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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
What percent of Jews welded something in their garage/shed last year?    12/06/19  (4)
Bunch of Florida Jews complaining their Amazon package is 1 day late    12/06/19  (6)
Muslims: We literally did 9/11. XO: Can't believe the Jews did this    12/06/19  (3)
childless shrews and jews bussing your kids 50 miles to Mau-Mau land    12/06/19  (5)
WAIT, jews lend each other INTEREST FREE LOANS?!?!?!?    12/05/19  (4)
If you like tedious Jews who never post anything funny you have a lot of options    12/05/19  (11)
In 200 years Jews will be named Airpodstein, Mercedesberg, Extraguacwitz    12/05/19  (13)
Cavalcade of comically jew-faced jews testifying that trump tried to stop corrup    12/05/19  (1)
Getting the impression that a lot of jews and foreigners don't like are presiden    12/05/19  (7)
Jews develop crowd control device that smells like shit; Indians not deterred    12/04/19  (33)
everywhere i go, jews overplaying their hands    12/04/19  (2)
Holy shit. The Kikes let the mask drop. The Forward: "The Jews of Impeachment"    12/04/19  (30)
Why are jews and libs so into abstract degraded art?    12/04/19  (14)
here's why Jews & Asians excel in western countries but not their own    12/04/19  (19)
jews are so fucking gross    12/04/19  (1)
Jews vs. Drugs thread    12/04/19  (3)
On the Jews and Their Computer    12/04/19  (1)
jews really should be killed off by now    12/03/19  (1)
Pretty 180 how Jews will kill their own to keep things moving (Epstein)    12/03/19  (3)
have jews ever considered going to the gym    12/03/19  (5)
Jews cook the best thanksgiving youve never had every Friday.    12/03/19  (1)
Goyim: Panic Over Thanksgiving Cooking | Jews: Do This Every Week For Shabbat    12/03/19  (158)
japanese white nationalist bashes chinese, koreans, jews in lengthy screed    12/03/19  (2)
Jews are the smartest race in the world and superior humans, Israeli lawmaker cl    12/03/19  (32)
Ancient Jews inserted themselves into the history of every Empire back in the da    12/03/19  (52)
Jews predicted this    12/03/19  (1)
Protip for Women/ Jews/ Trump: Stop Whining - you betray your inferiority    12/03/19  (1)
I owe, I owe, it's off to wagecuck for jews I go    12/03/19  (58)
Jews building Trump statue in Tel Aviv- calling it the Good Goyim ATM (link)    12/03/19  (9)
Jews 10% tricked goyim into believing they were saved by the messiah    12/03/19  (3)
White people reading books written by Jews every Sunday across the country    12/03/19  (8)
kill all of the jews!    12/02/19  (1)
jesus killed the jews    12/02/19  (3)
Jews deracinating are violence    12/02/19  (1)
Whats with Jews and idolizing black NBA players and wearing NBA gear?    12/02/19  (1)
watched one episode of America First and now I hate Jews so much    12/02/19  (1)
jews at the Bezos Post attack their future competiton (WaPo)    12/01/19  (1)
So XO believes Jews are manipulative but believe the gospels authored by Jews?    12/01/19  (5)
Fellow Levites: What Is Your Favorite Part Of Bossing Around Lesser Jews? #tenni    12/01/19  (1)
*jews fondling a bread loaf like it’s a child actor*    12/01/19  (2)
Jews window shop restaurants by checking the Breads- All Over? Portions? Types?    12/01/19  (4)
jews: behold. breads from all over! also jews: don’t fill up on the bread!    12/01/19  (3)
Ortho Jews Serve Matzahs & Breads From All Over At Wedding (NYT)    12/01/19  (5)
Jews evolved to assess rags and precious metals. Same with Breads From All Over    12/01/19  (1)
Lol at jews feeling the bread materials and neuroticking over bread buffets    12/01/19  (1)
Who the fuck even serves bread? Lol jews    12/01/19  (1)
DBG, do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving?    11/30/19  (3)
Xo is goy personalities and a chorus of weird Jews with mental disorders    11/30/19  (5)
Jews: what’s it like to have a Bronze Age religion based on animal sacrifice    11/30/19  (1)
