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any accounts of people sheltering gypsies in nazi germany like they did jews?    04/23/17  (1)
Got 4 Jews at sinagogue to admit Jews are bad    04/22/17  (9)
So XO is a bunch of bald jews on steroids that eat McDonalds every day?    04/21/17  (36)
Every country Jews go, there is anti-Semitism    04/19/17  (21)
jews have so much anxiety, hatred, mental illness. LJL    04/19/17  (6)
Jews: explain why your "whaling wall" is so far inland?    04/18/17  (6)
The G-d of the Jews is money    04/18/17  (3)
WARNING: the video ITT will get you red-pilled on Jews    04/18/17  (9)
Jews give Syrian girl a book deal for tweeting from war-torn Syria    04/15/17  (14)
Jews love for money    04/14/17  (2)
Are intermarried Jews less Jewishy?    04/14/17  (7)
Is there tension between intermarried and non-intermarried Jews?    04/13/17  (5)
ITT list of countries Jews have been kicked out from    04/12/17  (2)
Jews cut their dongs so they can become more feminine. Not flame (link)    04/12/17  (26)
Circumcision: intended to REDUCE sexual pleasure for both parties. Lol @ Jews.    04/12/17  (28)
Jews think everyone thinks like them so they are just screwing you before you    04/11/17  (6)
The relationship between Jews & Muslims is tight-knit    04/11/17  (5)
WARNING: link ITT will trigger Jews    04/11/17  (3)
Dr David Duke shreds Jews in tweet    04/11/17  (2)
Trump officially is controlled by Jews. New tweet proves it.    04/10/17  (12)
How happy are Jews that rural proles are dying in droves    04/09/17  (105)
Jews thoughts on this anti-war pic?    04/09/17  (3)
HYPOTHESIS: GOD made Jews evil so they can be persecuted and GASED    04/09/17  (1)
Do Mideast Jews put out (boor)?    04/08/17  (5)
Jews made Trump delete his anti-War with Syria tweets    04/08/17  (4)
Jews control the White House now    04/08/17  (3)
Arabic television is 180 (warning: will offend Jews)    04/08/17  (1)
The Jews are digging their own hole    04/07/17  (2)
Jews want Americans to fight a war for their own benefit    04/07/17  (7)
POLL: do you think Jews want war in Syria?    04/07/17  (1)
Hey xo, I warned you: Jews are no good    04/06/17  (3)
Dr David Duke lays a smack down re Jews & Syria    04/06/17  (3)
Are you going to let Jews deceive you into war with Syria?    04/06/17  (1)
Are the Jews going to trick Americans to go to war w/ Syria?    04/06/17  (3)
International Jews donate millions to Israel    04/06/17  (4)
Jews want war with Syria    04/06/17  (4)
ITT: PICS of JEWS crying!!!!!!!    04/06/17  (37)
Jews love to defame ppl after being offended    04/04/17  (25)
We need more pogroms for Jews    04/04/17  (7)
Jews scam people all the time    04/04/17  (3)
the intersection between current anglo elites, mormons, and jews is kabalah myst    04/03/17  (2)
hilarious that jews abhor guns when its guns that will save them from pogrom    04/01/17  (4)
DONT GIVE MONEY TO JEWS    03/31/17  (35)
Teaching white people about Jews    03/29/17  (2)
Jews belong in Israel or the oven. Preferably the oven.    03/29/17  (4)
Scholar: Multiculturalism will bite Jews in the ass    03/28/17  (7)
"Richard, 'the Jews are at our throats' is not an excuse. Go clean your room."    03/28/17  (34)
Rich, criminal Jews will cause poorer Jews to be slaughtered in the next pogrom.    03/27/17  (1)
This professor literally writes all his scholarship on the Jews &a their scams    03/27/17  (3)
evolutionary Psychologist explains why Jews want mass immigration    03/27/17  (1)
Stereotyping Jews is terrible    03/25/17  (2)
