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This new Trump tweet will piss off all Jews & Israelis    01/20/17  (1)
Solomon just got mentioned twice. Jews will build the 3rd temple.    01/20/17  (1)
"THEIR victories, THEIR triumphs" = THE JEWS/ISRAEL    01/20/17  (1)
Trump's reference to "small group of ppl" = THE JEWS    01/20/17  (3)
David Icke documentary : The Lizards and The Jews    01/20/17  (1)
Are Jews to blame for the surge in student loan debt ?    01/19/17  (3)
"Richard, 'the Jews are at our throats' is not an excuse. Go clean your room."    01/19/17  (26)
Jews pulled a huge scam leading up to the 2008 market crash    01/17/17  (8)
I never realized at the time that 80s portrayal of "nerds" in movies was Jews    01/16/17  (51)
PSA Jews: this will happen to you once Americans realize the nature of the Jew    01/15/17  (2)
So XO is a bunch of bald jews on steroids that eat McDonalds every day?    01/13/17  (9)
I just paid $290.15 in renters insurance... LJL Jews    01/05/17  (8)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    01/04/17  (200)
Jews will get gassed in 2017    01/01/17  (2)
PSA: Jews overthrew the Russian Czar to implement communism and to...    12/29/16  (3)
PSA: Stalin turned against the Jews so the Jew turned against soviet communism    12/29/16  (1)
Why don't Israeli Jews look anything like New York Jews?    12/28/16  (3)
So "Hanukah" is a fake holiday Jews made up out of jealousy?    12/26/16  (9)
I saw a bunch of Jews today wearing yarmulke    12/25/16  (2)
Damn, Trump is really pandering to the jews...    12/24/16  (11)
Rate this quote from POTUS Harry Truman re Jews    12/24/16  (4)
Jews would be much happier if they embraced Christmas    12/23/16  (3)
Talmud encourages Jews to charge interest only to non-Jews    12/23/16  (17)
DBG why do jews fall for cults so easily? Tons of Jews died at Jonestown etc    12/19/16  (9)
Jews killed Biggie & Tupac    12/18/16  (4)
PSA Jews: Trump chooses his 2 goy kids to run his business    12/13/16  (11)
Jews/Israel are responsible for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan    12/11/16  (2)
Bloated shrews, nasal jews, and fake news    12/11/16  (1)
Jews play the victim to cheat & steal from goyim    12/10/16  (1)
Nobody talks about how German Jews all named themselves after Jewelry    12/08/16  (8)
Comprehensive list of non prole Jews    12/08/16  (1)
Why do Jews feel the need to screw people out of their money?    12/07/16  (27)
Senator McCarthy knew Jews ran Hollywood    12/07/16  (2)
Jews push for GLOBALIZATION because it benefits them & them alone    12/07/16  (1)
Jews literally invented investment banking    12/07/16  (1)
Jews promote social degeneracy to make a couple bucks    12/04/16  (7)
Hilarious how Europeans gassed, persecuted, & oppressed Jews    12/03/16  (16)
Scientists: Finnish people have highest IQ in the world. Jews nowhere close (li    12/03/16  (71)
Scholar's solution to Middle East problem: give ME to the Jews    11/28/16  (2)
Destroying the west is the ultimate goal of Jews    11/27/16  (2)
Jews are the nicest, most philanthropic, least violent people    11/24/16  (17)
Why do people believe jews support immigration of low IQ trash?    11/24/16  (1)
PSA minorities: Alt-Right only hates Jews, not you    11/22/16  (18)
Jews are the reason America is losing    11/21/16  (4)
Goebbels:A judgment is being visited upon the Jews that, while barbaric, is full    11/21/16  (4)
Jews are garbage    11/15/16  (4)
Jews led the Bolshevik revolution in Russia    11/14/16  (5)
Jews invented communism    11/11/16  (11)
Jews are scum    11/11/16  (2)
PSA: Jews were only 1/12th of the population in Ancient Israel    11/11/16  (5)
