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The NFL is garbage..America is garbage 🗑 and it's sad    07/17/24  (2)
what a charmed life Vance has led, how did he cop 'combat correspondent' straigh    07/17/24  (1)
Pat Mahomo is an overrated fraud whom lucked out and can fuck off    07/17/24  (1)
lol singular digital footprint is a Blackrock commercial    07/17/24  (1)
20 yr old shooters body buried at sea    07/17/24  (3)
Only question that matters is what's Vance's law school if he wasnt Marine    07/17/24  (8)
barack:"michelle u still in the shower? what is this, uh, gorillas in the mist?"    07/17/24  (164)
Rach protecting us from Deep State with slanted backslash roof    07/17/24  (10)
Bangladesh is having deadly riots over AFFIRMATIVE ACTION    07/17/24  (2)
CONSUELA VINDICATED: David Sacks, Elon Musk, and Tucker Carlson chose JD Vance    07/17/24  (45)
$hould $hooter$ Boi hole been rented out instead?    07/17/24  (1)
Pretty sick most (((people))) and the masses are responsible for retarded shit    07/17/24  (2)
RIP TT    07/17/24  (2)
Korean WH official sells out US for luxury handbags    07/17/24  (20)
Oh wow let’s make weird uniforms!    07/17/24  (3)
Insane masses of retards allow this shit..ljl    07/17/24  (2)
Boner: Activated.    07/17/24  (1)
Taking POOLSIDE Qs from XO ST TROPEZ (RSF)    07/17/24  (68)
Harbin Jewish Cemetery    07/17/24  (5)
can anyone make out the brand on vivek's jacket here (pic)    07/17/24  (22)
It's all dump luck, theft and fraud..which is very sad    07/17/24  (1)
All fraud..do it all right..continual progression&get fucked    07/17/24  (1)
The assassination attempt happened too early    07/17/24  (9)
Back in middle school my friend and I wanted to start a pink band called    07/17/24  (2)
Big black guys with big black cawks stare over urinal&compliment my cawk    07/17/24  (3)
To me "real estate" is a scum industry    07/17/24  (1)
“Tall Hypnosis” is the new trend for guys sub-6’    07/17/24  (5)
ITT we predict how the CIA is going to kill Trump    07/17/24  (10)
SS Director: “Unsafe to put someone on a sloped roof”    07/17/24  (117)
The “Deep State” wants Trump in office    07/17/24  (11)
Best article on the fraud hoax “Great Inversion” so far (link)    07/17/24  (1)
the unguarded roof seems weirder and weirder to me    07/17/24  (72)
JD Vance attacking DC elites over their "indoor shitters"    07/17/24  (2)
"THAT'S A SHRAMP FORK MEEMAW! FOR SHRAMPS!!" (jd vance)    07/17/24  (36)
Taking MOUNTAINSIDE Qs from XO ALBUQUERQUE (FizzKidd)    07/17/24  (42)
Assassination Theory: Deep State is like a Dog Chasing a Car    07/17/24  (4)
Terrible choice of ear bandage. Really awful. Looks like Maxi pad. He needs to    07/17/24  (1)
In 2024 we literally have like a half dozen XO poasters as major players in the    07/17/24  (1)
Just How Far Will Grizzlies Roam? As Far As People Will Tolerate    07/17/24  (5)
“Oh god the ball bounced off the Tall man’s head HOMEEEEE RUN”    07/17/24  (2)
New Band idea “Screaming for Tall Men”    07/17/24  (1)
a certain “chill” 5.56mm strawberry jam round    07/17/24  (3)
The bitter truth is that I'm a fat man    07/17/24  (30)
Olivier Martinez circa Paul, Apostle of Christ (tp) 🪴    07/17/24  (2)
The Terry Bollea of transactional attorneys    07/17/24  (1)
Do UMich law bros date hot jappy UMich undergrads    07/17/24  (4)
Jappy Shrews seem to be really into the following jobs right now:    07/17/24  (8)
"No worries, I get it! Spark wasn't there. Btw, can you be my emergency contact    07/17/24  (124)
libs of tiktok is an unmitigated, unrecoverable 180. would wife    07/17/24  (2)
theory: libs are living thru "I Know What You Did Last Election"    07/17/24  (14)
Trump wore the bandage on the WRONG EAR for night 2 of RNC!!    07/17/24  (3)
Chilmata check your email    07/17/24  (1)
Philippines named a college after Emilio    07/17/24  (6)
