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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Jews just as moneygrubbing as Middle Easterners, Gypsies as filthy as Indians    07/23/19  (2)
*Lawman8 clears throat, begins PhD defense* "How did the Jews garner so much inf    07/23/19  (1)
Jews milk AA's lifetime unlimited AAirpass; AA sues them    07/23/19  (34)
Hypo: 50 million dollars, but all the Jews disappear from earth    07/23/19  (1)
Sméagol as an allegory for Jews    07/23/19  (1)
whok, I was thinking that Jews can't really be 6'5 unless    07/23/19  (14)
jews killed the messiah and worship money?    07/23/19  (4)
Law, with Jews, for money    07/22/19  (21)
Israel is cool, but jews are kind of annoying. Cr?    07/22/19  (2)
Crazy Fact: Indians (East) have higher average IQ's than Jews    07/22/19  (32)
So many goys! So little time! Ripe for the Jews, so many goys! So little time!    07/22/19  (1)
🎶God's love for Jews will still be strong, after the Goys of summer are gone    07/22/19  (4)
Crazy Fact: Italians have higher average IQ's than Jews    07/22/19  (12)
just emailed in sick for work tomorrow FUCK YOU JEWS THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENE    07/22/19  (9)
what will jews legalize after pedophilia?    07/21/19  (3)
it's Jews all the way down    07/21/19  (2)
Jews and the Jewish Jews Who Jew Them: A History of America Since WWI    07/21/19  (1)
Where can Jews turn to next?    07/21/19  (5)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    07/21/19  (44)
Why are Jews sexually perverted    07/20/19  (3)
*lawman8 in basement connecting pics of Jews on bulletin board* "Jesus Christ.."    07/20/19  (2)
Just saw a ton of hasssidic Jews leave a Lowe's with a bunch of materials and to    07/20/19  (2)
so basically jews got whites hooked on heroin and porn, then opened borders?    07/20/19  (18)
I love Jews!!!! *lawman8's eye starts twitching*    07/20/19  (4)
Are there any non-Jews/libs in favor of war with Iran?    07/20/19  (100)
I love Jews but I **hate** SPLC    07/20/19  (1)
skynyrd "call me the breeze" plays as GOY tp revs his dodge ram, chases jews    07/20/19  (2)
Not Jewish but me loves the Jews    07/20/19  (1)
Name a bad thing that certainly was not caused by Jews.    07/19/19  (57)
Hold up this guy wanted to protect whites from Jews and migrants?    07/19/19  (3)
why jews should support another holocaust    07/19/19  (1)
jews, new rule: we will defend your 'homeland', but you have to live in it.    07/19/19  (1)
let's make everything free for jews to pay back for the holocaust    07/19/19  (2)
"Well, at least they hate Jews" lawman8 chortled before the airplane exploded    07/18/19  (13)
"At least maybe the Jews will be next!" said Lawman running from Tower 1 on 9/11    07/18/19  (9)
Why do Jews come out only at night?    07/18/19  (9)
the problem with american jews in the past two decades:    07/18/19  (1)
*Lawman8, when you try to enter his pillow fort* "No offense, but no Jews"    07/18/19  (9)
Gin Blossoms - Found Out About Jews.mp3    07/18/19  (12)
Gin Blossoms - Til I Hear It From Jews.mp3    07/18/19  (1)
Dear God, please destroy the Jews, the Zionists, the state of Israel. Amen.    07/18/19  (6)
I holocausted the Jews and Jesus still loves me    07/18/19  (4)
SJeWs    07/18/19  (3)
*sits at computer in studio apt, cracks knuckles* "Time to take it to the Jews"    07/18/19  (5)
"Omar coming!" *jews run and scatter, yarmulkes litter the sidewalks*    07/18/19  (62)
Reminder: Jews brought Omar here to diversify Minnesota    07/18/19  (1)
so drakemallard spends his life doing jews’ bidding and thinks posting “fuck    07/17/19  (17)
instead of jews reminding u of holocaust it should be u reminding them    07/17/19  (1)
A test for XO: Does it hate Jews or brown people more?    07/17/19  (7)
Don't fuck with the Jews    07/17/19  (1)
Probably wasn't a good idea to spend last 4 years online with depressed Jews    07/17/19  (1)
