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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
In McDonald's drive thru line. Tell me what to get    02/25/18  (21)
Went through the drive thru    02/25/18  (9)
Hilliesandfraudery Clinton democracy tell drive thru workers now    02/25/18  (2)
McD drive thru: "Big Mac with one pattie, no middle bread-thing    02/25/18  (13)
Have you ever walked thru a drive thru?    02/25/18  (8)
does anyone else hear whispers coming out of the kfc drive thru speaker?    02/25/18  (3)
Drive thru abortion clinic set to open in Florida.    02/25/18  (2)
Biz idea: CVS/Walgreens type of store with drive thru for general goods    02/25/18  (17)
At chik fil a drive thru in SUV with pregnant wife. Going outlet shopping after    02/25/18  (6)
Why do proles often have a 5 min discussion when ordering at a drive thru?    02/25/18  (9)
Chick-fil-A drive thru girl was so cute and cheerful    02/25/18  (5)
Earl's Easter experience at the McDonalds drive thru.    02/25/18  (44)
PRO TIP don't go through "drive thru" at businesses they're a total rip off    02/25/18  (17)
Taco Bell drive thru negress put my hot coffee in a soda cup (w/straw)    02/25/18  (26)
Live poasting from the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for the next 20 mins    02/25/18  (12)
*orders 10 pc. chicken nuggets for $1.49 at Burger King drive thru*    02/25/18  (11)
"Drive thrus" are a fucking rip off go inside and take what you want    02/25/18  (4)
Really wanted to hit on the big booty latina in the jack in the box drive thru    02/25/18  (6)
1st time I went to Chick La Fe I thought the drive thru girl was flirting w me    02/25/18  (6)
"is that all of it?" ur wife whispers, teary-eyed, at end of Beethoven's 9th    02/25/18  (3)
Bolt Bus driver just took us thru drive thru at Burger King    02/25/18  (11)
sullen hardee's drive thru thug silently thrusts a bag of food at yr car window    02/25/18  (2)
Pro tip...alway$ go in$ide and never use a drive thru    02/25/18  (10)
Drive thru=the biggest scam never use a drive thru    02/25/18  (4)
Held up long drive thru line at McD's this morning playing the national anthem    02/25/18  (3)
wife always orders wierd ass shit going thru drive thru. Have to wait for order    02/25/18  (18)
Shaniqua accepting position for "Of Drive Thru" with McDonald's    02/25/18  (5)
Starbucks creepy drive thru video feeds are so weird    02/25/18  (6)
Boner Police in the drive thru singing Caroline No thinking about the McPick 2    02/25/18  (5)
Zero sets of footprints: ur in McDonalds drive thru listening 2 Brian Wilson    02/25/18  (7)
*The tenth white SUV enters the Starbucks drive thru line*    02/25/18  (2)
Remember when Jeb was begging for votes at a fast food drive thru?    02/25/18  (4)
"My pleasure!" (Chick Fil A drive thru attendant that's actually a live carp)    02/25/18  (5)
Utah Mormons scandalized by drive thru soda stands (not flame)    02/25/18  (50)
In a Rolls Royce right now with my gf at a drive thru getting a big mac    02/25/18  (5)
*blocks the exit of the ChickFilA drive thru* "i just want to see the world burn    02/25/18  (2)
I ordered a bunch of drinks at Starbucks drive thru, said guy behind me    02/25/18  (14)
IGWC mainlining my jizz    02/25/18  (3)
Boner Police going thru a montage of drive thrus like psychedelic 2001 space tun    02/25/18  (5)
sulky black manboys "working" the drive thru    02/25/18  (3)
hover round into mcd's drive thru. cut off the soccer mom escalade. chad mindset    02/25/18  (6)
WW2 was gay as shit when u think about it    02/25/18  (1)
You drive up to McDonald's. Giant mucus trail wraps around to the drive thru.    02/25/18  (4)
BP in drive thru: "yeah I'll have 4 mcdoubles andshamrock.."intrcom:"
;prior to jo
   02/25/18  (3)
literally poasting from chick-fil-a drive thru right now. lmao u gay ass libs    02/25/18  (4)
Mess With Emily performing live at the next xo meetup    02/25/18  (1)
considering dropping everything, getting a job working the drive thru at chic-fi    02/25/18  (3)
did you lol when you saw "Baconator...son of baconator" at wendy's drive thru?    02/25/18  (3)