Re-watched First 2 Seasons Of CURB. Some Observations    07/17/24  (26)
Tires of the bullshit! I'm on your side my friends! Please fight    07/17/24  (4)
I'm on team Swift! Haters gonna hate    07/17/24  (4)
Cut the fucking crap! It's all mine and yours    07/17/24  (1)
(They did the vance) They did the monster vance    07/17/24  (2)
Wife of guy who left his kid in car is a hot doctor with big tits and tattoos    07/17/24  (10)
Theory: they almost killed Trump solely to trigger Ricky's schizophrenia    07/17/24  (1)
You honestly have to respect JD Vance's political rise    07/17/24  (4)
Someone should put down Reddit Ricky like Old Yeller, do the guy a favor    07/17/24  (10)
Emilio is a 23 yo zoomer named jayduhnn with a playboy bunny neck tattoo    07/17/24  (29)
May or may not be fucking a new 37 yr old SHREW with C cups, taking ?s ITT    07/17/24  (6)
“They’re all fags,” I shouted to Emilio tp across the lawn. “And you’r    07/17/24  (24)
JD Vance is sharp as fuck - video    07/17/24  (5)
Somebody bump the thread where gunnerattt sperged for 50 poasts abt JD Vance bad    07/17/24  (3)
Big budget anime whose premise is an RFK/Rodgers presidency (link)    07/17/24  (3)
Amerikkkan population is of relatively "low quality" by Western $tandards    07/17/24  (9)
Hiring managers, do you hire ppl that look like out of "central casting?"    07/17/24  (6)
Fukk AMerikka & FUck Interstate "Freeways" & Death to Buc-ee’s    07/17/24  (3)
Death to Amerikka..Fuck Buc-ee's...Fuk tow frauds...Fuk grizz    07/17/24  (2)
Fuck Amerikkkan interstates....even the so-called "Beautiful" ones    07/17/24  (2)
BREAKING: F&G confirms the first Grizzly Bear sighting west of I-15 in the Upper    07/17/24  (2)
Moose on Northern Plains? Three have been spotted in Nunn    07/17/24  (2)
every year it seems Fish & Games confirms grizz sighting in a new area    07/17/24  (8)
Buc-ee's sues former employee for breaching lengthy employment contract early    07/17/24  (2)
Buc-ee's owner room full of tvs displaying camera feed from each location    07/17/24  (2)
Buc-ee's guy wearing beaver outfit makes something like $65,000/yr    07/17/24  (2)
Buc-ee's = best place to poop on nasty "INterstate"... That's it    07/17/24  (2)
Buc-ee's = glorified truck stop...    07/17/24  (4)
Romney enters GOP convention to "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" by DMX.    07/17/24  (52)
South Dakota's Wall Drug is 100x better than any freaking Buc-ee fraud    07/17/24  (3)
Buc-ee's=freaking cult on the same level of Apple shills and cryptocurrency bull    07/17/24  (2)
I thought Trump prioritized "Central Casting" re: appointments? VP=Vance?!?!?    07/17/24  (5)
Fucking Buc-ee's...middle nowhere..prole population density of Tokyo.    07/17/24  (14)
HYPO: How much $ to drive solo from S. Africa to India?    07/17/24  (31)
NOT FLAME this biglaw partner is a swinger (link)    07/17/24  (40)
I strive to embody Caucasian Ben Carson energy in my daily life    07/17/24  (1)
is there an unedited pic of the shooter w/ brains spilling out?    07/17/24  (1)
Trump's BRAINS being splattered all over on LIVE TV wld have been EPIC    07/17/24  (17)
i am in bristol, VA all week (zurich)    07/17/24  (20)
japan shoulve invaded russia not attack pearl harbor. retarded suckers    07/17/24  (2)
Ain't no such things as Crooks, scared to death scared to climb roofs they shook    07/17/24  (5)
hamas surrenders to idf to save innocent palestinian lives    07/17/24  (17)
Not a big conspiracy guy but don't think Pearl Harbor actually happened.    07/17/24  (2)
Shots ring out in Obama's Kenya    07/17/24  (2)
Best RNC speakers so far: Vivek, Madeline Brine    07/17/24  (2)
"As my wife would say, Mrs. aska---uhh vance--"    07/17/24  (2)
Remember 3-4 yrs ago askav was huge shitlib?    07/17/24  (31)
After sitting in gay tbills the past 2 years I’m finally gonna DCA into SPX    07/17/24  (1)