Jews find Catholic women very, very attractive    03/23/17  (18)
VIDEO: Jews are trained when young to see themselves as non-white    03/23/17  (1)
Is a Muslim had made bomb threats against JCC, xo Jews would be going    03/23/17  (3)
Reminder: never EVER trust Jews    03/23/17  (3)
Jews made fun of me for speaking the truth    03/23/17  (3)
Hitler describes how Jews gain money    03/22/17  (1)
Would you live in Nazi Germany without Jews ?    03/21/17  (13)
As long as White Ppl are aware of Jewish shady business practices, Jews are    03/19/17  (2)
Jews explain the meaning of this image    03/19/17  (2)
When will Bannon kill the GS Jews perverting Trump?    03/18/17  (2)
I don't believe Ashkenazi jews came from Israel    03/18/17  (28)
Jews need to be deloused    03/17/17  (1)
White people are much bettter off without Jews    03/17/17  (13)
The main advantage with Jews is our pacifist nature    03/17/17  (8)
Why do Jews love to live in apartments?    03/16/17  (23)
Board Jews: do you fear Jewish intermarrying with goyim    03/16/17  (29)
The Roach Approach: Jews Swarming Over Emerging Neighborhoods    03/16/17  (15)
JEws dominate the Los Angeles city council    03/16/17  (16)
Everywhere Jews go, they are wealthy    03/16/17  (2)
Jews say Israel belongs to them, but never say USA belongs to Native Americans    03/09/17  (2)
LOL at irony of racist poasters complaining about Jews    03/08/17  (1)
Don't you faggots see that Jews hoarding all the wealth is bad?    03/08/17  (4)
evan39 when did you realize Jews are involved in everything bad    03/08/17  (7)
Nobody talks about how German Jews all named themselves after Jewelry    03/06/17  (25)
Jews literally displaced white christians who ran America    03/04/17  (2)
Jews don't create things. They just alter existing things for profit.    03/04/17  (1)
HuffPo: Why Did Jews Become Moneylenders? Because They Could    03/03/17  (12)
Rate these Jews at Harvard Law    02/28/17  (6)
Jews want these images of the Holocaust banned from Twitter    02/27/17  (3)
Why do Jews take pride in deceiving the "low-IQ" goyim?    02/27/17  (6)
POLL: do u think 6million Jews died during Holocaust ???    02/25/17  (21)
Jews like these, I like    02/25/17  (1)
Being forced to watch Fiddler on the Rooftop in 5th grade made me hate Jews    02/22/17  (5)
Jews want America to hate Iran because it sees it as a threat to Israel    02/17/17  (79)
Americans will become anti-Semitic if they investigate why Jews were hated in    02/17/17  (2)
Why do so many Jews become intermediaries or consultants or advisors    02/15/17  (5)
Why is Trump surrounding himself around young Jews?    02/12/17  (11)
Bill Deblasio rallies for #jewsforrefugees    02/12/17  (1)
#jewsforrefugees Is trending on Twitter    02/12/17  (2)
Jews' can persuade ppl by pursuing "peace" & "love" & "equality&quo    02/12/17  (1)
Jews love to slander you when you call them out    02/11/17  (6)
MFH Jews set up "gallery of migrants' backpacks" to milk sympathy from goyim    02/11/17  (4)
Jews will kill Trump if he continues his anti-Israeli settlement sentiment    02/11/17  (5)
Dear Jews, how mad does pic make you?    02/10/17  (13)
Jews work together to ensure THEIR businesses run smoothly    02/09/17  (14)
1940s documentary by Europeans on Jews    02/09/17  (45)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    02/09/17  (202)
Dr David Duke: Jews want war w Iran, & would welcome Iranian refugees    02/08/17  (2)
Which one of u wrote JEWS BELONG IN THE OVEN in MFH subway?    02/05/17  (4)
Jews invented fractional reserve banking    02/05/17  (1)
