy mcfarlands ass    10/24/20  (5)
10 days after losing re-election, Trump continues holding packed rallies!    10/24/20  (3)
My penis is going to be so stupidly HARD for the next 9 days until TRUMP wins    10/24/20  (3)
waiting for a SCOTUS justice who writes dissents that read like Steve Sailer    10/24/20  (2)
are $400 jeans still trendy?    10/24/20  (1)
πŸ‘– Levi's are for shitlibs πŸ‘–    10/24/20  (11)
dottermos, whats your plan to raise kid family oriented?    10/24/20  (63)
still lol at how badly Buttigieg got BTFO'd    10/24/20  (4)
Elizabeth Holmes and Adam Neumann spotted together on a beach in CANCUN:    10/24/20  (1)
only regret is we won't be able to watch TT's 2nd - and final - implosion nov3    10/24/20  (1)
predictit odds are totally broken    10/24/20  (6)
can we all acknowledge the fact that rsf is a 95 iq dimwit?    10/24/20  (31)
Stock picks for 2021    10/24/20  (59)
RCP top state polling average exactly the same as at this point in 2016    10/24/20  (9)
is it even possible to do biglaw work without a snus in?    10/24/20  (5)
Chinese New Year Dragon with Henry Aaron, Voodoo Child, and Frank Lloyd Wong    10/24/20  (2)
when borders tp is proven to be a fraud, Trumpmos should wreck him    10/24/20  (1)
What explains the rise of SNUS on XO?    10/24/20  (7)
god is real you fucking queers    10/24/20  (1)
LINK to a video of me pwning my dad at dinner    10/24/20  (1)
Humanity almost went totally extinct 70,000 years ago    10/24/20  (25)
Dailymail has a story on xo Charles's fate    10/24/20  (84)
Just put in 3 pouches of this Snus, couldnt move for 30 mins    10/24/20  (8)
Finasteride shedding phase making me want to kill myself rn    10/24/20  (9)
How long after Nov. 3 will we know who got elected?    10/24/20  (1)
Are Raptors just for people who can't afford a TRX?    10/24/20  (1)
Trumpmos If we lose how are we killing are selves    10/24/20  (13)
LOL so 2/3 of votes will be cast before Election Day?    10/24/20  (1)
Remember when “Borat” got BTFO’d buy that gun store owner lol    10/24/20  (12)
This is a text of the nigger alert system. This is only a OH SHIT ITS A NIGGER    10/24/20  (28)
This is the most dirte article for Trump's chances I've seen all erection - link    10/24/20  (1)
President Kamala and First Husband Kikenstein    10/24/20  (1)
Hannity almost went totally extinct 70,000 years ago    10/24/20  (1)
Doesn’t need PA. Just Michigan    10/24/20  (3)
New Borat movie shows Rudy Guiliani about to get a blowjob from a "reporter"    10/24/20  (24)
“Being in a white-run South Africa prison was better than living among niggers    10/24/20  (1)
Borders is a lib planting false hope. He’s about to turn heel after the electi    10/24/20  (1)
Race continuing to tighten in PA    10/24/20  (2)
Spock was such a cool character - video    10/24/20  (3)
Poland's Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade - link    10/24/20  (11)
Biden: "We will end oil." Trump: "You just lost the Italian vote."    10/24/20  (11)
Nate Silver: "Odds are 50/50. Either Trump wins or he doesn't"    10/24/20  (16)
Giving away 100 NIGR (NiggerCoin) to the first 5 eth wallets ITT    10/24/20  (46)
Holy shit it’s snowing    10/24/20  (1)
TOP 5 WORST Crypto List    10/24/20  (1)
Pennsylvania Supreme Court comes through again - link    10/24/20  (55)
Well if all of XO's buck-toothed chinks say Trump will lose it must be true    10/24/20  (3)
Trump's approval with BLACK voters hits 46% LOL!    10/24/20  (71)
The Blue Dress (a poem)    10/24/20  (8)
I've never seen a single xo poster say he's undecided in the election    10/24/20  (2)
is your refrigerator running?    10/24/20  (1)
thought pnp stands for pumpkin pie    10/24/20  (1)
diesel beginning his 6th straight day of party n play    10/24/20  (3)
Orange Poster Bad    10/24/20  (3)
Tomorrow morning we will wake up to more obnoxious poll threads    10/24/20  (1)
POAST your ELECTION MAP    10/24/20  (10)
RATE this Twitter thread on Trump and white voters    10/24/20  (26)
tired disabled autistic poly transbian slowly working on converting to judaism    10/24/20  (2)
JMIA: "Softbank or $BABA investment/partnership is inevitable"    10/24/20  (1)
Girls I go out with always say there was no chemistry. Am I ugly?    10/24/20  (7)
AZ, NM or TX for small or medium sized city?    10/24/20  (6)
how do so many blue checks not know what "coyote" means re immigration?    10/24/20  (35)
Wow The Hobbit sucked ass    10/24/20  (13)
Soviet forces obliterate Turkish oil terminal    10/24/20  (2)
CSLG how much $ to book Chris Pontous to crash tricycle onto nephews bday cake?    10/24/20  (1)
Link me to trump DOJ investigation of Asian doctor who wrote article re aff acti    10/24/20  (5)
Peterman wobbles into Biden Victory Center: "did someone say take a pole?"    10/24/20  (1)
this is the most wilb pic ive ever seen    10/24/20  (2)
Gabby Giffords gives emotional defense of husband in wake of Nazi pics    10/24/20  (9)
Trump was definitely on Adderall at the last debate    10/24/20  (1)
...yes but are you asian, jewish, or a woman?    10/24/20  (3)
NYC = Serious Women Signing Paperwork    10/24/20  (11)
$JMIA:rate this photo of Chairwoman    10/24/20  (5)
mass suicides when trump wins. psychology books will devote a chapter to it    10/24/20  (3)
borders tp is sus    10/24/20  (1)

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