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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/16/19  (300)
Best New England Clam Chowder in Boston?    06/17/19  (8)
Truly bizarre how few American women that are actually feminine these days    06/17/19  (5)
Real tragedy of all this is that Kashuv won't get an .edu email yet    06/17/19  (3)
Assfaggot shaking off Asians girls like a pitcher to catcher signals    06/17/19  (20)
Sup faggots. Just cheatmoed with my oldest - an age adjusted 8+ 43 year old.    06/17/19  (19)
HOT: Faith Goldy    06/17/19  (41)
ITT: The biggest LIE you were told while interviewing for a job    06/17/19  (7)
Remember that gay Indian guy who wrote BLM 100 times and got into Stanford? LOL    06/17/19  (3)
Global warming is fraudulent but well-intentioned    06/17/19  (7)
Look at these shitlibs get knocked out with a helmet    06/17/19  (2)
Request: a "Tube" porn site, but it's all vids of Holdup solo-masturbation.    06/17/19  (7)
Did the English basically copy French culture? Or vice-versa?    06/17/19  (11)
This man feeds turtles at the pond every day. They recognize him. You?    06/17/19  (1)
when is the next golf major? 2 weeks?    06/17/19  (43)
Lol at Tucker putting up Avenatti tweets, checkmark and all, but changing name    06/17/19  (1)
Vaginal moistness correlates with dog interaction (link)    06/17/19  (1)
Why doesn’t Kyle Kashuv just build his own Ivy League university?    06/17/19  (3)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/17/19  (110)
"Haha, weird most people don't moan during this.." mused Peterman's proctologist    06/17/19  (1)
ATL writer BLASTS Oberlin verdict in surprisingly well-argued screed (link)    06/17/19  (27)
just saw a black person holding an umbrella    06/17/19  (2)
HONK HONK alert: "Kidz Bop" now does kiddie versions of Cardi B songs    06/17/19  (3)
Top 10 Tracks on Smash Ultimate    06/17/19  (2)
When this gen. of kids becomes teens, capeshit will be seen as lamest thing ever    06/17/19  (1)
not flame biglaw associate at firm yells out “DJ KAHLED!” at start of every    06/17/19  (2)
Would the goyem not watch Chernobyl if they spoke Russian?    06/17/19  (1)
Which college is gonna accept Kashuv now? The SJW backlash will be insane    06/17/19  (3)
“No, I heard this in VH-1. ‘Hurts so Good’ is about anal. Hi, who just joi    06/17/19  (4)
This inner world shit has genuinely changed my life    06/17/19  (5)
Bands whose debut album was their best    06/17/19  (66)
Can Kyle Kashuv get into any other school with this mark on his name    06/17/19  (10)
peterman at peak virility was twice as wealthy as CSLG and twice as not jewish    06/17/19  (10)
joe patrice = pathethic pussy betacuck FAGGOT    06/17/19  (2)
rec a movie i haven't seen    06/17/19  (50)
Are golden retrievers bad for ppl with allergies?    06/17/19  (3)
"whoa, cr friend!" cries whoa cr friend flicking his bean while I cum in his ass    06/17/19  (1)
Xo Norm fucking with OJ on twitter    06/17/19  (4)
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth (1941-2019):    06/17/19  (22)
'Whoa Cr Friend', 'uspo', Cain, giggling, bumping each other's gay erotica posts    06/17/19  (19)
Kyle Kashuv applies early decision to PragerU    06/17/19  (1)
how does ne become a "club promoter"? is that a trust fund gig    06/17/19  (7)
Can anyone tell me why it seems like so many Redditors have Cancer?    06/17/19  (2)
Gloria Vanderbilt is dead. Are there any Grand Dames left?    06/17/19  (5)
LMAO Kashuv matriculating at LIBERTY UNIVERSITY    06/17/19  (1)
Humanity should be investing most of its money into moving off of Earth    06/17/19  (22)
one time I spent two months listening to a gigantic nigger beat off for 2 months    06/17/19  (8)
acps tourettes eye twitch on HAMMER waiting for Alpha gf to comment on latest ED    06/17/19  (22)
44th president needs inauguration torn up he's in white gig    06/17/19  (23)