Jews are incredibly good at popularizing something for monetary gain    02/01/17  (23)
Who gets the $$$ in interest from America's national debt? JEWS    02/01/17  (2)
Jews want war with Iran    01/29/17  (3)
Jews want Americans to hate Muslims but Jews are the real enemy    01/29/17  (3)
Libs gassing jews with Zyklon B to protest Trump    01/28/17  (2)
PSA: Jews don't aim to destroy the white race    01/23/17  (7)
PSA: Jews hate Nationalism    01/22/17  (11)
Neoconservatism was literally invented by Jews    01/22/17  (7)
Jews and Israel are not America's friends... why can't whitey see this?    01/22/17  (4)
Jews want white men to think this is normal    01/21/17  (1)
This new Trump tweet will piss off all Jews & Israelis    01/20/17  (1)
Solomon just got mentioned twice. Jews will build the 3rd temple.    01/20/17  (1)
"THEIR victories, THEIR triumphs" = THE JEWS/ISRAEL    01/20/17  (1)
Trump's reference to "small group of ppl" = THE JEWS    01/20/17  (3)
David Icke documentary : The Lizards and The Jews    01/20/17  (1)
Are Jews to blame for the surge in student loan debt ?    01/19/17  (3)
Jews pulled a huge scam leading up to the 2008 market crash    01/17/17  (8)
I never realized at the time that 80s portrayal of "nerds" in movies was Jews    01/16/17  (51)
PSA Jews: this will happen to you once Americans realize the nature of the Jew    01/15/17  (2)
I just paid $290.15 in renters insurance... LJL Jews    01/05/17  (8)
Jews will get gassed in 2017    01/01/17  (2)
PSA: Jews overthrew the Russian Czar to implement communism and to...    12/29/16  (3)
PSA: Stalin turned against the Jews so the Jew turned against soviet communism    12/29/16  (1)
Why don't Israeli Jews look anything like New York Jews?    12/28/16  (3)
So "Hanukah" is a fake holiday Jews made up out of jealousy?    12/26/16  (9)
I saw a bunch of Jews today wearing yarmulke    12/25/16  (2)
Damn, Trump is really pandering to the jews...    12/24/16  (11)
Rate this quote from POTUS Harry Truman re Jews    12/24/16  (4)
Jews would be much happier if they embraced Christmas    12/23/16  (3)
Talmud encourages Jews to charge interest only to non-Jews    12/23/16  (17)
DBG why do jews fall for cults so easily? Tons of Jews died at Jonestown etc    12/19/16  (9)
Jews killed Biggie & Tupac    12/18/16  (4)
PSA Jews: Trump chooses his 2 goy kids to run his business    12/13/16  (11)
Jews/Israel are responsible for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan    12/11/16  (2)
Bloated shrews, nasal jews, and fake news    12/11/16  (1)
Jews play the victim to cheat & steal from goyim    12/10/16  (1)
Comprehensive list of non prole Jews    12/08/16  (1)
Why do Jews feel the need to screw people out of their money?    12/07/16  (27)
Senator McCarthy knew Jews ran Hollywood    12/07/16  (2)
Jews push for GLOBALIZATION because it benefits them & them alone    12/07/16  (1)
Jews literally invented investment banking    12/07/16  (1)
Jews promote social degeneracy to make a couple bucks    12/04/16  (7)
Hilarious how Europeans gassed, persecuted, & oppressed Jews    12/03/16  (16)
Scientists: Finnish people have highest IQ in the world. Jews nowhere close (li    12/03/16  (71)
Scholar's solution to Middle East problem: give ME to the Jews    11/28/16  (2)
Destroying the west is the ultimate goal of Jews    11/27/16  (2)
Jews are the nicest, most philanthropic, least violent people    11/24/16  (17)
Why do people believe jews support immigration of low IQ trash?    11/24/16  (1)

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