copped 2 rugby stripe shirts for $25 apiece on Black Friday. Jews silent    11/30/19  (1)
Jews from NJ going to UMich. Why?    11/30/19  (6)
the jews arent even making good porn anymore what in the fuck    11/29/19  (5)
Why do Jews worship a Babylonian version of god? Hmm libs?    11/29/19  (5)
LJL at there being a literal Star of David on Saturn that Jews worship    11/29/19  (6)
XO has always been unhinged, but now it's Jews Worship Saturn/psychedelic entiti    11/29/19  (12)
jews invented aging & death so most ppl would die before waking up to (((them)))    11/29/19  (1)
Got yelled at for saying jews killed Jesus at thanksgiving    11/29/19  (61)
Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner? The Jews! Who is it that controls    11/29/19  (6)
Why do Jews allow the "Early Life" section on Wiki pages to still exist?    11/29/19  (16)
Surely the Jews and their lies will win today, surely Trump will be worn out...    11/29/19  (2)
What do Jews do on Thanksgiving?    11/28/19  (3)
why do jews eat chinese food on thanksgiving    11/28/19  (7)
You know it's true; everything I do; I do it for Jews    11/28/19  (3)
im thankful for the international cabal of jews that control the world    11/28/19  (2)
plz remember: the Jews fear the Samurai    11/28/19  (10)
More Jews would have died if they stayed in German cities, which were firebombed    11/28/19  (5)
On one hand, rooting for Brexit. On the other hand, Jews seem to hate Corbyn.    11/28/19  (9)
White Christians living a simple life are very dangerous (libs, jews)    11/28/19  (1)
Jews, why do you find so many mediocre looking famous Jewish women attractive?    11/27/19  (8)
MUSLIMS ATTACKED. JEWS ATTACKED. Explosions rock Easter worshippers    11/27/19  (9)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    11/27/19  (46)
What do Jews whine and moan about at Thanksgiving dinner?    11/27/19  (3)
Goyim: Nauseating Shitlibs At T'Giving | Ortho Jews: All Trumpmo @ Shabbat Table    11/27/19  (6)
Prole Goyim: Dry Frozen Butterball. Jews: FreeRangeKosher Turkey    11/27/19  (53)
Dribbling in Basketball was invented by crafty Jews as a loophole    11/27/19  (22)
"Fucking Jews did this," u think trying to jam half erect cock into dry AF pussy    11/27/19  (1)
Was Beethoven's Rage Over A Lost Penny about Jews?    11/27/19  (1)
jews went for the brass-ring, "white genocide," but will come up short    11/27/19  (1)
Every actress you see on TV/movies had to fuck and suck hundreds of hideous jews    11/27/19  (1)
What race are Jews?    11/26/19  (28)
when are we getting the gooks/indians/jews out of US?    11/26/19  (1)
Jews and Azns earnestly discussing "Montrezl and "Kentavious"    11/26/19  (1)
Controversial opinion: some jews are actually pretty cool    11/26/19  (7)
hi-budget flashy MTV-style commercial w/ azns/wogs/jews pledging to self-deport    11/26/19  (3)
really hope Trump gets us another 4 years for jews to rob us blind    11/26/19  (4)
so the Omar muslim woman is giving info about jews to Qatar?    11/26/19  (16)
Biz idea: porn studio where all the producers and male talent are jews    11/26/19  (3)
gooks/indians/jews, will you pledge today to self-deport from US?    11/26/19  (1)
Space Pepe warned the Jews about this (link)    11/25/19  (6)
If we let Jews take over will they at least wipe out Muslims and Arabs?    11/25/19  (3)
Jews are shitting up the astral plane with CERN and other (((technology)))    11/25/19  (5)
Jews keep America around to show off like the dead VietCong guy in FMJ    11/25/19  (2)
*is ugly, unsuccessful and depressed* *blames Jews*    11/25/19  (6)
we have passed the event horizon of America's cliffbound balsamic dance w/ jews    11/25/19  (2)
Fun Fact: Minority Of Ortho Jews Don't Consider Turkey Kosher    11/25/19  (5)
'Last Afghani Jews' kicked out of Taliban prison for being too annoying    11/25/19  (22)
Retarded beasts of burden complaining about Jews    11/25/19  (4)
I've known some decent, well-mannered jews in my time.    11/24/19  (16)
'lets accuse everybody of antisemitism until they actually do hate us' (jews)    11/24/19  (4)