doobs in an incel killer sweater giggling coquettishly    06/17/19  (3)
How to raise children who don't fall for the GC scam?    06/17/19  (32)
Girls with a distended vagina like a turtle laying an egg    06/17/19  (1)
So this Zion Williamson fag is only 6'5? This is the future of the NBA?    06/17/19  (11)
how typical is this agwwg couple?    06/17/19  (5)
Michael Avenatti sued for allegedly siphoning paraplegic's $4 million settlement    06/17/19  (18)
Naked bloody Lena Dunham screeching as she takes ur 4 yr son away for tranny op    06/17/19  (1)
Guess the settlement for the car in the photo (CSLG)    06/17/19  (24)
What do you want instead of global capitalism?    06/17/19  (17)
lawman8:charles manson::xo poasters:manson family women    06/17/19  (1)
the Friendship Paradox explains beta angst    06/17/19  (19)
Taylor Swift thinks anti-LGBT people are toothless hillbillies (link)    06/17/19  (9)
Chopsticks fading from Kyle Kashuv’s future wedding reception photos    06/17/19  (22)
Date trannies for their mental health or you’re a bigot hth    06/17/19  (3)
Aaron Rodgers bitching to the media about his new coach (link)    06/17/19  (1)
Did nude Chernobyl miners become RADIATION FUCKFIENDS?    06/17/19  (3)
need people to do some real digging into the HUG admissions personnel    06/17/19  (27)
RATE this photo a reporter snagged of the Dallas gunman getting ready to attack    06/17/19  (16)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (nyt)    06/17/19  (15)
pizza faced xo geeks giggling, hi-fiving as they bump each other's shitposts    06/17/19  (3)
Virgin, kissless couple in their early 30s marry (is she too good for him?) vid    06/17/19  (6)
Best ORD bar?    06/17/19  (2)
Trump is absolutely right - shaking hands is disgusting and weird    06/17/19  (1)
So Richard Spencer ran open white nationalist shtick at Duke? Now kid gets dinge    06/17/19  (6)
Trump to offer $16 off annual subscription to Trump Style for all Angel Families    06/17/19  (2)
what exactly is "GC"?    06/17/19  (71)
found a vid of whoa cr friend (link)    06/17/19  (9)
Rate this sorority's house rules (DEVASTATING for shortmos)    06/17/19  (88)
animeboi needs shitpipe tore up hes on gay chatbort    06/17/19  (2)
What's a good brandable name for a 3rd political party?    06/17/19  (3)
hogg got accepted into harvard??? wtf    06/17/19  (1)
Should I smoke dmt?    06/17/19  (9)
President Trump to give Kashuv $35 off of application fee to Trump University    06/17/19  (4)
Antony know anything about being a VALUATION ASSOCIATE?    06/17/19  (2)
Yet another story of US tourists becoming violently ill at Dominican Republic (l    06/17/19  (1)
NIGggggggER fucking nig nig nigger nigger niGGERNiGgEr!!!!    06/17/19  (13)
Is smoking dmt before you die must see tv type shit?    06/17/19  (4)
bros something has to be done to return sanity to this clown world    06/17/19  (1)
180 that CNN going ballistic right now about Trump being a germaphobe    06/17/19  (1)
Should I try dmt?    06/17/19  (1)
BUY XRP NOW    06/17/19  (22)
Trump Space Force uniforms preview: rebranded NASA hoodies by American Apparel    06/17/19  (1)
Are any of you guys watvhing this jap show Knight Scoop?    06/17/19  (3)
   06/17/19  (125)
ITT: What is your favorite tool that you own?    06/17/19  (12)
america broke chink.. news at 11    06/17/19  (1)
One of the most 180 things about Korean shows is no commercials    06/17/19  (6)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE list of STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE:    06/17/19  (77)
If you retire early, SJW online mobs lose a lot of power over you    06/17/19  (7)
Just saw a Saturn on the road. They haven't been built since 2009.    06/17/19  (5)
The US just blew up an Iranian ship. War imminent.    06/17/19  (2)
Andrew Dice Clay was trying to dogpill America back in the 80s    06/17/19  (9)
