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Dude ranch so 180    11/22/17  (1)
2nd cousin: Skips seconds; Shrew GF: Table to bathroom in 6 seconds    11/22/17  (3)
ASSFAGGOT likes to get BUTTFUCKED by NIGGERS    11/22/17  (8)
Anyone notice the thin veneer of FLWs "I'm white" schtick is breaking?    11/22/17  (1)
Libs: "No, it's totally OK if I steal from you, because you're white and have $"    11/22/17  (6)
RSF, what % of your white girlfriends are open to black guys?    11/22/17  (11)
RSF's dad complaining about difficulty of managing office full of employees...    11/22/17  (9)
Breaking scandal involving GOP congressman Joe Barton    11/22/17  (23)
MY masters. MY latte. MY husband. MY career. MY brunch. MY rapist.    11/22/17  (89)
2nd cousin: Id love more ;) shrew gf: defeat Roy Moore!    11/22/17  (4)
Imagine you went to UC Boulder. You and your GF just smoked the bong    11/22/17  (23)
Once and for all: What is THE best Blink182 song?    11/22/17  (10)
Sister-in-law staring @ u: "Do you have any idea how horny pregnancy makes me?"    11/22/17  (48)
So when did innocently slutty 2nd cousin threading become rhyming about shrews?    11/22/17  (3)
Reality check: RSF is the coolest guy most of us will ever interact with    11/22/17  (10)
BREAKING: Nick Carter faces rape allegations (100% stone cold not flame)    11/22/17  (32)
Oh look, low impulse control giga-retard BLUE SMOKE is here to cast judgment !    11/22/17  (3)
Anyone at JFK want to get a drink in Terminal 2?    11/22/17  (23)
Say FUCK U to GC by donating to my solo firm fund    11/22/17  (19)
2nd Cousin: can I use ur shaving cream? I just need a little bit    11/22/17  (56)
Here's what a player eats.    11/22/17  (1)
Stand aside Yankee shit Navy, the Russian fleet joins search for Argentine sub    11/22/17  (2)
2nd cuz looks up at you, sees you're asian, goes back to eating    11/22/17  (119)
Princeton on repeatedly getting consent on the dance floor    11/22/17  (23)
FBI agent, face shadowed, "Nobody could imagine this prostitution ring was 1 guy    11/22/17  (61)
Shrew gf: another sexual rebuffing. 2nd cuz: "I can't wait for some stuffing! ;)    11/22/17  (1)
Can someone link to a diagram explaining how to properly turtleback stim?    11/22/17  (2)
Charlie Rose's 75 y/o balls hanging out of an old kimono    11/22/17  (13)
:D, what prompted your boy James Woods to go nuclear against D. Negs?    11/22/17  (6)
Joe Barton forcibly stuffing his flaccid cock and balls in your mouth    11/22/17  (2)
New Study: Women Can Assess Male Height to the Centimeter; Lack Rational Thought    11/22/17  (18)
Shrew GF: 32. Second Cousin: 15    11/22/17  (5)
How long can you do a wall-sit for    11/22/17  (6)
"The take was the hottest we'd seen.. too hot. It broke all of our instruments."    11/22/17  (1)
US Rep Joe Barton (R-TX) gets pwned by woman leaking his nudes    11/22/17  (22)
pepito and i are 98 iq    11/22/17  (13)
XO Mark Geragos We will have smoking gun in Kaepernick case.    11/22/17  (12)
Blink 180 - chandlers song    11/22/17  (7)
So my 2nd cousin came over to watch a fucked up movie    11/22/17  (97)
I have seen alzabo poast text; he is a fraud    11/22/17  (4)
shrew gf: spent $1000 at mall; 2nd cuz: got hit on by Roy Moore at mall    11/22/17  (2)
Dr Thunder what are your Thanksgiving plans brother?    11/22/17  (1)
18 year old white CHAD sentenced to LIFE for consensual sex with 16 yr old    11/22/17  (4)
Anyone else hate being human, not necessarily life itself, but being human?    11/22/17  (1)
Rich high school white girl becomes full shitlib    11/22/17  (2)
Reminder: libs hate you + want to steal your wealth + kill you    11/22/17  (15)
Classic The Simpson's Episodes ITT    11/22/17  (10)