jew shenanigans getting out of hand again, time for periodic 'time out' for jews    11/24/19  (1)
*Lizzo joins XO-gets redpilled-rewrites "Juice" lyrics as "Blame it on the Jews"    11/24/19  (1)
Pat Buchanan silent as Jews execute coup to remove America First president    11/24/19  (7)
The cadre of communist Jews who ghost write Ta Nehisi Coates' articles    11/24/19  (1)
treacherous, seditious jews surrounding us like a pack of wolves    11/24/19  (4)
Jews trying to make their Thanksgiving trendy and modern    11/23/19  (3)
Jennifer Love Jewshit    11/23/19  (2)
get all of these alien, treasonous gooks, wogs, and jews out of this country    11/23/19  (1)
Why do some Jews have the name Scooter?    11/22/19  (1)
New Pacino Amazon show is about team of Jews and blacks killing evil whitey?    11/22/19  (1)
“WE WAS WANGZ” -jews in China    11/22/19  (1)
Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba: Jews must be "held accountable" (rolling ston    11/22/19  (4)
Jews like Upset Jew are far more bigoted than anyone    11/22/19  (2)
Jews hawked prostitutes and jewelry to the Arab Kingdom royal class for centurie    11/22/19  (4)
Is it still ok to jack it to hentai bc jews aren't involved in it?    11/22/19  (6)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    11/21/19  (145)
jews have over played their hand this time (vid)    11/21/19  (49)
Jews, we appreciate your concern re southern poverty, but you've done enough    11/21/19  (5)
All the Jews down in Jewville will all cry 'Boo-Hoo!'    11/21/19  (2)
Jews stfu or we will skin you all alive    11/20/19  (1)
Playgirl to release "The Jews of Impeachment" Centerfold Calendar    11/20/19  (6)
DBG you make Jews look reprehensible, arent there Talmudic against this? Serious    11/20/19  (28)
Adam Schiff, congressional Jews, all turning blue like Violet Beauregarde    11/20/19  (1)
Seems like all these witnesses have been jews or have terrible phenotypes    11/20/19  (5)
So instead of being neurotic spazzes, Hitler wanted jews to enjoy labouring?    11/20/19  (9)
Saying “No.” to Jews.    11/19/19  (2)
Jews make desert bloom, goyim MAF per usual    11/19/19  (1)
jews/elite demon class are moving too quick for their own good    11/19/19  (1)
Jews all starved in concentration camps because the food was so bad    11/19/19  (4)
Asian Americans are smarter and have higher income than Jews    11/19/19  (20)
Kayne West at Joel Osteen’s service: Protect your kids from Hollywood Jews    11/19/19  (8)
Stop. Poasting. Mean. Things. About. Jews.    11/19/19  (1)
LJL at the stupid goy in MFH bullied by Jews into abusing their own children    11/19/19  (1)
xo: asthmatic gooks and jews blathering about 'basketball'    11/18/19  (1)
So even in Jewish theology Jews get kicked out of America, right?    11/18/19  (16)
Biz Idea: Hedge fund but a bunch of horny Jews buttfuck your wife    11/18/19  (3)
Hey lets lisp about “No True Conservative” while Jews genocide us    11/18/19  (1)
Why do Jews get so triggered when you show them your rosary?    11/18/19  (4)
So the Astros hired a bunch of Jews and started cheating like crazy?    11/17/19  (4)
Do big-time baller jews like Trump? kind of doubt it    11/17/19  (8)
Part of growing up is realizing the “crazy people” were right re Jews, gay e    11/16/19  (1)
ohhh grrr Jews did this grrr phenotypes grrrr where's my hair going grrr    11/15/19  (8)
"And for more election commentary, here are six Jews who hate Trump." (CNN)    11/15/19  (40)
getting a “flu shot” allows jews to control your mind for the next 12 months    11/15/19  (15)
If you subtract Jews, the average white IQ is 3 points lower than Hispanics    11/14/19  (19)
Armenians are jews minus 20 IQ points    11/14/19  (1)
Why do Jews fear/loathe Catholicism so much?    11/14/19  (52)
What exactly are the Jews sacrificing to their god on our behalf nowadays?    11/14/19  (1)
jews didnt do anything wrong    11/14/19  (1)
taxi driver but its a rly handsome guy banging jews at tufts    11/14/19  (13)

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