Chandler, Don Kihote, chilmata, corp slave drive thru Taco Bell    02/25/18  (3)
Pres. Boner Police: "Now watch this drive." *pulls up to window at drive thru*    02/25/18  (2)
Tragic: Baby sacked up bank teller tube at Citibank drive thru    02/25/18  (4)
Love Wendys, but they treat drive thru better than in-store customers    02/25/18  (17)
How to get involved in public policy at local level without running for office?    02/25/18  (4)
Lawman8 honking horn at BK drive thru, calling car a buncha radical Islamic terr    02/25/18  (2)
Biz Idea: Fast Food restaurant with THREE (3) drive thru windows    02/25/18  (13)
Not racist but blacks shouldn't be allowed to use the drive thru    02/25/18  (6)
LOL airliner bombs Indian village with frozen shit    02/25/18  (10)
Faggot at drive thru said no when I asked him to fill out my survey, so I punche    02/25/18  (2)
The easiest place to rob someone would be at a fast food's drive thru    02/25/18  (3)
Wilbur rate me as a poster    02/25/18  (1)
*bloodacre singing "Chili's baby back ribs" while in drive thru at McDonald's*    02/25/18  (53)
Summon ACP    02/25/18  (7)
Drive thru liquor stores = 180    02/25/18  (2)
Girl behind drive thru at chic-fil-a, wholesome smile "It was my pleasure to    02/25/18  (38)
Taco bell drive thru girl has a really sexy voice. Really hope she's hot.    02/25/18  (6)
Bearded Doobs hits the drivethru for some softserve (pic)    02/25/18  (13)
White guy attempts to volunteer in the ghetto; is promptly mugged and murdered:    02/25/18  (28)
You must choose between Islam and Homosexuality for your children    02/25/18  (6)
my girlfriend still takes showers with her ex bf every morning    02/25/18  (7)
"is that all of it?" ur gf asks the Dr as he vacuums ur son out of her uterus    02/25/18  (1)
"Sunday Funday," RSF lisped as he took a duck face selfie for Instagram    02/25/18  (103)
Gavin Newsom is an insane shitlib. Vote Antonio Villareigosa for Ca Governor!!!+    02/25/18  (29)
Why so many rage poasters today?    02/25/18  (1)
Any other posters heavily into the OCCULT?    02/25/18  (40)
The difference between American and Swedish cultures are stark    02/25/18  (36)
Please explain why people think Amazon is so great    02/25/18  (29)
Spaceporn, your thoughts?    02/25/18  (1)
"It's like 'Civilization,' but instead of cities, it's Flying Js"    02/25/18  (8)
in light of how long we made stone tools, why doesnt it.come more naturally?    02/25/18  (2)
Libs: BLM is actually about a few LEOs being bad apples. Whites: How dare you!    02/25/18  (32)
Teenage girls DUTIFULLY washing their little vaginas    02/25/18  (8)
Saw Chad on date w/ avg white girl ditch her, Indian dude swooped in for scraps    02/25/18  (1)
Californiamos: vote for Antonio villareigosa for Mayor; Kevin De Leon for Senta    02/25/18  (7)
why do u guys ask if something obviously gay is gay or not? yes, its gay!    02/25/18  (1)
What is the most prestigious prole tell?    02/25/18  (11)
Haha Her ex keeps nagging her. Good for her that she's confronting him    02/25/18  (3)
I love dicks being shoved up my fart box. But I prefer BIG DICKS.    02/25/18  (11)
"hehe darnell was 6 inches and ur only 3" giggled ur 12 yr old 6th grade gf    02/25/18  (1)
Swedes spitting their snus out in disgust as USA scores 5 in curling    02/25/18  (9)
"is that all of it?" ur hs gf says as u place last piece of KKK outfit on her    02/25/18  (1)
me and alzabo having apocalyptic sex in bathroom as JJC shoots up school    02/25/18  (8)
your organic middle school gf getting blown out by darnell's 5 inch BBC    02/25/18  (2)
HYPO: Autocorrect changes thread title to your first and last name    02/25/18  (1)
O my brothers, r8 this weepy young malchick getting some of the old in-out (xo 3    02/25/18  (3)
"is that all of it?" ur wife demands as u sell last bit of crypto stash    02/25/18  (1)
A certain chill, fratty type of getting railed by white-collar POZpigs off linke    02/25/18  (2)
well, heres a way to get over the flu. just do 48 hrs in bed. it sucks.    02/25/18  (1)
toxic as fuck day on xo    02/25/18  (2)