*susbcribes to the colt snapchat podcast*    11/22/17  (2)
I wish normal people made IFNB song parodies    11/22/17  (2)
2nd Cousin: I loveee boy shorts! :) Your gf: Boy are you short.    11/22/17  (63)
Top SAUDI Officials Visit Paris SYNAGOGUE    11/22/17  (3)
Bird Stomper: I want to take u to the aviary for X-mas.    11/22/17  (1)
Lol xo Jill filapovic writes cnn column piling on Charlie Rose    11/22/17  (4)
No 2nd cousin threading? Sad. It's been a holiday tradition since 2013    11/22/17  (3)
ITT we estimate RSF's IQ    11/22/17  (107)
RSF is out partying with bros and banging hot chicks while gooks talk shit on XO    11/22/17  (3)
The pilgrims made stuffing by regurgitating food    11/22/17  (3)
GOP to BP: We're sorry we got our shrimp in your oil    11/22/17  (26)
(((Jill Filipovic))) once again shows off her sub-110 IQ    11/22/17  (10)
What are your thoughts on this cheerful Georgian chess player?    11/22/17  (123)
RSF just claimed to have 140 IQ looool    11/22/17  (76)
Just had all my wisdom teeth taken out    11/22/17  (10)
2nd cousin: "Much to be thankful for!"; Shrew GF: "This hurts my canker sores!"    11/22/17  (3)
NEVER FORGET: No. 1 female fantasy is RAPE #metoo    11/22/17  (24)
I want to be raped repeatedly until I contract every STD known to man    11/22/17  (15)
Putin says all big Russian businesses should be ready for war production    11/22/17  (1)
Just how soon will the sex witch hunt in academia begin?    11/22/17  (10)
Why are chicks scared of guys physically during sex, but not normally?    11/22/17  (4)
Straight men either get your women under control or become trannies now    11/22/17  (2)
Who else plans on megapoasting all Thanksgiving Day???    11/22/17  (3)
twins, a question    11/22/17  (13)
freddie is a luisalt    11/22/17  (13)
mike leach = most 180 cfb coach ever    11/22/17  (3)
147 IQ RSF copping a "chill" 3.25/162 en route to TTT Fordham    11/22/17  (47)
Thanksgivingify your moniker ITT!    11/22/17  (20)
SET YOUR PENIS TO CUM: Nick Carters victim describes rape in graphic detail    11/22/17  (5)
What Thanksgiving dish are u most looking forward to eating? Least?    11/22/17  (28)
eat my diarrhea, academia    11/22/17  (2)
So yeah, *dips beignet in cappucino* as I was saying, he violently raped me    11/22/17  (45)
Bang Bang (My Rapist Asked Me Out)    11/22/17  (40)
ARE Reptile presents a Thanksgiving War between Israel and Egypt    11/22/17  (1)
Serious q for xo white "male" libs: why are you still lib?    11/22/17  (48)
Female CEO builds $1B profitable business in 6 years. U?    11/22/17  (14)
i am going to force academia is a scam to eat my diarrhea    11/22/17  (1)
I can only cum to rape    11/22/17  (1)
Catholic School Statue Covered Up For Being Too Gross And Weird    11/22/17  (4)
Archer Daniels Midland has an island in the South Pacific    11/22/17  (4)
Xo seriously underrates how importance PRETTINESS is for men    11/22/17  (19)
Well thats enough human interaction! thought the poaster getting out of Uber    11/22/17  (1)
Reminder that UC Berkeley's average SAT is literally lower than TUFTS    11/22/17  (67)
Lola is such a transphobic shitlord song    11/22/17  (1)
14 min of Spotify ads straight    11/22/17  (5)
will any women come out saying they came all over the place and loved it    11/22/17  (1)
wmtp, if u were drowning in a pool of liquid shit and I had a 10' pole    11/22/17  (11)
Already got my new Gucci ready for Thanksgiving.    11/22/17  (4)
Crypto bros, have you guys heard about pink sheet stocks? You guys are gonna lov    11/22/17  (10)
Thoughts on training twinks aged 14-17....chill & fratty, or not chill & fratty    11/22/17  (1)