1 in 200-300 pap smears have canine semen on them.    06/17/19  (35)
Catcher in the Rye is woke, teen realizes degeneracy that riddles his society    06/17/19  (12)
why is facial asymmetry so prevalent with Gen Z    06/17/19  (23)
who needs gigabit internet?    06/17/19  (11)
Anyone just laugh after reading "Into the Wild"?    06/17/19  (23)
the Empire State    06/17/19  (1)
Odd how xo is a leading site detailing the azn menace, yet so much of xo is azn.    06/17/19  (1)
Harvard rescinded Parkland Survivor's acceptance    06/17/19  (5)
Guy at work today got called to hr for asking black coworker about Father's Day    06/17/19  (1)
What happens to People who are targets of SJW Online Mobs and lose their jobs    06/17/19  (43)
who's ur favorite POTUS? personally mine is Donald Trump, he's 180!    06/17/19  (5)
Guess how many FBI/NSA agents post here    06/17/19  (18)
Outkast recording "B.O.T. (Bombs Over Tehran)"    06/17/19  (4)
*Me singing "Shenandoah" acapella to Lawman8 in a crowded theater*    06/17/19  (1)
Can David Brooks just have a heart attack or something    06/17/19  (1)
commute home is the loading screen for ur inner world    06/17/19  (14)
Rental properties = Insurance policy against Cancel/Call-Out Culture    06/17/19  (30)
Why can't jews do physical labor like construction?    06/17/19  (31)
The latest plague brought by lawbreaker immigrants: finch smuggling - link    06/17/19  (3)
Cute porn teen gets colon torn by cock, shits inside herself on video (link)    06/17/19  (1)
David Duchovny wrote directed and starred in 'House of D'    06/17/19  (1)
LMAO at these depo transcripts from the Oberlin Bakery case. Libs r insane    06/17/19  (22)
Does it make sense to have both a Roth IRA and a 401k?    06/17/19  (24)
Guy living in a First World country, taking questions ITT.    06/17/19  (344)
one of my friends moved 2 philippines and talks about how he has trad wife dream    06/17/19  (18)
Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted.mp3    06/17/19  (1)
Has the recession started?    06/17/19  (18)
*Backspace summoning LuAnn DeLesseps to do one more bump in bathroom in Palm Bea    06/17/19  (4)
Saddest GC gangbang I have seen: $200 "build your own lightsaber" at Disney    06/17/19  (41)
Are “dog moms” who fuck Fido guilty of incest?    06/17/19  (2)
Will Trump the cuck weigh in on Harvard and Kashuv?    06/17/19  (3)
ITT, I rank the top 5 states for the Most Prestigious Golf Courses.    06/17/19  (10)
*Buddy the Biglaw Golden Retriever railing bony law shrew in Cravath bathroom*    06/17/19  (7)
You fags want to see why it is so much fun to go to a Phish concert?    06/17/19  (1)
fat bitchy chicks - they just naturally fall into the "office manager" title    06/17/19  (1)
"Judges" are nothing but thugs in black dresses    06/17/19  (89)
zcash    06/17/19  (3)
5 ways Trumps godawful campaign has gone from dumpster fire to landfill inferno    06/17/19  (10)
What hope does the world have when even XO can’t define GC properly?    06/17/19  (12)
Russia says it will now kill American hackers wherever it finds them    06/17/19  (1)
Biz Idea: Get Detained For Not Stopping At Retail "Receipt Check," Sue For F.I.    06/17/19  (40)
Street juggler has woman throw him knife - what u expect happens (vid)    06/17/19  (5)
Why is every video out of China like some shitty 80's action movie?    06/17/19  (30)
Company I’m interviewing with forgot to invite me to onsite interview    06/17/19  (5)
Hate how weight room Chads are the only dudes winning golf majors these days    06/17/19  (6)
Alex Jones has a child porn problem.    06/17/19  (1)
Scientists discovers women age like shit    06/17/19  (48)
The new political party should be called the Goyim Party (Goy for short)    06/17/19  (1)
"Nine Times a Champion", by DBG    06/17/19  (14)
TRON is hiring. short quotemo you should apply    06/17/19  (2)

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