Peterman, Your Thoughts?    02/25/18  (1)
ur 14 year old organic HS gf wincing w pain as u proudly shove the 4th inch in    02/25/18  (6)
Jim Kelly, Your Thoughts?    02/25/18  (1)
lol peterman has been editing/blanking his posts about austin bc we caught on    02/25/18  (17)
u and wife of 60 yrs dying within 1 wk of each other after a life well-lived    02/25/18  (3)
Your WIFE has had CHADS BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL in her PUSSY, ASS, MOUTH, over TITS    02/25/18  (7)
Metallica to announce fall North American tour tomorrow (link)    02/25/18  (2)
How fucked up is this? Dood finds pic of swinger mom servicing two BBCs    02/25/18  (61)
"is that all of it?" ur feminist gf asks as her u razor her head completely bare    02/25/18  (4)
"is it?" ur HS gf giggles as she teases the last drops out of ur teenage shaft    02/25/18  (7)
put kid to bed. wife still not home. im literally dying of flu and she left me a    02/25/18  (17)
you are an Unabummer    02/25/18  (1)
retarded hippies drinking "raw water" to "improve health"    02/25/18  (14)
Do u guys think warts on big nigger cocks are bigger than mine?    02/25/18  (1)
"Diversity is our strength!" *browns turn Democratic party into La Raza branch*    02/25/18  (2)
How can any intelligent person disagree with mismatch theory re: AA?    02/25/18  (15)
Yet ANOTHER mass-shooting in TTTrump's America - Republicans EXPLAIN:    02/25/18  (3)
Summary of the illegal Obama approved spying operation    02/25/18  (8)
CA democratic party won't endorse Feinstein    02/25/18  (34)
Do u rly think chad gives a 2nd thought about ur future wife he banged 1 night?    02/25/18  (3)
Workout bros - CR protein powder on Amazon?    02/25/18  (19)
jim kelly do u have white siblings w/ white children? hope so for ur dad's sake.    02/25/18  (2)
Reminder that there is no legal way to save white america from invasion    02/25/18  (4)
"I want to grow old.." *cop dropping gun & sprinting from active HS shooter site    02/25/18  (1)
you know when yr kid gets in that screamy dancy jump-over-the-ottoman mood    02/25/18  (2)
Today I told IFNB superstar Yann Perrod about the Honda CR-V    02/25/18  (1)
Did 8 years of Obama turn San Francisco into a literal AIDS ridden shithole?    02/25/18  (4)
xo ted is clearly the smartest person alive    02/25/18  (14)
"I've got kids who depend on me" said the FL cop as he waited safely outside    02/25/18  (5)
10:44 pm: "that guy was an asshole, huh?" 1:19 am: "guess ur asleep haha"    02/25/18  (4)
Ur GF back from 6 weeks in Europe with a working Arabic vocabulary    02/25/18  (2)
pretty much only eat PeaProtein shakes all day and drink coffee    02/25/18  (6)
RATE this escort    02/25/18  (23)
At the FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL in Orlando, taking q's    02/25/18  (14)
How insane is it that it's "illegal" for police to turn someone over to ICE    02/25/18  (4)
disappointed boomer jew unbookmarking "cheap wasp removal"    02/25/18  (3)
all virtue is social, solitude is decadence    02/25/18  (5)
this "raw water" shit is lulzy    02/25/18  (17)
ha hah haha HAHA HAHAHA *bounces around in pillow room*    02/25/18  (11)
Rate the LIFTS I'm about to buy    02/25/18  (12)
XO Scholarship On Travel Shrews & Sheikhks Shitting On Their Foreheads = 180    02/25/18  (3)
The Police are 180    02/25/18  (1)
Big Black Cock World Service    02/25/18  (1)
Killed a nigger with a pitchfork last night. Lib wife got mad.    02/25/18  (16)
No Role Modelz is probably the best and Most Relevant Rap song    02/25/18  (1)
welcome to cave diving - the world's deadliest sport    02/25/18  (6)
Ur GF casually mentioning friends in foreign countries, never references their g    02/25/18  (2)
My friend has been doing bull shark blood treatment and gained 40lbs of muscle    02/25/18  (2)
This tshirt is pretty XO, LJL    02/25/18  (5)
Is this shirt appropriate for business casual?    02/25/18  (12)
Getting wife breast implants. What kind should I get and what procedure?    02/25/18  (25)
Rate the Patent Litgator's Mohawk    02/25/18  (4)

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