Hey MASE I’m gonna email your burner right after I get off the turlet    07/17/24  (2)
The roof of history is long, but it slopes toward justice    07/17/24  (5)
Sniper who shot Crooks commits suicide    07/17/24  (4)
Hey MASE look at your boi Thiel getting dragged all over social media right now    07/17/24  (1)
This Biglaw Associate Is Bred For Checking Commas (Link)    07/17/24  (8)
Japan could have easily won WWII on December 7, 1941 by invading Russia    07/17/24  (9)
Eargate    07/17/24  (1)
The roof, the roof, the roof it slopes higher, we don't need no level    07/17/24  (1)
Crooks had Sharpied ‘Sekret Surviss’ T-Shirt, Further Confusing Response (li    07/17/24  (3)
Back in my holler, we didn’t know they was different types of oriental.    07/17/24  (6)
disco fries i just paid a $700 "special assessment" homeowners tax    07/17/24  (4)
so shooter made explosives despite having no training or search history for it?    07/17/24  (30)
GRINDR use suuuuurging during RNC convention    07/17/24  (1)
(((Vance))): "Time to go die in an Iran war, goyim"    07/17/24  (13)
"No, log them out after nine seconds" (rach)    07/17/24  (209)
increasingly have to remind myself what year it is    07/17/24  (2)
this is the kind of policing we need to see come back under Trump 2.0 (vid)    07/17/24  (2)
The Audacity of Slope    07/17/24  (3)
Why aren't all fats on Ozempic? Obesity crisis in this country is over.    07/16/24  (1)
BigFed Bros: How Much Goes GC Of A Minor Fed Agency Make?    07/16/24  (11)
Guy who left daughter to die in hot car was playing Playstation    07/16/24  (13)
ITT: watch an alpha female put a beta bitch boi (JD Vance) in his place    07/16/24  (1)
Jim Cramer pleads for retail investors to go “all in” on stock market (vid)    07/16/24  (2)
538 Election Model: Trump has insurmountable lead    07/16/24  (6)
We Welcome JD Vance's Nomination (JPoast Editorial Bd)    07/16/24  (1)
Just got pissed tf off thinking about Pearl Harbor    07/16/24  (21)
RATE my dog AND garden (TSINAH)    07/16/24  (11)
What happened to that boeing spaceship that was having problems?    07/16/24  (1)
moderna offers 15% discount on monthly booster plan when you pay full year in ad    07/16/24  (43)
Have any fats here lost weight on Ozempic?    07/16/24  (2)
"We are the party of the Rule of Law, now where's Trump, get out here u felon"    07/16/24  (4)
All Quiet on the Western Slope    07/16/24  (5)
RATE my dog (TSINAH)    07/16/24  (7)
The feeling of excitement to get a blank bump fading when u realize its MPA and    07/16/24  (1)
here's probably what happened    07/16/24  (47)
Gay barber said Trump assassination attempt was planned by Trump's team    07/16/24  (28)
Reminder: the 2002 Brazil world cup team had 4 ballon d'or winners.    07/16/24  (1)
rate this description of the race of darth plagueis from star wars    07/16/24  (1)
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: Phillip Morris announces new $600m ZYN plant    07/16/24  (6)
KAREN - time for you to unretire and take out the T(rash)BF    07/16/24  (1)
Nobody can withstand TBF's incredible sarcasm and irony. Nobody.    07/16/24  (107)
Sarah Sanders and JD Vance fighting backstage for last vial of Ozempic    07/16/24  (1)
Got a FREE CPU that's supposed to be 180 for gayming no idea wtf to do w/ it    07/16/24  (1)
Avril Haines is the highest level US government official to endorse Iran theory    07/16/24  (5)
4 indictments and he's keeping his nom    07/16/24  (3)
Rate this good visual of how Trumps head movements narrowly escaped bullet    07/16/24  (1)
saving 4K a month living rent free in Consuelas head tp    07/16/24  (1)
Who is better physically: Vance or De Santis    07/16/24  (37)
Pussycat Karen has been gone for weeks and bitchboi TBF came back like a rodent    07/16/24  (1)

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