Jews and Baby Boomers are the fucking worst to happen to the USA    11/07/16  (1)
Why are Jews so fucking good at scamming ppl from their money?    10/29/16  (21)
Once Jews took over corporations, they immediately became greedy    10/29/16  (4)
Jews are literally destroying America from the inside    10/28/16  (6)
Theory: Trump ahead by 35 %age points; Jews in overdrive; Kike heads gonna roll.    10/25/16  (22)
PSA to Jews: shit like this is the reason your people get persecuted (PIC)    10/17/16  (4)
Reminder: both California U.S. Senators are Jews    10/16/16  (11)
DailyStormer has a meme about Jews being feces-obsessed. DBG is proof of this.    10/14/16  (6)
Jews bring decadence and immorality to Western societies    10/14/16  (1)
do Jews literally kill chickens during Yom Kippur    10/13/16  (15)
Jews are fucking disgusting    10/12/16  (4)
The degeneracy DBG brings to XO is the depravity Jews bring to America    10/11/16  (17)
Why do Jews insert paper inside the wall in Jerusalem    10/11/16  (2)
Do Mideast Jews put out (boor)?    10/10/16  (4)
Why are evangelicals so obsessed with Israel/Jews?    10/08/16  (2)
ITT: PICS of JEWS crying!!!!!!!    10/07/16  (33)
fag: 5 times fags: 1 time nigger: 14 times blacks: 2 times jews: 14 times jew: 9    10/06/16  (1)
Tim Kaine praised the Iran Deal last night. Jews are MAF    10/05/16  (2)
The Talmud commands the Jews to use the goyim for their benefit    10/02/16  (7)
Trump appeals to Jews and kikes in Israel    10/02/16  (10)
PSA: Jews are bigoted against everyone non-Jewish    09/26/16  (2)
Jews pretending to be white exposed on Twitter    09/24/16  (13)
Reminder: Talmud doesn't make Jews smarter    09/21/16  (1)
If Jews are smart why are Notre dame, Georgetown better than yeshiva.    09/21/16  (15)
Jerusalem Post: MFH Jews call for open borders (but not for Israel)    09/19/16  (5)
LA TIMES: Is Hollywood run by Jews? You bet!    09/19/16  (1)
Terrorists have cut the jewish wire around MFH. Jews are dying in the streets    09/17/16  (2)
why are ppl turning on Jews during the 2016 election?    09/17/16  (33)
Any bald dadbod jews wanna talk sports?    09/17/16  (3)
Why are Jews so gullible when it comes to food    09/16/16  (16)
How Jews Addicted China To Opiates    09/16/16  (1)
Lots of Sephardic Jews look Mexican    09/15/16  (4)
POLL: you you think Jews have too much influence in America?    09/14/16  (1)
how Jews Destroyed Tim Tebow    09/14/16  (12)
180 response to anti-Trump Jews: "the ovens just got 10 degrees hotter"    09/12/16  (3)
VICE NEWS: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel    09/12/16  (1)
did trump use ivanka to satisfy his debts to the jews in order to speak freely    09/10/16  (4)
Corpse harvesting Jews like RSF need to be gassed    09/10/16  (1)
Why do Jews have very distinct brown-color eyes?    09/06/16  (14)
evan39 isnt the PNW nice with no jews    09/04/16  (14)
Ljl at jews watching tennis while football is on    09/01/16  (2)
I realized why jews like pastrami. it weighs less    09/01/16  (38)
Why do Jews want to expand Israel    08/26/16  (4)
Do actual smart Jews look down on the ones that made their money in Hollywood    08/25/16  (3)
Reminder: Jews invented communism    08/24/16  (3)
Jews literally support superdelegates    08/24/16  (3)
Jews are doing a darn good job diverting attention away from Israel    08/23/16  (3)
Reminder: Jews have divided white people since Europe    08/22/16  (1)
Jews want greater Israel    08/22/16  (1)
Reminder: Jews are incredibly good at diverting attention away from themselve    08/20/16  (2)
Jews are starting WW3    08/20/16  (4)
Jewish scholar: French Jews feel Tel Avi is more home than Paris    08/20/16  (3)