If you're not biglaw you're shit    11/22/17  (7)
Women cheering and high-fiving as they liquidate the MFH shortmo ghetto    11/22/17  (5)
Whole lot of absolute fucking faggots talking nigger shit about Turkey today    11/22/17  (6)
is liberal madness ever going to end    11/22/17  (3)
I am thankful that xo calls me out whenever I act like a reddit atheistard    11/22/17  (3)
planning on fucking my pregnant wife tonight, taking Qs    11/22/17  (1)
Who do A&M, Arkansas think they can get in this coaching market?    11/22/17  (1)
Hey boy whatcha got there? *wrestles Ecclesiastes from Golden retriever mouth*    11/22/17  (1)
Assfaggots Jones Day offer letter floating on breeze like Forrest Gump feather    11/22/17  (2)
bitchmade black father LaVar Ball    11/22/17  (2)
Reminder: Nothing at all remotely wrong or problematic with banging 15 year olds    11/22/17  (21)
music sounds so much better when high on weed.    11/22/17  (3)
1946 CA governor election: Earl Warren    11/22/17  (2)
The death of the MBA [Axios]    11/22/17  (28)
I just want to drink and watch star trek    11/22/17  (1)
AssFaggot's life story is like "Rudy" but for biglaw    11/22/17  (2)
so libs' pathetic "Russia" charade is reduced to bitching about Facebook ads    11/22/17  (1)
How to perma delete this toxic chatbort from my browsing history & memory?    11/22/17  (12)
women all love Mick Jagger, a 5'9" runt w/ a fucked up face    11/22/17  (1)
im over anal    11/22/17  (3)
THE ALABAMA SLAMMER    11/22/17  (3)
without googling, can you define the word irenic?    11/22/17  (7)
From nigger shitlaw to Jones Day capital markets, the assfaggot story.    11/22/17  (4)
Pope Francis accused of sexual harassment    11/22/17  (1)
What kind of man buys a Miata?    11/22/17  (56)
How many racist comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/22/17  (59)
Should the Browns fire Hue Jackson?    11/22/17  (31)
Should the Browns hire Hugh Jackman?    11/22/17  (1)
What kind of man buys a Malia?    11/22/17  (2)
6'4 Ted Bundy trick women into going into a dark alley within SECONDS of meeting    11/22/17  (8)
ASSFAGGOTS cock rotating like a panzer barrell, pausing, shooting out wart shell    11/22/17  (5)
Roy's jailbait does not boottther me, does your conscience bother yooou?    11/22/17  (1)
XO *gets* height's importance but doesn't understand how much it dominates the    11/22/17  (6)
Prediction: Assfaggot will cop biglaw in 2018    11/22/17  (4)
why is this Moore hysteria the top news story    11/22/17  (2)
really hitting me now we're talking about this guy being a UNITED STATES SENATOR    11/22/17  (3)
Driving to Thanksgiving going to suck, but at least I'm not flying    11/22/17  (1)
what % of historical anti-semitism comes from below-average Jewish male height?    11/22/17  (2)
Reminder: Chilmata lives in San Diego, TX not San Diego, CA    11/22/17  (2)
Ppl who are still libs: how insane?    11/22/17  (2)
NUCLEAR WaPo DATELAB BOMB: "Height is what I like most in a man." (link)    11/22/17  (8)
*tweets #MeToo* *goes back to frigging self to serial killer documentaries*    11/22/17  (3)
LMAO Big Baller Brand Files IPO Registration Statement    11/22/17  (1)
He was an Ass-faggot, 180 poster yeah    11/22/17  (1)
Danzig - Mother plays as u notice assfaggot is posting    11/22/17  (2)
srs question: what's Roy Moore's height? will determine truth of allegations    11/22/17  (2)
women: "I believe that shorts will hang! I believe that shorts will hang! I beli    11/22/17  (1)
I need TWINS the SCHOLAR to give a detailed account of poaster MELTDOWNS    11/22/17  (11)
"Yes I'm here to speak to my son's teacher, Mr. Halford?" "Who?"    11/22/17  (98)

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