European grand strategy: 1. Import Muzzies to kill all Jews. 2. Gas all Muzzies.    07/17/19  (1)
Amazing that Jews got prole goyim to pay $1.25 for 20 oz of WATER    07/17/19  (4)
Jews.... shut it down. The goyim know.    07/17/19  (2)
Brit GOY really got one over on Jews with Israel    07/17/19  (1)
Unz: Mafia Jews stole all the Japanese-Americans' land after they got interned    07/17/19  (14)
My final straw with the Jews is the Lion King (((remake)))    07/17/19  (12)
Jews on suicide watch. Blue Apron (APRN) up +32% after hours on earnings    07/16/19  (6)
Enrique gets vanity plate with nickname, Miami Jews irate (link)    07/16/19  (8)
How have Jews, such a tiny group, wielded so much influence throughout history?    07/16/19  (7)
Omar needs to go back to bashing Jews    07/15/19  (1)
XO 2018: Jews gather dark energy from Saturn. XO 2019: Jews are Babylonians    07/15/19  (1)
truly insane how many Jews poast anti semitic sick shit here    07/15/19  (4)
Dozens of SYNAGOGUES offer illegals protection during ICE raids #JewsAgainstICE    07/15/19  (4)
one thing I noticed about Jews is they always have the face they "deserve"    07/15/19  (2)
Can't believe I never realized Jews worhsip Saturn, Saturn is a computer    07/15/19  (19)
lmao goy act like Jews are channeling dark energy via Saturn or something    07/15/19  (12)
Jews & Anti-Semites: Let us come together in peace to Hail Saturn.    07/15/19  (6)
Jews are worshipping demonic entities from the planet Saturn and Sirius    07/15/19  (18)
I'm a Jew, he's a Jew, she's a Jew, cause we're all Jews, hey!    07/15/19  (1)
"Just got a deal like the Jews do" said the POWERGOY clicking an ad on DansDeals    07/14/19  (3)
with jews you schmooze    07/14/19  (1)
why are jews so obsessed with ugliness and shame    07/14/19  (36)
*Competes for jobs with Jews and Hot Girls*    07/14/19  (1)
Basically all roads lead back to Jews    07/14/19  (1)
The Jews were right    07/13/19  (2)
Jews invented monotheism and psychology    07/13/19  (8)
Are Indians less popular than Jews?    07/13/19  (1)
Gas all Jews and Protestants religious war now    07/13/19  (4)
trannies do to online forums what jews do to white-collar niches    07/13/19  (6)
I dont understand why so many countries in all of history tried to kill all jews    07/13/19  (3)
Ilhan Omar hasn’t said anything antisemitic but we all know she hates Jews    07/13/19  (4)
“No, release the murderer instead,” BELLOWED the POWERJEWS at Pilate    07/12/19  (1)
“Let’s melt all our gold into a big cow,” the POWERJEWs said as Moses pray    07/12/19  (5)
POWERJEWs paying perfectly good silver to get some Nazarene carpenter whacked    07/12/19  (2)
Need bort Jews in here real quick - this Power Goy meme could be bad for us.    07/12/19  (5)
I think most people secretly like/respect Jews.    07/12/19  (1)
Board jews came up with prole goy mr fix it because of insecurity about manhood    07/12/19  (31)
"Jews are the ONE group you can't criticize!" *searches 'Jews' on XO*    07/12/19  (3)
Real Jews don't eat out for brunch.    07/12/19  (10)
I'm really angry about blacks, Mexicans, asians, and Jews    07/12/19  (3)
Just ran over an entire family of Hasidic Jews    07/12/19  (12)
The middle ages stories about Jews murdering blonde children were all true    07/12/19  (5)
"The Jews? You mean, like, Adam Sandler?" replied the confused POWERGOY.    07/12/19  (9)
Throw male Jews into meat grinders; spay female Jews and put them in brothel$    07/11/19  (1)
high IQ jews watching retarded goys splurging on 4K TVs from CRT    07/11/19  (5)
Israel's Education Minister Just Said Most American Jews Are Dead to Him    07/11/19  (2)
you ever notice that jews steal and bastardize, but never create?    07/11/19  (26)
B'nai B'rith Leader Discusses the Jews    07/11/19  (1)
Jews as New York Magistrates See Them    07/11/19  (1)
Jews loot a store, again.    07/11/19  (7)