Jews - explain this article re Trump    08/17/16  (2)
Jews in their 30s and 40s are incredibly vile, condescending, & selfish    08/15/16  (10)
Lol at people who think Jews are using blacks/muslims to hurt white non-jews    08/15/16  (5)
NBC jews tape delaying the olympics that are being played 1 time zone away Ljl    08/11/16  (11)
Biz idea: a message board where Asians and Jews can pretend to be white Chads    08/11/16  (8)
WATCH: which is worse: nigs or Jews?    08/11/16  (1)
Arnold Schoenberg's shitty "music" is the whole reason Hitler hated Jews    08/09/16  (11)
crazy how many prole jews are dying of heroin overdoses    08/06/16  (5)
Europeans CANT claim Europe as theirs; but Jews CAN claim Israel as theirs    08/06/16  (6)
Why did Nazis have to gas Jews; should have just denied penis sleeves    08/04/16  (1)
Why is it ok for jews to espouse HITLER-esque racial purification/eugenics?    08/01/16  (3)
DBG = how jews actually are    07/31/16  (5)
DBG: thoughts on Orthodox Jews ?    07/31/16  (4)
Martin Luther liked the Jews before he read the Talmud    07/30/16  (6)
Jews have been castigated by God for thousands of years YET    07/30/16  (3)
Jews divide races of people because    07/29/16  (8)
Reminder: Jews did the Bolshevik Revolution cause Russians oppressed them    07/28/16  (2)
Jews are dumber on average than Finns, English, German, Dutch, etc    07/27/16  (4)
Reminder: Trump sold his daughter to jews for RE debts    07/26/16  (4)
Reminder: The Jews are responsible for the 2016 DNC convention    07/25/16  (9)
Protip: Both Hillary and Trump sold their daughters to criminal Jews    07/24/16  (5)
prole tell: not enforcing a "no Jews" policy in your house    07/24/16  (1)
The CIA used to be run by chill Yale bros now faggy mormons and jews    07/21/16  (45)
1940s documentary by Europeans on Jews    07/21/16  (42)
Twitter >>> Facebook ... Why? Twitter ain't controlled by Jews    07/20/16  (1)
Goyim - wake up pls! Jews have found oil reserves in the Syrian border    07/19/16  (6)
JEWS outnumber BLACKS in Brooklyn housing projects.    07/17/16  (5)
Jews are doing a great job of destroying America    07/17/16  (1)
Pence is controlled by Israel, Jews, AIPAC, and Netanyahu    07/17/16  (11)
Jews are benefitting from these Terrorist attacks in France    07/17/16  (89)
Why don't schools teach WHY Hitler hated the Jews?    07/16/16  (7)
Does the Talmud command Jews to deceive the goyim?    07/16/16  (1)
Jews are worse than Muslims    07/15/16  (1)
What have Jewsinvented that has benefitted Society?    07/14/16  (50)
Reminder: Jews thrive on BIG government    07/13/16  (1)
Reminder: Jews are waging war in the Middle East to expand Israel    07/11/16  (19)
SoCal Jews control the wealth in Southern California    07/10/16  (1)
Here is a list of the different types of Jews    07/09/16  (19)
it's incredibly how much Jews hate the white race    07/09/16  (1)
DBG - I really need u to rate this Rabbi lecturing on why Hitler hated Jews    07/08/16  (7)
Blacks are finally seeing how Jews trigger them via the media to kill    07/08/16  (2)
PSA: Geroge W. Bush Administration were mostly Jews    07/07/16  (4)
Why does TMZ only hire newbish Jews?    07/06/16  (6)
I wish Jews would make some movies or TV or books about being Jewish    07/05/16  (6)
What is the end game for the Jews? When enough Whites+minorities wake up what is    07/05/16  (43)
Why do the Jews always want to overthrow the bourgeois???    07/03/16  (10)
Why do Jews bring up irrelevant points in arguments to try to win    07/01/16  (26)
Henceforth, I will call all Jews "lampshades" HTH    06/26/16  (3)

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