We POC, should like jews... they've turned birdshit goyim into slaves!!!    07/11/19  (1)
Jews made their Messiah esoteric/figurative after Romans pushed their shit in?    07/11/19  (11)
South American countries are so fucked up because sephardic jews all went there?    07/11/19  (4)
Identifying Jews in media to the tune of "Tom's Diner" by DNA f/ Suzanne Vega    07/10/19  (2)
Rate this Chapo Traphouse meme about Jews    07/10/19  (2)
saying "no" to jews    07/10/19  (1)
have jews ever explained themselves    07/10/19  (1)
You don’t have anything ur little salary goes back in jews/church/gov coffers    07/10/19  (6)
Why do Jews pretend they are paisanos with Italians?    07/10/19  (1)
biz idea: katamari but u roll up jews and launch them into the sun    07/10/19  (4)
Just lock your doors on a “home” you don’t own & jews can seiz at any time    07/10/19  (5)
jews have their own special cushy, non-dangerous 'prison' (NYT)    07/10/19  (1)
Israeli chicks are got as fuck. Like a different species from American Jews    07/09/19  (4)
Everyone thinks Jews run shit but they’re being manipulated too    07/09/19  (5)
Flash mob of Jews loot a Philly Walgreens    07/09/19  (7)
Flash mob of Jews loot the American middle class    07/09/19  (6)
Lmfao jews, I mean news, running report on someone "burning pride flag"    07/09/19  (1)
Twitter blocks negative comments towards Muslims and Jews    07/09/19  (3)
Jews frantically adding "P" to LGBTQP and printing new Rainbow Flags for July    07/08/19  (1)
so it turns out ALL jews are sexual predators? literally every single one?    07/08/19  (4)
Attention DBG and Bort Jews: Philip Roth estate sale auction July 20th    07/08/19  (4)
why are jews so obsessed with perverted sex, often w minors    07/08/19  (8)
Even countries with no Jews are pozzed GC hellholes    07/07/19  (1)
Lolling at the Asians and Jews here mad about Davidson’s prestige    07/07/19  (1)
Jesus, Mohammed, Henry Ford, Mel Gibson et al, all right about the Jews?    07/07/19  (1)
why are jews consistently so unfunny on xo    07/07/19  (2)
Reminder: Jesus Christ tried to warn us about the Jews and Talmud    07/07/19  (17)
Jews stealing your shit paying niggers and muds off as tax write off    07/06/19  (1)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    07/06/19  (138)
English people seem high-strung/neurotic like Jews, but manifests differently    07/06/19  (1)
What would happen if someone tampered with the string jews use to trick god?    07/05/19  (3)
German Jews were the smartest, best ppl. And Hitler wants to take them out?    07/05/19  (36)
Why are Jews like DBG and Upset Jew so tacky?    07/05/19  (26)
The Jews made me an ugly alcoholic making 45k!!!11    07/05/19  (7)
I'll smugly kneel down w/nigs & jews & piss on her today, cuz there ain't no dou    07/05/19  (1)
3 things assured in life: death, taxes, and getting fucked by Jews    07/05/19  (3)
Why don't jews bbq?    07/04/19  (8)
Not only does G-d favor Jews, he hates GOYS    07/04/19  (3)
Why are only Jews & Middle Easterners in textile industry?    07/04/19  (1)
What if the rest of the world knew what XO knows about Jews?    07/04/19  (2)
LOL apparently it's legal for Jews to give interest-free loans to Jews only    07/03/19  (5)
Jews yell “niggers will not replace us” as blacks riot in Tel Aviv    07/03/19  (5)
IGWC, how do you reconcile your hatred of Jews and your friendship w/ RSF?    07/03/19  (1)
Only 3 things you can count on: death, taxes and the expulsion of jews    07/03/19  (5)
Kamala Harris press statement clarifying she supports "Jews" not "juice"    07/03/19  (3)
kill jews    07/03/19  (2)
not spiritual at all but certain I've killed tons of Jews in past life    07/03/19  (1)
In an odd case, after Jews, hardcore anti-Semites probably know the most Yiddish    07/02/19  (3)
Israel requires Ethiopian jews to get RE-circumcised? How does this work?    07/02/19  (1)

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